Rabies symptoms, vaccine, prevention

Vaccination of wild animals is regularly performed in the countries of Western Europe, and Switzerland has set a goal to completely destroy the natural foci of rabies. We’re not uncommon for domestic dogs and cats are not vaccinated against rabies. Recently, in most cases, Pets become carriers of this deadly disease.

Rabies is one of the few diseases common to man and animals. Getting into the bloodstream from the saliva of an infected animal, the virus affects the Central nervous system. The mortality rate was 100%.

To guard against the scourge is only one way: timely vaccinations. The who recommends that doctors vaccinate each patient upon the slightest suspicion of rabies. But unfortunately only 20% of the victims of dog bites, cat or other animal, seek medical attention, the remaining 80% die by their own ignorance.

In recent years, an increasing number of sick animals. Particularly unfavorable are the areas: Ural, Volga, Central, North-Caucasus Federal district.

Of wild animals, the leaders are foxes, dogs, then wolves, raccoon dogs, raccoons, ferrets, rabbits and hedgehogs. Abroad there are cases of rabies from bats. Sick animals become aggressive, bite others, not only relatives, but all those caught in their path, thus spreading the rabies virus. If you spend time outdoors, be very careful with wild animals and their unusual behavior may be caused by the rabies virus. For example, the Fox in such a state can come close to a person and bite. Was a tragic accident at the cottage, when shed ran a ferret and bit the owner, which he did not attach importance. His condition worsened, but he didn’t tell the doctor about the bite of a ferret, and he was treated for ordinary flu. But when they found out it was too late and the patient could not be saved.

Especially dangerous are the bites of wild carnivorous animals, as their saliva contains an enzyme that promotes rapid penetration of the virus into the tissues. Bites by wild animals or stray dogs and cats, are required to appoint vaccinations. Vaccination is required in case of bites to the face, head, fingers and hands, as this localization opens the shortest way to the virus to the brain.

If you are bitten by an animal, which is the owner, you are administered a vaccine, and for watching animal veterinarian for 10 days. Consider yourself lucky if the animal was healthy, if not, you will be assigned a full course of vaccinations.

Rabies is an insidious disease. The incubation period is most often 1-2 months, and the animal outwardly cool, but in the last 10 days of the incubation period, saliva it may already be catching. The disease in humans and in animals sometimes occurs in abortive form, with no apparent signs such as aggression, hydrophobia (hydrophobia), convulsions, and salivation. They have: high fever, severe headache, paralysis.

Signs of rabies in dogs, cats, wild animals:
  1. 1.In animals with rabies becomes inadequate behavior. Domestic dogs and cats can become fearful, drowsy or overly affectionate, not to respond to the nickname and not respond to commands of the owner. Wild animal loses its sense of caution and maybe close to a person or another animal.
  2. 2.Signs of rabies in animals include: salivation, vomiting, difficulty swallowing, eating of inedible objects.
  3. 3.When walking balance is disturbed, there are cramps of the limbs or the entire body.
  4. 4.Diseased with rabies the animal becomes aggressive and typically 2-3 days dies.
  5. 5.The paralysis of body parts, or more often paralysis of the lower jaw – it droops, mouth open, slobber flow out.
The symptoms of rabies in humans:

It is very important to know what the symptoms of rabies will appear, if immediately after the bite preventive treatment.

The first symptoms of rabies in humans can occur quickly, within 14 days, and may in a few months. It is influenced by various factors: location, size and depth of the bite, the age of the person, etc. the bite is aching, itchy, sometimes inflamed. Then there is General weakness, dizzy, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, disturbed sleep, increased temperature to 37.5 degrees, runny nose, cough, sore throat. These symptoms are often confused with respiratory or intestinal infection. After a few days the body temperature rises to 40 degrees, convulsions, salivation, difficulty swallowing, excessive agitation, aggression. Then paralysis, respiratory arrest and heart, the person dies.

Vaccination against rabies:

Those who once were immunized against rabies know how painful they are, it’s 21 an injection subcutaneously in the abdomen. Currently, there are more modern concentrated rabies the rabies vaccine, which produces antibodies against the rabies virus. In the course of treatment is 6 intramuscular injections: the first vaccination done on the day of the bite, the second – on the 3rd day, the third – on the 7th day, and the fourth to the 14th day, the fifth on the 28th day, the sixth – on the 90th day. The first antibodies appear two weeks after inoculation. Contraindications to vaccination, not even pregnant they can do.

If the bite is dangerous localization (head, face, hands), then for the first 3 days after the bite along with the vaccine administered rabies immunoglobulin – the antibodies from fighting the rabies virus, while the body itself still doesn’t make any. Immunoglobulin cut away around the wound and intramuscularly.

During the course of treatment and 6 months after do not drink alcohol, avoid hypothermia and overheating, heavy physical work, so his immune system is not subjected to additional loads. Otherwise, you may develop rabies and die.

Prevention of rabies:

Here are some practical tips to protect themselves from being infected with the rabies virus:

  1. 1.Do not: come close to wild animals, to stroke them or to take arms, even if they’re friendly. The animal may be infected with the rabies virus, but look healthy.
  2. 2.If you decide to take home a stray cat or dog, you first need to take her to the vet and be sure to be vaccinated against rabies. Vaccination must be done and pet.
  3. 3.By the bite of any animal, immediately contact your doctor. Under threat of localization of the bites are on the face, head, hands and fingers vaccination is required on the first day, prior to the development of the disease the body time to develop immunity. Remember that the virus enters the body, even when an infected animal licks the skin where there is a small wounds, scratches, abrasions. If the bite occurred through the clothes, and fabric damage is also dangerous.
  4. 4.Before turning to the doctor immediately you need to wash the bite with soap and water or hydrogen peroxide, iodine, brilliant green or alcohol. These actions can contribute to the mechanical removal of the rabies virus.

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