Skincare Rules You Should Know By the Time You Turn 30

Stylecraze Once you hit the big three-oh, a lot can change. Turning 30 doesn’t only mean a life overhaul but it also signals changes elsewhere such as in your facial skin! Collagen production goes down and your face’s fat pads start thinning, leading to sunken cheeks, according to Allison Arthur, a US-based dermatologist (1). As if that’s not bad enough, you also start getting dynamic wrinkles! These can be defined as wrinkles that form all over your face due to oft-repeated facial expressions.

Moral of the story? You have to follow a set of different skincare rules before you turn 30 (and even beyond) so you can minimize the damage and regain a significant amount of your youthfulness! Dr. Arthur has 8 of these golden rules listed below for your benefit:

1. Apply Sunscreen

Might seem like we’re stating the obvious here but aren’t you guilty of skipping the sunscreen sometimes? Especially during the rainy season? Or on those days when you’re traveling by car and don’t step out in the sun? That’s why it’s important to reiterate that you should wear sunscreen at all times! A zinc-enriched sunscreen with SPF 30 is ideal. You can increase the SPF if you live in a place where the sun is too harsh. And this is irrespective of your skin tone!

2. Wear Sunglasses Every Day

Crow’s feet, also known as laugh lines that appear in the corner of your eyes, are not just the result of your smiles. UV rays play a significant role in the wrinkling of your facial skin, contributing to these horrendous lines that make you look old (2). Besides, squinting can also cause wrinkles! The good news? You can prevent, or at least delay them, by wearing a pair of shades every day. And that includes cloudy days.

3. Don’t Let Yourself Tan

Tanning might not be very sexy in India but it’s almost unavoidable due to the harsh sun. There are ways to prevent it, of course, such as the application of sunscreen. However, beauty experts recommend you don’t let yourself out in the sun even if you have sunscreen on. That’s because tanning can be taken as a sign of damaged skin. Besides, excess tanning and sun exposure have been linked to melanoma, which is the most dangerous kind of skin cancer (3).

4. Sleep Straight And On Your Back

Sleeping on the side or your stomach might be supremely comfortable but it’s not good for the health of your facial skin. Sleeping in the aforementioned position can put unnecessary pressure on your face due to the compression of your facial muscles. This can lead to the appearance of sleep wrinkles, says Dr. Arthur. Sleeping on your back is the best solution and is considered to be the ideal sleeping position anyway.

5. Skip The Straw In Your Soda

Granted, straws prevent your lipstick from getting smudged. However, the results of sipping through a straw can be disastrous for your facial skin. Whenever you suck on a straw, the muscles surrounding your lips contact, which then leads to the formation of drawstring-shaped lines and creases around your mouth. Drinking straight from the glass and ruining your lipstick doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

6. Get A Retinol Cream

The next essential item after a sunscreen for you should be a retinol cream as it’s loaded with anti-aging properties! Retinol-enriched creams boost the collagen production of your skin so that eventualities such as clogged pores and fine lines can be prevented. Moreover, retinol creams also aid in toning up your facial skin so that it looks firm and tight. In fact, retinol creams are something you should start using now, so you can reap their benefits even in your 60s!

7. Take Care Of Your Lashes

Lashes might seem like a tiny and significant part of your face, but they play a major role in upping the youthfulness quotient of your face, according to Dr. Arthur. Curved, thick, and long lashes can instantly brighten up your face and make you look much younger than you are! Mascaras can help you achieve beautiful lashes. Opt for ones that make your lashes voluminous!

8. Chart Up A Tailor-Made Skincare Routine

Your lifestyle and your skin type largely determine the kind of skincare routine you should have. Hence, taking these factors into account, you should create a skincare regimen for yourself that works towards solving your skin problems and keeping it healthy. So, for example, if you have dry skin, you should pick a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid as it effectively hydrates your skin.

If you notice any prominent skin issues that you can’t seem to remedy on your own, you should definitely visit your dermatologist. After all, taking good care of your skin is the key to youthfulness!

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