Thread correction of the nose and bulhorn

The idea that a person can be “stitched” with threads, thus tightening his oval, came to the minds of specialists in the last century. The first attempts to use the filament skeleton as an alternative to plastic surgery were made back in the seventies of the last century in France.

As the source material then used the “golden thread”. However, although the result was present, it was not as noticeable as we would like, and there were a lot of side effects.

No matter how we monitor our appearance, over time our skin “sinks” – these are the laws of gravity. One of the most effective ways to combat the visible signs of aging is thread lifting.

We are learning new items: thread correction of the nose and bulhorn

We used to have a facelift, however, cosmetologists have developed more effective and less traumatic ways to look younger.

Then there were experiments with platinum threads (rather unsuccessful, frankly), until the world of cosmetology discovered the threads of polylactic acid. So the innovative development of French doctors came to light – Resorblift threads with 100% of this polylactic acid itself.

Elena Vasilyeva graduated from the Moscow Medical Academy. I.M.Sechenova. He has been engaged in aesthetic medicine since 1999. In 2007, she founded the Belle Allure Beauty Institute in Moscow. At one of the congresses in Paris, I heard about Resorblift threads from polylactic acid, I realized that this new product is a real breakthrough in cosmetology, and got excited about the idea of ​​bringing the threads to Russia.

I signed a contract, made sure that this drug is absolutely necessary in our Russian market. In 2011, Resorblift threads were officially registered in the Russian Federation. At the moment, he is the head coach of thread lifting specialists at Resorblift, not only in Russia and the CIS countries, but also around the world.

“I first heard about threads at a congress in Paris,” recalls Elena Vasilieva. – And since I was already working with drugs, which included polylactic acid, I immediately realized that this was a real breakthrough. On the one hand, polylactic acid is a unique biodegradable hydrophobic drug that triggers metabolic processes in the dermis, due to which it is rejuvenated. On the other – a thread, also with notches. That is, there is fixation due to these notches and uniform distribution. Of course, I immediately got excited about the idea of ​​bringing these threads to Russia. I signed a contract, convinced that this drug is absolutely necessary in our Russian market. In 2011, we officially registered Resorblift threads in the Russian Federation. ”

Today Elena Vasilieva is the head coach of Resorblift not only in Russia, but in general around the world. Already foreign doctors are studying with her, inviting to seminars around the world.

“I have been working with Resorblift threads since 2007. Of course, the techniques are being improved. New thread modifications appear. For 12 years, there are many observations of patients, you already see how thread lifting to make more effective. Whether a person needs preparation or is he already ideal for thread lifting, to work with him on one single layer of aging, or should all layers be involved, from which zone to start. Yes, and the age-related changes themselves we have studied quite well. ”

Three zones

We are used to threading the oval of the face. However, Elena Vasilieva went a little further and began to use Resorblift in other areas – for lifting the forehead, the tip of the nose and lips. “More and more, I start thread lifting from the upper third of the face, as it is anatomically more efficient and reliable,” says Elena. – Despite the movement of forehead tissues, the middle and lower third of the face are automatically lifted. It’s like laying the foundation for building a house, and if the foundation is old, then it makes little sense to clean up the flaws cosmetically. Folds, “bags”, “overhangs” are all the result of relaxation of the musculo-ligamentous structures. ”

We will tell you more about working with three zones:

  • forehead;
  • tip of the nose;
  • bulhorn.
Seven threads in the forehead

The previous generation of threads, which did not resolve after a while, didn’t work well on the forehead: here there was thin skin, the contours of the threads could be visible. And with the help of Resorblift it became possible.

“Of course, we should never forget that each of us is individual, and what is good for one patient, the other may not be suitable at all,” continues Elena Vasilyeva. “With thread forehead lifting, in addition to fundamental rejuvenation, we can also change the shape of the eyebrows, change the position of the eyebrows, look more open, remove the overhang of the eyelids, raise the tips of the eyebrows, which makes us tired and sad, and sometimes gives an angry look.”

Keep your chin up

Not so long ago, even experts could not imagine that with the help of Resorblift threads you can change the shape of the nose. But Elena Vasilieva has long been practicing such operations. “Anatomical age-related changes occur with the tip of the nose.

If we lift the tip of the nose, we have the following result :

  • increased distance between the base of the nose and upper lip;
  • flattening of the nasolabial angle;
  • the appearance or enhancement of the labial chin angle.

This technique is also called “thread nose rejuvenation,” since a slightly upturned nose visually makes the face look younger.

“In this case, the thread is passed through the cartilaginous section and is fixed to the periosteum of the upper part of the back of the nose. To understand whether a thread nose lift is suitable for you, in front of the mirror, slightly lift the tip of the nose with your fingers – the result of non-surgical thread rhinoplasty will be similar. The technique is suitable for those patients whose nose tip is slightly lowered, ”explains Elena Vasilieva. – Also with the help of threads you can narrow the base of the nose. In this case, the thread is held from the inside – between the lip and gum, laid in the form of a figure eight and pulled together. The technique is suitable for patients whose nose wings “blur” during a smile. ”

Benefits of thread nose correction:

  • The effect is visible immediately.
  • It does not require general anesthesia.
  • No bruising and severe swelling after surgery.
  • The postoperative period is practically absent.

Non-surgical filament rhinoplasty suitable:

  • patients with a tendency to keloid scars;
  • patients for whom serious invasive surgical techniques and / or anesthesia are not recommended for health reasons;
  • patients who do not need radical changes in the shape of the nose.

Recently, bulhorn has become a bright trend – a procedure that is carried out in order to reduce the distance from the edge of the upper lip to the base of the nose.

“The essence of the operation is to shorten the skin above the upper lip, and the red border itself is pulled up and slightly twisted,” says Elena Vasilyeva. – Thanks to this, the upper lip becomes visually more voluminous, wide and seductive. In our clinic we offer filamentous bulhorn. ”

Indications for the Bulhorn procedure:

  • upper lip too thin;
  • age-related changes (with age, the lips become thinner and lower);
  • elongated skin of the upper lip;
  • facial injuries;
  • asymmetry;
  • individual features of the face;
  • ptosis (omission);
  • insufficient volume of the upper lip (plastic can be combined, if necessary, with fillers).

Contraindications to the Bulhorn procedure:

  • upper lip too short;
  • oncological diseases;
  • bleeding disorders;
  • herpes on the lips in the acute stage;
  • pregnancy;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • uncompensated diabetes.

As a rule, the procedure is performed surgically. Therefore, the following complications are possible :

  • excessive scarring;
  • loss of sensation;
  • infection
  • wound discrepancy;
  • dissatisfaction with the result in the patient;
  • accumulation of serous fluid.

“The price of the bulhorn procedure ranges from 50 to 100 thousand rubles,” says Elena Vasilyeva. – On average, in Moscow you can make bulhorn for 65,000 rubles. The advantage of filamentous bulhorn in price. For the same money, you will receive thread lifting of the middle third of the face and thread bulhorn, lack of scars, rehabilitation, absence of complications and anesthesia, lack of dressings and additional free time. ”

Whatever surgery you decide, the main thing is to choose the right clinic and the doctor with whom you trust your face.

“The clinic you are applying to must have a medical license for the provision of medical cosmetology services, and the doctor must have a diploma with a mandatory specialization in the field of dermatovenereology and cosmetology,” recalls Elena Vasilyeva. – Also, the doctor must have a certificate for installing Resorblift threads, registration certificate and declaration of conformity for the drug. And of course, the reputation of the clinic is of no small importance. ”

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