How to increase testosterone levels

There is a popular misconception that says testosterone increases aggression. This is not entirely true. With a high level of testosterone, the brain actively produces dopamine and GABA – neurotransmitters, the first of which improves mood, gives vigor and self-confidence, and the second calms.

It turns out that there are no mechanisms for increased aggressiveness?

Testosterone is the main conditional male hormone. Yes, it is in the female body, but in a much lower concentration.

Well-known Facts About Testosterone
  • It accelerates muscle growth;
  • Increases motivation;
  • Normalizes self-esteem;
  • It neutralizes chronic fatigue syndrome (in most cases).

Yes it is. BUT excessive self-confidence can greatly change a person. Only now it is impossible to achieve such a change in the biochemistry of the brain that would change a person so much by the forces of only one organism. And most people are simply not affected by this effect of testosterone in principle.

Step One – Train

The most boring, but extremely important step. The fact is that the body increases the production of testosterone in response to increased needs of the body. And the stronger the need, the more testosterone the body will produce.

Here adaptive mechanisms come into force, striving to return the body to a state of balance – homeostasis. But the body tries to act in advance, therefore, upon detecting the corresponding changes, it begins to actively produce the necessary hormones and enzymes. Here we will catch him.

Step two – make a competent training program

There are a lot of training programs, and there are even more approaches to compiling individual programs. The main principle of a good program is to alternate training so that each new training day falls on a period of hypercompensation, that is, at a time when the body seeks to increase muscle mass and strength, and therefore does not spare resources on this.

Step Three – Learn to Relax

Paradoxical as it may sound, we absolutely do not know how to relax. We love to drink more than we are able to process our body without consequences, there is only one “food waste”, and when it comes to resting after training, we don’t understand at all what needs to be done.

The main rule of rest after a workout is to hear your body. You need to understand when the body is ready to work, and when it needs to rest.
Training “through strength”, although it seems something heroic, but in fact it becomes a strong blow to your testosterone level. Listen to the signals of your own body!

Step Four – Sleep Enough

It would seem that this can be added to the previous step, however, in one of my previous articles it is said why such an attitude to sleep is not entirely correct. Did you know that muscles grow in a dream?

Yes, sleep is a work for the body, in the process of which it restores damaged tissues, builds up muscles and synthesizes important hormones. Especially in a dream, testosterone is synthesized. Studies show that most of the body produces testosterone in the morning, but on the condition that the person slept for 8-9 hours (sometimes all 10). If you sleep enough, the body will reward you with all the beneficial properties of testosterone.

Step Five – Lose Weight

The fact is that subcutaneous fat contains an enzyme that converts testosterone (a conditionally male hormone) to estradiol (a conditionally female hormone), so men should not underestimate the benefits of proper nutrition for their health (including reproductive).

Bonus: self-respect

It would seem a small detail, but the person’s attitude to himself often seems to us not so important, but for testosterone this parameter plays an important role. Learn to feel victories and calmly analyze failures!

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