How to treat without medication

Therefore, such practices as reiki (a type of alternative medicine, which uses the technique of so-called “healing by touching with the palms of the hands”) or cosmoenergy (spiritual practice, which allows an ordinary person to simply use the most effective tools for many years to stay in monasteries) to become more popular, have become popular. – energy of the widest spectrum of action).

Today, many people are increasingly abandoning traditional methods of treatment and try to listen to themselves, understand and try to solve certain problems with their own forces, without the participation of medications.

Ekaterina Talvar, a parapsychologist practitioner, an experienced specialist in a variety of energy practices, is sure: any problem with the body is already a sign that you need to immediately take care of yourself

How safe and effective are these techniques? Is it really possible to help yourself without resorting to traditional medicine?

– Catherine, they say that the state of human health depends on the state of his aura. Is it so? Is it possible to determine the presence of problems with the energy industry on your own or is it necessary to consult a specialist?

– Aura is just a glow of a person’s energy field. This glow can change depending on the influence of emotions and sensations; it makes no sense to focus only on an aura in treatment.

Problems arise when people drive themselves into frames and try to break out of them, spending an excessive amount of energy on this fight. The influence of the genus and DNA on the energy structure can also become a cause for the disease.

Diagnosis and treatment of the disease may be available to everyone. However, in practice, it’s easier for a person to pay if he doesn’t do anything with himself.

– What health problems require a mandatory consultation with a specialist in the field of bioenergy and healing?

– Any imbalance in thoughts leads to imbalance in the body and in the energy field. You need to contact an energy therapist when chronic or complex diseases have appeared. Any problem with the body is already a sign that you need to take care of yourself, you can just do it yourself at first.

– Do you think a bioenergotherapist can become an assistant to a doctor and psychologist? Tell us about cases in your practice when a patient, receiving traditional treatment, additionally turned to you to speed up the healing process?

– In many countries this is already there. In our country, experts also appear who believe that “the child is sick – treat your mother.” I know several doctors who turn to me for advice in treating their patients.

In my practice, there are frequent cases when people turn at that stage of the disease, when working with energies and thoughts does not work. In this case, the joint work of a classical doctor and a specialist in working with energies will be effective.

– But, for example, a patient came to you with a certain chronic disease characteristic of the average citizen. Do you have any universal recommendations?

– The universal method is joy. She gives a lot of positive emotions, and they can heal any trauma. A universal method of treatment is a smile, when a person begins to smile at him, his mood and health improves.

– Now many practice online. How effective is it?

It is effective in terms of reaching people. The online format allows you to give practice and information to an unlimited number of people at any time. For many, these chats have become a real home, they go there every day. There are those who disappear for a while and then return with the feeling that “I’m home”

– You are also active on the Internet. Tell me, why would a person with paranormal abilities work on the World Wide Web?

– This makes it possible to expand the spectrum of action and help more people find themselves, their path, their health. Today in my space there are people from 18 countries, they are all Russian-speaking, but without the Internet we would hardly have met in real life.

– So you said that a universal method of treating problems is joy. And what is happiness for you? And what recommendations would you give your patients so that they feel happy?

– Happiness is life itself, it is very important to understand that absolutely any life event carries the possibility of development.

Happiness does not come from outside, it is not created by other people, it is only in us, and those around us supplement the already prepared vessel of happiness with different colors.

I sincerely wish each person to look inside themselves and see that there is a huge potential for the happiness of love of tenderness and goodness and that you can still share this with the world, since everything we always share with us returns in multiplied

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