14 Pieces Of Advice To Survive A Whole Day Of Wearing High Heels

That said, your experience of wearing heels all day long can turn into a tolerable, if not pleasant, one with these 14 simple survival strategies.

Weddings, boardroom meetings or just your mood – plenty of reasons can call for wearing heels all day long! However, as kind as a pair of heels can be to your dress and figure, they certainly don’t display the same level of kindness to your feet.

At the end of the day, your blister-covered feet can’t wait to get out of them as you end up regretting your decision to slip into a “killer” pair! (Pun intended.)

1. Freeze Your Heels

Before donning a pair of heels, refrigerate the chosen ones for 30 minutes. Your cold heels will become more flexible and will easily adapt to the contours of your warm tootsies! Alternatively, you can even try filling up a bag of water, putting them in your heels and freezing them together.

2. Hot Water And Socks

To stretch out your heels so they don’t bite, wet your cotton socks with some water and then wear them.

Next, wear your heels on top and walk around at home for a while so that your heels stretch. Now take the socks off, wear your shoes, and start your day!

3. Invest In Insoles

If your favorite heels give your feet too much trouble, you can protect the latter from the onslaught of the former with the help of high-quality insoles. Insoles will help prevent blisters, shoe bites, and pain. You can use flesh-colored, silicon insoles for open-toed heels.

4. Use Double-Sided Tape

This tip is not for everyone. Despite that though, it really works in keeping your feet safe and blister-free!

For this tip, you’ll have to stick the soles of your feet to the base of your shoes with the help of double-sided tape and that’s it. Blister and pain-free feet are now possible!

5. Moisturize Your Feet

To make the arduous task of wearing heels all day long more bearable, moisturize your feet before slipping into a pair. This simple trick will prevent blisters caused by friction from tight, new shoes!

6. Pat Some Baby Powder

Planning to wear heels on a hot, summer day? Sweaty feet and stilettoes make the perfect cocktail for chafed feet!

You can prevent such injuries though by patting some baby powder on the insides of your heel before wearing them.

7. Use Adhesive Tape

Apart from double-sided tape, even adhesive tape can come to your rescue. You can prevent your toes from pain and the consequences of friction by taping the two toes next to your big toe together. This prevents nerve pressure so you don’t feel pain!

8. Keep ‘Em Heels On

Don’t ever make the mistake of slipping in and out of your heels throughout the course of your day if you don’t want your feet to suffer.

Taking the pair off may provide temporary relief, but once you put them back on, the pain will be unbearable as your feet will be swollen.

9. Wear Your Heels At Home

This trick works well for new shoes. Before you strut about town in your new pair, wear them at home for about an hour each day. Your heels will stretch to accommodate your feet size and hence, not hurt when you finally wear them outside.

10. Keep Walking

Sometimes the pain caused by your heels can be so bad that you just want to sit or stand in one place.

However, this is ill-advised. Just like taking your shoes off, you’ll only get relief momentarily. In fact, standing in one place can cause more pain. So, even if it hurts, keep walking!

11. Deodorize Your Feet

Another way you can prevent both friction and chafing is by deodorizing your feet with the help of a stick or a roll-on. They form a protective layer around your feet and even keep foot odor at bay!

12. Take Care Of Your Feet

Cracked heels and calluses, as well as injuries, can significantly worsen if you get into your pointy shoes. And that means higher degrees of pain than you can imagine! So, if you know an upcoming event demands heels, fix your feet and take care of them so that the damage is minimized.

13. Pick Comfy Heels

Those 6-inch red pumps might look very cute and sexy, but if you’re not used to wearing heels, they’ll hardly prove to be the right choice for you. Start small and choose wider shoes in the varieties of wedges or platforms so that your feet are nice and comfy in them.

14. Keep An Emergency Kit

Along with your makeup and other essentials, don’t forget to carry some Band-Aids and blister ointments in your purse. These will come in handy in case of a shoe emergency.

Your feet will thank you immensely if you take our advice and try these 14 tips. Heels might be sexy, but in the end comfort and good health should prevail!

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