Arthritis of the toes, symptoms, treatment

Arthritis of the joints of the toes may appear due to various factors.

The main causes of the development of the disease are as follows:

  1. After flu or acute respiratory viral infections, a person has lowered immunity, which is why any infection is easy to harm the body. To neutralize harmful microorganisms, the immune system begins to fight them, which leads to the development of inflammatory processes in the joints. Children after food poisoning are susceptible to reactive arthritis, which makes itself felt 7 days after poisoning;
  2. The disease is often provoked by specific diseases, for example, gonorrhea, syphilis or tuberculosis;
  3. During gout, metabolism is disturbed, as crystals of uric acid in the joints are deposited. After accumulating, they begin to injure the connective tissue, which causes inflammation. Most often, arthritis in this case affects the area of ​​the big toe;
  4. Rheumatoid arthritis develops due to the fact that the immune system perceives connective tissue as an antigen, because of this, antibodies are synthesized with the cells of the body. As a result of this phenomenon, the connective tissue begins to break down and become inflamed. In order to cure rheumatoid arthritis, patients are prescribed to constantly take immunosuppressants, which suppress the activity of immunity;
  5. The disease may appear due to frequent injuries and bruises.

If only one joint is affected by arthritis, such a disease is called monoarthritis. If more than two joints are affected, specialists diagnose polyarthritis. With polyarthritis, not the same joints can hurt. For example, inflammation of the joints is simultaneously observed in the toe and in the shoulder joint.

Symptoms of the disease

Initially, there is pain in the thumb, which can go to neighboring fingers and the entire foot as a whole. Then there is a swelling, redness of the skin. The patient’s body temperature rises. If you do not consult a doctor in a timely manner, your fingers begin to lose their ability to move and perform their functions.

Symptoms of arthritis according to the types of the disease:

  • With osteoarthritis, articular cartilage is destroyed, which causes painful sensations and inflammatory processes. A person can hardly move his toes. Any movement leads to pain. When walking, pain and swelling intensify, and after sleep, movements become constrained;
  • With gouty arthritis, the patient feels severe pain that appears during exertion;
  • With rheumatoid arthritis, all joints begin to suffer due to inflammation. If the rheumatoid arthritis is not treated, the joints become deformed, and a person can become disabled. When the foot or toes are deformed, the patient is not able to move normally since severe pain is felt.

If you find the symptoms described in yourself, you should not self-medicate so as not to aggravate the situation. It is important to go to the doctor and undergo all the necessary examinations so that the doctor can prescribe the correct and effective treatment.

Diagnosis of the disease

It is important to visit a therapist and a rheumatologist.

These specialists will appoint to undergo the following comprehensive examination:

  1. The patient needs to undergo biochemical tests and tests that will determine the state of immunity;
  2. The patient is assigned to take a blood and urine test;
  3. With rheumatoid arthritis, it is necessary to undergo an immunological study;
  4. Affected joints are also subjected to x-ray examination.

The doctor, after receiving the results of all the studies completed and taking into account all the symptoms and condition of the patient, will prescribe a treatment that will help cope with the arthritis of the toes.

Traditional treatment of the disease

It is important to correctly determine the type of arthritis in order to begin an effective treatment.

Arthritis can be treated with the following traditional medicine methods:

  • All types of arthritis are treated with non-steroidal or hormonal anti-inflammatory ointments, tablets or intraarticular injections that eliminate pain and inflammation;
  • Infectious arthritis is treated with antibiotics, which are attributed in the form of tablets or injections;
  • As the inflammatory process will be removed during the acute form of arthritis, the doctor prescribes to take chondroprotectors, which regenerate the cartilage tissue and restore it;
  • Treatment after removal of all acute conditions during arthritis of the toes is carried out in the future by thermal procedures, massage, therapeutic mud, baths, physical therapy or specialized gymnastics;
  • If the disease is in advanced form and the joint begins to deform, the doctor will be forced to undergo surgery to repair the defect. Modern medicine allows you to replace the joint with an artificial one. Such an operation will allow the patient to continue walking as before.

In addition to the above treatment, you need to stretch your toes daily, do exercises and strictly follow all the recommendations of your doctor. It is also important to replace ordinary shoes with orthopedic.

Alternative methods of treatment

In order to cure arthritis of the toes as quickly as possible, in addition to the main drug therapy, carry out treatment with alternative methods.

You can treat the disease of the toes with such folk remedies:

  1. Beat the egg yolk with turpentine (a teaspoon). Add apple cider vinegar (15 grams) and mix thoroughly. Smear the ointment on the damaged toes. This tool will help to cope with lameness;
  2. Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis can be eliminated with fir oil. The affected area of ​​the thumb should be lubricated with a heated agent. On top of the oil, put a compress with warm sand or salt;
  3. Mix black radish juice with honey and vodka. Stir and apply the mixture on the affected fingers with rubbing movements. Then wrap the feet in a warm blanket or put on woolen socks. Every three weeks you need to do a new tincture.
Arthritis in children

The disease can affect both children’s feet and fingers. Therefore, with constant vagaries, decreased appetite, lameness while walking and refusing to walk long distances, it is important to visit a doctor to exclude the development of arthritis. If the disease is still detected, the doctor will prescribe treatment for the small patient. And the sooner it is done, the faster your child will recover.

Nutrition During Disease

Diet for this disease should reduce inflammation and improve joint tissue repair.

It is important to exclude refined, artificial and canned food from the diet. Therefore, under a strict ban spicy, smoked, salted and canned dishes. It is important to reduce the intake of sugary foods. It is forbidden to drink coffee, tea, cocoa, carbonated and alcoholic drinks.

The diet for arthritis recommends using fermented milk products – kefir, low-fat sour cream and cottage cheese. It is especially useful to relish fresh vegetables and fruits, juicy berries. It is good to eat rice and buckwheat porridge. Twice a week you can please yourself with pasta with milk.

It is recommended to quench thirst with clean water, herbal teas, juices, fruit drinks and jelly. From meat it is allowed to consume in moderation low-fat poultry, beef, rabbit meat.

Include fish and seafood in your diet. Try to eat fractionally, in small portions, and as often as possible. The correct diet, and the use of fresh healthy foods will help you recover much faster.

Disease prevention

In order to prevent the development of arthritis on the toes, it is important to take care of your feet, wear comfortable shoes, and try not to injure your fingers and feet. It is also useful for preventive purposes to do foot baths and finger massage. If necessary, use ointment to relieve tension and fatigue of the legs.

When a person feels a change of weather on his own joints, one can suspect the development of a disease such as arthritis of the toes. There is severe pain in the thumb, as well as swelling, redness and fever of the affected fingers

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