What allergy is most often manifested among Russians

According to the people surveyed, the main reason for the development of allergies is poor ecology. Other causes include poor product quality, a genetic predisposition, and a malfunctioning immune system.

Researchers also managed to find out that 66% of those who complain of allergies to plants use antiallergic drugs, and 31% try to monitor cleanliness in the home and workplace. Every fifth participant in the study with an allergy to plants is observed by the doctor and follows his recommendations, and every sixth tries not to go outside and as little as possible contact with the environment.

Respondents are also allergic to drugs, dust and various food products and to pets.

The survey was conducted on May 16, 2019 among 1,600 Russians aged 18 and over.

If you suspect an allergy, you should consult a doctor who will prescribe studies and, if necessary, competent therapy. Allergen-specific immunotherapy is the only treatment so far that affects the very cause of the disease, and after the termination of therapy, the symptoms of the disease do not resume.

How to escape from the heat in summer: tips

Every summer in Ukraine, heat sets in. This year, many even call it abnormal. Therefore, in the collection of useful materials we publish information on how to escape from the heat.

Unfortunately, many of us forget about the basic rules of how to behave when the thermometer is more than 30 Celsius. Emma Antonyuk, STB correspondent at STB, together with experts shared tips on what to eat, drink and wear in the heat in order to enjoy the summer period and not suffer.

Take good advice for yourself.

It’s no secret that most people escape from the heat with ice cream. However, the benefit and harm from such a recipe is 50 to 50.

The nutritionist and the owner of the clinic where they learn to eat properly, Lyudmila Goncharova, admits that she ate ice cream the last time many years ago, because sugar in the heat is a mockery of the body. But water, the specialist notes, is the best option in hot weather. And the more you drink it, the better. Carbonated and sugary drinks should be discarded.

In such heat you need to drink a lot of water. Try, if there is no excess weight, use 40 ml per kilogram of weight. Plus a liter, because in the summer, sweating increases.

What can and cannot be done in summer:
  • From clothes it is better to choose things from natural fabrics and light colors.
  • From the goodies – please yourself with fruits and berries, always washed.
  • It is better to cook vegetables and meat, bake in the sleeve, cook in the oven or on the grill. And smoked meats, marinades and canned foods should be discarded. Each meal can alleviate or complicate your well-being during the heat. Therefore, before complaining about the weather, remember what they dined today.
  • If you feel bad in the heat, from 10:00 to 16:00, it is worth staying in cool rooms.
  • Sunbathe in the morning or afternoon.
  • Use a minimum of makeup so as not to worsen the condition of the skin.

Greasy creams and foundation clog pores. Cosmetics impair heat transfer.

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