How to get rid of psychosomatic diseases?

Each person creates a disease for himself. Hundreds and hundreds of times I looked through different cases from my practice, and each time I was convinced that such external factors as food, infection, weather conditions, create only the background for the development of the disease. There is something deeper within a person that determines the development of a disease. And it doesn’t matter if it is a disease of the soul or body.

Psychosomatics is not a new word in medicine and psychology. This is a scientific field that studies the influence of psychological factors on the course of somatic (bodily) diseases. Deeply studied the influence of internal experiences on the state of female health, therapist, psychotherapist with many years of experience Valery Sinelnikov:

Compare and even “surpass”. Female physiology is directly connected, no matter how strange it sounds, with subtle mental matters. Many female diseases arise from the fact that we do not accept any things in ourselves (in appearance, character, social position, etc.). And, in fact, to prevent, cure an unpleasant disease is much easier when you understand its psychological background.

Valery Vladimirovich is also sure that it is impossible to derive a universal system of communication of certain psychological factors with certain diseases, since everyone experiences situations in his own way, just like in terms of physiology we cannot be the same. But still there are common features, typical signs that will tell a woman how to properly overcome the disease.

Cervical erosion

Probably the most common disease after thrush in our time. Moreover, this disease “gets younger” over the years: 19-20-year-old girls are increasingly turning to specialists for help. Of course, a genetic predisposition, non-compliance with hygiene rules, unsystematic sex life – all this affects the development and course of the disease. But there is also an internal cause of erosion – this is the perception of oneself as flawed, infringed on the rights of a woman.

Most patients who turn to a gynecologist with such a problem do not understand how to realize themselves in a relationship with a man, how to use their female energy and be feminine. Therefore, in addition to medical treatment, it is recommended to engage in psycho-practice: learn to perceive both yourself and your partner as worthy personalities, start loving your body,


The psychological cause of this unpleasant disease is a reluctance to make love with a partner. And she will be with you until sex with a loved one begins to bring pleasure.


The internal background of the occurrence of endometriosis (a disease accompanied by bleeding and inflammation of the uterine tissue) is the perception of a man as a predator. Such women are constantly in tension: they expect bad things from men, they are very critical of them, rude, constantly make claims, show discontent, send reproaches. The task of such patients is to learn not to perceive men as a mass, not to associate them with each other; Do not be removed from the partner, respect him, stop being afraid of the “hidden threat”.

Uterine Fibromyoma

Uterine fibromyoma is a benign tumor that has a traumatic origin (for example, rupture of the uterine muscle fibers during childbirth). If we talk about psychosomatics, then fibromyoma is possible in a woman who is offended by a man. This should be a strong resentment, an unspoken claim, a betrayal of a loved one – an extremely unpleasant event, to which the patient constantly returns.

In most cases, fibromyoma does not respond to conservative treatment (at the initial stage, treatment with homeopathy, hormones, etc. is possible), it is removed operatively. This is a very serious disease, the decision to agree to an operation often turns out to be fateful for women (not everyone agrees to remove the uterus) and greatly affects the psyche. One must have great willpower in order to make the right decision. If you let go of the grudge – of course, this will not save you from the tumor,

Inflammation of the ovaries, cysts

Sinelnikov claims that the ovaries symbolize female creative blocks. If, again, a woman cannot express her position, realize her potential, problems arise with these bodies.

Menstrual irregularities

A cycle disorder or lack of menstruation in a psychological context indicates that a girl or woman denies her nature, her femininity. She is not satisfied with her body, is afraid to be sexy. It is noted that the cycle returns to normal when a woman enters some kind of female team with a normal moral climate. Constant communication with the fair sex normalizes the flow of female energy, and often precisely because of this, menstruation becomes painless, without suffering.


Decreased sexual excitability, lack of orgasms are signs of being in constant fear. Fear of sexual intercourse. Such women often generally deny all carnal, physical intimacy, preferring spirituality. Probably, the puritanical atmosphere reigned in the families of these women, the father or mother was very strict, they did not allow the girl to have any contact with the boys.

To get rid of this fear, this block is very difficult. Frigid women deliberately meet or associate their lives with sexually inferior partners to justify their insensibility. But “bringing them to feelings” is just within the power of only men – they cannot get out of this situation on their own. An example partner must show that you can not only bring pleasure, but also receive it. It must be a very loving and strong person.

How to get rid of psychosomatic diseases?

The following methods will help to relax and return harmony, and therefore health, to your life:


According to Ayurveda, yoga includes meditation and relaxing exercises that help cope with psychosomatic disorders. Simple breathing exercises and asanas that relax your mind can be practiced daily.

Yoga has a calming effect on the body and makes you more conscious and accepting of yourself and your surroundings. Experiments have shown that yoga is as effective as medicine when it comes to psychosomatic illnesses.


Usually, medications are prescribed by doctors to alleviate some physical symptoms. Most specialists also recommend that patients turn to psychologists / psychotherapists as medications provide temporary relief. An anxious person may suffer from a relapse of physical symptoms, so it is necessary to look for the cause deeper.

Most commonly, doctors prescribe tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs), serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), atypical antipsychotics, and herbal medicines. Specialists prescribe various combinations of drugs depending on the age of the patient, the intensity of the disease, the duration and responsiveness to treatment.

Therapeutic fasting

Well-known therapeutic starvation in Japan successfully alleviates both physical and psychological symptoms in patients with psychosomatic illnesses. According to this therapy, the autonomic nervous system and endocrine system are regulated by the process of abstinence from food, as a result of which the body restores the balance of both mental and physical health.


Migraine, asthma and gastrointestinal problems observed in psychosomatic disorders are often treated with hypnosis. This treatment method is aimed at finding a solution to physical symptoms in the patient’s subconscious. Long-term hypnotherapy can effectively eliminate negative emotions and prevent the influence of the psyche on the body and the development of symptoms. In the past, the problems of anger, fear, and addiction have been successfully addressed with this therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

According to cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), the way we respond to a situation depends largely on how we perceive it. A person’s thoughts are connected with his emotions, physical sensations, behavior, and also with the environment. And this determines how people behave in a particular situation and how their thought process affects their physical condition. This therapy helps patients to think holistically and relieves health concerns.

The state of your mind is what worsens or soothes your physical condition. Therefore, psychology plays an important role not only in the treatment of the disease, but also in its appearance. So, the next time you are in a stressful situation, remember that stress and anxiety can lead to something more dangerous than a temporary feeling of anger, depression or disappointment. Keeping calm in any circumstances is the key to good health and longevity!

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