How does mood change during menstruation

Meditation, a contrast shower, a tincture of motherwort and valerian can help you recover. Useful oils of lemon balm, geranium. An interesting combination – hot milk with black pepper and honey – has a relaxing effect.

Many are familiar with the emotional swing during this period – passivity and apathy are combined with aggression and tears. Why some women’s moods do not change, while others don’t look like themselves, remains a mystery. Apparently, sensitivity to hormones is different for everyone. This is how science explains.

There are not very tactful doctors who can ignore disturbing symptoms in their patients and not take them seriously. Some are sent to a psychiatrist. And indeed, there are cases when antidepressants help. But you need to look deeper – the reason is always in the wrong reaction to hormones. Therefore, PMS in recent years has been treated with hormone therapy. If the treatment does not help, change the drug or doctor.

Sometimes discomfort is enhanced by the anatomical features of the structure of the uterus – the infantile uterus or two-horned. Often, pathology such as varicose veins of the small pelvis, which increases bleeding and discomfort in these days, remains unattended. Veins are not visible, even the attending physician may not be aware of the pathology. If you suffer from inflammation of the appendages, your period may suddenly become more powerful and painful. Antibiotics can help you. The same thing happens after abortion, diagnostic curettage, laparoscopy, difficult birth. It takes time to recover.

Massage your neck, neck, waist, and lumbar area. Sometimes it is enough to undergo a spinal examination to understand that the cause of the pain is an exacerbation of osteochondrosis. Sometimes the problem is not in gynecology.

Be sure to walk more during menstruation, so that oxygen is actively entering the body. Red blood cells carry it, and it is precisely them that we lose during monthly bleeding. Help the body get enough oxygen, you can even drink oxygen cocktails. They are in many pharmacies.

What can and cannot be done in these days in the gym?

Some types of training are possible during menstruation. For example, you can do yoga and exercise therapy. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of softly stretching your body. Acceptable exercises with dumbbells, fitball. It all depends on well-being and physical fitness. Running and jumping is best outside of your period. Pilates and some yoga poses have a positive effect on a woman’s health and hormones.

According to Ksenia Grischuk, obstetrician-gynecologist of the Dobrobut medical network, it is harmful to completely exclude physical activity, this can lead to venous congestion and an increase in the duration of menstruation.

You can ride moderately on:
  • a bike;
  • exercise bike;
  • the orbit track;
  • skiing;
  • sledding.
Professional Opinion

Fall out of an active life during the period of menstruation is not worth it. In sports, the coach allowed us to skip training only on the first day. This is a training process, and it happens that critical days fall on the competition. Therefore, athletes train in menstruation, unless the trainer gives less load.

Another important point. Sometimes you need to pay attention to malaise during menstruation, nausea and vomiting. All this indicates an imbalance of hormones. A woman suffering from too much menstruation may faint. If bleeding is strong from cycle to cycle, this may be a sign of excessive proliferation of the endometrium. Endometrial hyperplasia can be manifested by hemorrhage between menstruation. It is important to control how much blood you lose. If you change the nature of menstruation – consult a doctor!

Bath and pool can wait

But as for the bathroom, it is better to abandon it. Take a shower, running water cleans well. The cervix is ​​vulnerable to bacteria during critical days, so swimming in the pool is undesirable. Set aside aerobics classes for another time.

By the way, do not refuse sex during menstruation. Only during critical days do not forget about the condom. With menstruation is extremely rare, but you can get pregnant. Sometimes ovulation occurs not in the middle of the cycle, but at the very beginning. If you do not have a stable menstrual cycle, be safe. Pain during menstruation relieves sex well, so it’s good for your health. It is only important that the man himself is not opposed. During lovemaking, hormones of happiness – endorphin and oxytocin – are actively produced. Thanks to them, a woman is distracted from pain.

Adjust your menu a bit by temporarily reducing salt intake. The fact is that it retains fluid, which is so characteristic of the period of menstruation.

Bed rest can increase pain. Also, increased discomfort is provoked by problems with the intestines. It is important to ensure its regular operation during this period.

If you use tampons, change them every 4-5 hours. Otherwise, microbes that accumulate these hygiene products can enter the bloodstream. Full padding is also not worth the wait.

Menstruation diet

If the room is cold, it is better to insulate. This way you will feel better. Drink warm uzvar, herbal tea, cocoa. Alcoholic beverages are not a good idea, if you want, then allow yourself no more than half a glass of wine.

In the diet of a woman with menstruation, there should be enough vegetables, fruits, white meat. In “these days” we lose iron, some may even develop anemia. You should not eat too abundantly during this period, absorbing the entire contents of the refrigerator. Avoid bloating – legumes, grapes, or brown bread. In the consumption of sweets, a measure is important – it is in the second half of the cycle that gaining a couple of extra pounds is very simple. Carrots, pumpkins, garlic, rose hips will help remove excess fluid from the body if there is a predisposition to edema during critical days.

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