Meditation, for the fulfillment of desires

If you want good results – connect your emotions, your anticipation of happiness, your awe, your joy. Then the results will not disappoint you, then everything will turn out just fine.

There are meditations that fulfill desires

Natalia Pravdina, a world-renowned Feng Shui master, practicing positive psychology and mind transformation specialist, writer, shares a useful passage from her book

The most important thing about meditation

Meditation is one of the very important components of the life of successful and happy people. If you refer to the statements of prominent leaders of the present or the past, you are sure to see this. Listen to Osho, Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, and other famous people.

All of them have devoted and are devoting considerable time to meditation in their lives. Meditation calms, tunes in a positive way, improves well-being. There are meditations that fulfill desires! A meditative person is less susceptible to stress, which means that he is happier, less sick and lives longer.

Do not say that you do not have time for meditation. If such an idea occurs to you, it means that meditation is absolutely necessary for you! When can one meditate? It is best before bedtime, after yoga during shavasana, when you take a bath, lie on a massage, walk, swim in the sea or in the pool. Even meeting with a loved one can become a kind of meditation.

You can say the text of meditation to your voice recorder, which is now on every phone, and turn it on when it is convenient for you to do meditation.

Good luck with your practice!

Desire meditation

Imagine that you hear my voice during practice, and I will try to put as much energy as possible into these words of meditation to fulfill your most cherished desire. This is the practice of Indra Yoga, when maximum relaxation of the body is achieved.

So, we are starting.

Lie on your back, turn on soft, quiet music. Turn off all phones and ask that no one bother you for about 15–20 minutes.

Take a deep breath and slow, steady exhale. Breathe in and out again. Repeat one more time. With each inhale and exhale, you relax more and more.

Create an intention, think about your specific desire. Feel that your desire is in your third eye. Speak your desire clearly and confidently to yourself. For example: “I am very happy in marriage,” or: “I am joyfully moving to a new apartment.” As the body relaxes, try to evoke pleasant emotions related to the fulfillment of your desire. Here is your wish granted. How would you feel?

Probably, you would have a happy smile on your face, your shoulders would be straightened, your eyes would burn with joyful fire. Imagine now your wish is granted. Smile, evoke those feelings and emotions that you would have if your wish had been fulfilled.

And now we continue to relax.

Inhaling we breathe in the golden light. On exhalation, exhale fatigue, sadness, resentment. Inhale, breathe in the light. Exhale exhale gray. Gradually, we reach such a state that on inspiration and exhalation we only realize light, beauty, calmness, peace, love.

With the help of this light, we begin to plunge even deeper into the relaxation of the body. Relaxed face, forehead, cheeks. Relaxed eyes, lips, jaws, ears. Tongue relaxed. Neck relaxed. The back is relaxed. The ball of light reaches the right shoulder, relaxing it. The right arm relaxes to the elbow, the right arm relaxes to the wrist. The whole brush is relaxed. Thumb of the right hand. Index finger, middle, ring finger, little finger. And the light ball moves to the left hand. The left shoulder, forearm, elbow, hand are relaxed. The palm of the left hand and the back of the palm are relaxed. Relaxing thumb, forefinger, middle, ring, little finger. Hands are completely relaxed.

A small ball of light moves to the chest area, relaxing all internal organs, muscles, ligaments. Relaxed lungs, heart, stomach. The whole stomach is relaxed. All pelvic organs relaxed. Buttocks relaxed. Hips relaxed.

The light ball moves to the right leg. The right thigh, knee, lower leg are relaxed. The ankle of the right leg relaxes. Relax foot, upper arch of the foot. The big toe of the right foot, second, middle, fourth, little finger are relaxed. The whole leg is relaxed.

A ball of light moves to the left foot. The thigh, inner and outer thighs are relaxed. The knee and lower leg are relaxed. The ankle, left foot, upper arch of the foot are relaxed. The big toe of the left foot, second, third, fourth, little finger are relaxed. The whole left leg is completely relaxed, like the whole body.

A ball of light travels toward your sahasrara and disappears into heaven. And you are lying, not feeling your body and more and more deeply plunging into bliss, bliss, pleasure. Now begins the process of real magic. You become a feather flying in the wind. You lose the feeling of your body, all you hear is soft music or your voice on the recorder.

Now I ask you to repeat your desire again. Clearly and specifically, being in a state of absolute peace and relaxation. Repeat this desire three times. Then it will be better written in your subconscious.

And we continue our journey through wonderful worlds. Imagine that we are flying at the speed of a beautiful soaring bird. You see the blue ocean. Dolphins frolic in the waves. You see huge turtles. In the waves of the ocean, whales swim. Huge mountains stand in your way. You see the sun reflecting in brilliant waves. And now you are flying through the desert. Colorful dunes, a running caravan, hot sun. A moment, and you fly over the eternal ice of Antarctica. Penguins, huge beautiful ice.

The middle strip of Russia. Birch, field, rowan brush against the blue sky. The ruddy girl in a bright scarf.

And again speak to yourself your desire. You must have noticed that each time your desire becomes more clear and concrete. You feel that nothing is impossible, and you get a deep confidence that your desire is completely fulfilled.

It becomes a spark of light and is carried up into the Universe, following the light ball that helped you relax.

Things are good. You take a deep breath in and out again. Do not rise immediately, smile at yourself, stretch. You did a good job while your body was in a state of bliss, peace, and relaxation.

Take on your usual business and believe that you will succeed!

Make up your desire correctly.

I am now describing very powerful practices that have a thousand-year history of application. They came to us also from India and are based on the interaction of personal individual human energy and the all-pervading energy of the Absolute, the cosmos, the intelligent Universe. The results from this meditation are simply fantastic, and I am sure that you are eager to start this practice.

Think about what makes you happy?

However, at first I strongly insist that you familiarize yourself with important information. Since this exercise will fulfill your most cherished desire, I want you to ask yourself one very important question. Namely: will the fulfillment of my desire really make me happy (happy)? The fact is that often we wish not for ourselves, but because our parents want it, it is customary in society.

I will give an example. Most unmarried girls and women want to get married. Note – do not become happy in marriage, but just get married, have children. The Universe fulfills this desire… And now, the desire has been fulfilled. There is a husband, children, life, economy, an endless circle of cares and responsibilities were born. A woman looks around and realizes that she really was not dreaming about it. Where is the happiness? And all because she initially did not want to be happy, but wanted to just get married. Feel the difference?

Therefore, before embarking on a magical practice, first understand yourself. Understand what exactly can make you happy. And then form your desire correctly.

Not “I want to get married,” but “I am HAPPY IN MARRIAGE!”. Not “I want to live in Paris”, but “I HAPPY AND JOY LIVING IN PARIS!”

I hope that you have realized the difference between these concepts.

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