A modern approach to the treatment of pain in the joints

Joint pain is familiar to most people, this symptom is the most common complaint. Arthritis suffered by the ancient people, famous recipes ointments for the treatment of pain in the joints, which are thousands of years old. In our days the number of lesions of the musculoskeletal system is increasing.

The main reasons are considered to be autoimmune and allergic processes, infections, metabolic disorders, physical inactivity, occupational factors (monotonic load, cold, vibration), trauma, including sports.

What are joint pain?

Joint pain is rarely fleeting. As a rule, the disease becomes chronic, the pathological changes in them lead to the increased pain. Transferred excruciating pain in the small bones and their joints, especially if the lesion is not single.

Pains in large joints – knee, shoulder, hip can become unbearable, depriving the patient of sleep and rest, opportunities to move normally to serve themselves. The pain occurs under load and at rest, with weather changes at different times of the day, sometimes sharp, drilling, dull, throbbing, associated with a significant limitation. Quality of life can be greatly diminished.

Treatment approaches

No wonder drugs that can bring relief of these pains, always popular and are widely advertised. Also widely used folk remedy for the treatment of musculoskeletal, recipes are passed from hand to hand.Despite the similarity of the symptoms, causes pain is different, so choice of treatment should be based on correct diagnosis.There are two main groups of diseases of the joints – arthritis (inflammation primarily occurs in the synovial bag due to infection or reaction to other diseases) and arthritis (degenerative processes induced by metabolic disorders that occur in the cartilage surfaces).

If in the first case it is necessary to remove the inflammation, then the second to improve metabolic processes, and this use completely different medications.

It is well known that many anti-inflammatory drugs, especially money in the form of pills have serious side effects, so improper use can cause injury.Starting to treat the joints, be aware that it can take a lot of time and requires thoroughness and regularity of performance of procedures and exercises for a long-lasting effect and maintain motor abilities.

Modern means

In the Arsenal of modern medicine there are numerous treatment for pain from rubbing and ointments on the basis of medicinal plants prior to surgery to replace the joint with an artificial.

Pharmacies offer the following products:

  • creams, ointments, plasters for external use;
  • tablets, capsules, colloidal formula of medicines and biologically active additives for intake;
  • solutions for injection and compresses;
  • various devices for physical therapy;
  • orthopedic appliances.

All of these tools when used correctly, can not only treat, but also long-term to maintain the health of the musculoskeletal system.

Medications available for joint – chondro created on the basis of chondroitin and glucosaminsulfat – stimulate the synthesis of the basic substance of the cartilage thus reducing the production of enzyme that destroys cartilage. Recommended to use them for a long time, they have virtually no side effects. A limitation could be the price.

Pronounced activity for the treatment of joint pain have NSAIDs such as aspirin, indomethacin, diclofenac, piroxicam, ibuprofen; a combination of drugs Baralgin, Tsitramon P, Alka-Seltzer, Empirin, Arthrotec, Reopirin.

But those pills, and strong painkillers and hormonal drugs, use under strict medical supervision for a limited time. The use of such drugs violates the regulatory system of the organism, reduces immunity, which can lead to the development of various pathologies.

To treat outside

For these reasons, more and more manufacturers medicines offer a treatment of pain in the form of external agents, as a rule, ointments on a different basis.

According to the method of exposure ointments are divided into warming, pain killers, massage, improve metabolism and blood circulation, possessing chondroprotective properties.

Warming effect have ointment Kapsikam, Finalgon, We. Be careful to use them, to prevent contact with mucous membranes, avoid strong stimulation.

In the list containing NSAIDs such foreign and Russian funds, such as:

  • Fastum gel;
  • have Ketonal;
  • Nurofen;
  • voltaren;
  • Nise gel;
  • Bystrom gel.

Formulation of ointments may include chondroprotectors (as in the drug symptoms).

part of ointments can enter the snake and bee venom, essential oils, mummy, propolis, medical bile, bear, badger and shark oil, extracts of medicinal mud, minerals, extracts of medicinal plants (such as cinquefoil, comfrey, red pepper, and many others) up to the most exotic.

The recipes for many balms and ointments for massage developed by well-known healers on the basis of folk remedies.

The most effective means

The main function of joints is movement. In a healthy joint, elastic cartilage and ligaments, sufficient synovial fluid for shock absorption and good slip surfaces.

Therefore, it is important to remember that only with the help of exercises that develop strength and elasticity of the surrounding joints muscles, it is possible to a great age retain the ability to move freely. And no drugs are not an alternative to exercise. Therefore, the rehabilitation in these diseases provides for the mandatory exercise therapy.

Start with small amplitude and number of repetitions, gradually increase the load. Heat ointments can be used to massage and warm up before class. Some experts in inflammatory connective tissue diseases is recommended swelling and pain to treat cold treatments.

Another necessary tool for maintaining the elasticity of the joints – drinking enough water. It accelerates metabolism, removes toxins, reduces the deposition of salts.

Significant reduction of pain can be achieved with a balanced diet. To exclude or minimize intake of simple carbohydrates. This will reduce the sensitivity of cells to insulin and to reduce body weight.

Pills chondroprotectors can be a tasty and economical substitute is to diversify the table is rich meat or fish broth, jelly, aspic, gelatine, stewed with seeds and a hryaschik meat (when gouty pains not to do so).

Fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, quality oils must be present in the menu. This will support the immune system, normalizes hormonal balance and a positive impact on the joints.

Excluding toxic effects, especially Smoking, can also reduce pain. For the treatment of pain in the joints healthy lifestyle can become the most effective tool.

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