Cats have a positive effect on our health

Almost every one of us has a tailed pet at home. Animals bring to man not only joy, but also benefit. then figured out what exactly can your furry friend cure

The benefits and harms of cats for human health

We all periodically flip through countless photos on social networks from our friends, and cats appear on many photos. Some girls just go crazy when they see cute kittens, consider it their duty to immediately repost this cute face.

But cats are not only a touching creature, but also quite healthy.

Cats appeared in human life a very long time. Starting from the countries of Asia, they spread to other parts of the world.

In those days, the relationship between a man and a cat was purely practical: a cat caught rodents, thereby preserving man’s reserves.

Having passed a huge evolutionary path, cats live in our homes in completely different conditions and for other purposes. But do not underestimate the overfed domestic cat. If you let him out into the street, he will surely succumb to a powerful instinct and begin to pursue rodents on the site, even if he had not seen them before in his life.

What are the benefits of cats for our body?

Many probably heard about the healing abilities of furry pets.

For example, it’s easier for someone to fall asleep with a cat on their side, and for someone, a domestic cat helps to reduce pressure. Do not deny that cats have a calming effect on almost everyone, reduce stress, bringing calm.

Headache and other sudden pains can often be suppressed when dealing with a pet.

In the past few years, more and more research has been published by scientists who are trying to figure out what processes are responsible for our well-being after talking with cats.

Effect on the heart

According to statistics, people who have at least one cat at home live several years longer than people without pets, cat owners practically do not suffer from heart diseases, and they develop malignant tumors less often.

Even short contact with the cat, stroking, help restore heart rate and reduce pressure.

Effect on the psyche

Cats have a good prophylactic effect on people prone to depression and other mental disorders. Also, cats have a beneficial effect on immunity and maintaining the endocrine system in good condition.

In psychiatry, there is a type of therapy called felinotherapy, that is, treatment involving cats. This therapy is effective in working with people with developmental disabilities, depression, and survivors of severe shock.

But such treatment is used not only to restore the nervous system of adults, but also has a positive effect on children with congenital diseases. Especially often, cats are used for therapy with Down syndrome, attention deficit disorder and autism. In this case, cats become guides for children to the outside world.

However, despite the large number of advantages, the cat is not suitable for any person, it can even pose a threat to health.

First of all, one of the most “popular” allergens is a cat. Many people think that it’s all about the hair of the animal, and if they get a cat without hair, they will reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction. But no. The point is not wool at all, but secretion, which periodically appears on the surface of the animal’s skin.

The second unpleasant circumstance: cats are very dangerous for a pregnant woman. The fact is that these animals carry an infection that provokes toxoplasmosis disease. If infection occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy, a fetal death is possible, in the second trimester – pathology of the brain and organs of vision. In the third trimester, the danger of complications is already less pronounced, but still serious. So when planning a pregnancy, refuse to get a cat at least before birth.

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