Veneers at the Hollywood stars, snow-white smiles

There are people who have no serious pathologies and problems in the form of caries, malocclusion and bare necks of the teeth, and installing veneers for them is a fairly quick process, but there are also patients with all of the above problems, the solution of which will take some time on the way to Hollywood a smile.

The path to a Hollywood smile is not fast for all patients.

So, correction of the bite can take up to 2 years, and surgery to increase bone tissue can take place in one day, but with subsequent visits to the dentist for a month for examinations.

Dentist Elvira Kogina

Dentist Elvira Kogina – how to choose, install and properly care

Of course, at first glance, only the aesthetic side of veneers can be noted, because the patient can choose any shade that he likes, and the dentist together with the dental technician will create the perfect shape. But few people know that veneers also have a protective function, protecting teeth from pathological processes and acids. In addition, veneers do not discolor and do not accumulate plaque, which greatly simplifies the care, which really should be special – it is recommended that owners of veneers use ultrasonic toothbrushes.

Probably everyone, even a person far from dentistry, has heard about veneers, but not everyone knows what it is. Veneers are called thin porcelain microprostheses in the form of overlays for teeth. They allow you to hide imperfections in the dentition and, importantly, to achieve the desired shade. Most often, girls choose snow-white veneers for themselves, but it is very important to consult a dentist so that the smile looks natural and the color is organic.

And in just a couple of appointments with the dentist, the patient becomes the owner of that same Hollywood smile. The main fear of the patient for installing veneers is the grinding of teeth, but thanks to modern technology, you can not worry about this aesthetic procedure, as in innovative methods teeth are grinded to almost imperceptible 0.3 mm.

And the most popular and high-quality are ceramic veneers, similar in aesthetic properties to tooth enamel. Daily care for veneers is exactly the same as for your teeth (using dental floss, brushing at least twice a day), and with proper hygiene, your Hollywood smile will shine for decades.

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