Causes of joint pain and treatment with traditional methods

Quality movement is achieved through the joints. A lot of people visit a health facility due to the occurrence of pain in them. In addition, they are able to turn, whining that delivers a lot of inconvenience.

To date, not all drugs that offers modern medicine, capable of providing the desired effect of treatment. Therefore, more and more patients used the treatment of joints folk remedies.

Causes symptoms and diagnosis

For its localization it is divided into monoartrit, polyarthritis and oligoarthritis. Immediately after the occurrence of the disease can appear acute pain. But probably another disease. Arthritis can also develop slowly.

Causes of disease are infections, allergic reactions, trauma, vitamin deficiency and others. Under certain conditions it has favourite localization. For example, in rheumatoid disease affects joints, feet, and bones.

In the development process ankilosiral spondylitis painful sensations appear in the area of the spinal Department. The main method of diagnosis is radiography, performed in two standard projections. Besides, there are tomography, arthrography and other examinations.


The basis of preventive measures is proper nutrition. It must be complete and include all required components.

It is also recommended to reduce their consumption of meat, spicy, fatty foods. It is desirable to give preference to plant foods. In addition, you should reduce the consumption of salt and sugar. The diet must be present fruits and vegetables.

The use of folk remedies

There are several effective recipes to treat your joints:

  1. Blended olive oil (1 tablespoon) with a fourth of a spoon of garlic juice. This cocktail is able to provide relief. It is advisable to consume it in the morning on an empty stomach.
  2. Woolen cloth moistened with cabbage juice. The resulting poultice is applied to the affected joint.
  3. Used glycerin, alcohol, iodine, fruit vinegar and flower honey as a treatment of joints folk remedies.
  4. The massage application of essential oils. It uses additional ingredients: chamomile, cypress, eucalyptus, hyssop, lavender. You need to add them in vegetable oil.
Treatment joints of the hands

This disease occurs most often in women. Moreover, it is able to be transmitted at the genetic level. The treatment of joints folk remedies helps to normalize metabolism.

The greatest popularity in the treatment of arthritis of the joints of the hands acquired hellebore Caucasian. From it produce a therapeutic ointment that relieves the pain of joints folk remedies.

For its preparation you need to mix the crushed plant with vegetable oil, honey and mustard powder.

This mixture should be heated in a water bath until thick. The ointment is applied with massage movements for about five minutes. As a result of using this tool is a pain. In the inflammatory process of joints can help the bath, which is made of the infusion of hellebore.

Funds crunches

In this case to cure the disease by using compresses of joints folk remedies. For this it is necessary to prepare salt, lemon and acetic acid.

You can make a poultice out of baking soda. After implementation of the treatments the sore spot lubricated with vegetable oil, which has been lightly heated.

Treatment of knee joint

According to medical professionals, the cause of knee arthritis is able to be overweight. Therefore, it is first necessary to develop a specific diet, and then to prescribe drugs. However starvation is also prohibited.

In the case of aggravation of the disease used folk remedies for pain in the joints, with which it is possible to relieve the pain. Must contain vitamin C. in the event of knee arthritis are recommended to use ice.

It must be applied to the inflamed areas. Before applying this method it is advisable to consult a doctor. Sometimes hypothermia may not help, but rather harm. Increasingly, in order to cure the disease of joints you need to use ginger, turmeric, cinnamon.

As folk remedies as well, Kalanchoe, ginger, celery seeds, a little castor and other plant components. They can be used in the form of teas, compresses and wraps. In addition, can be treated with the help of rather exotic recipes.

Most importantly, remember that all new funds offered by traditional medicine, you need to check. Before. how to begin to heal the affected area, it is recommended to check whether they cause allergic reaction.

This requires application of the product on a small area of the skin. Some people in the treatment of arthritis helps the mixture of ammonia, mixed with two eggs, and turpentine.

It recommended rubbing the knee before bed. However, you cannot use this mixture for more than five consecutive days.

In addition to traditional medicine, in the treatment of diseases of the joints help some physical exercises, as well as compliance with some recommendations. For example, it is impossible to exercise too sudden movements. It is desirable to produce them slowly.

Make things easier for the presence of armrests on the chairs. Thanks to them, sit down and stand up will be much easier. When bending it is important to consider convenience.

You want uniform load on the muscles and joints. Such diseases as arthritis, it is not possible to cure quickly.

Besides, need constant medical supervision for a patient. If you run the disease, the need for surgery. In severe stages of the disease the treatment of joints folk remedies is not recommended.

In this case, the need to replace the cartilage and implementation of the prosthetic joint. Help in this will be able to only modern medicine.

Arthritis is quite a serious disease. The exact cause is still not clear. Predisposition can serve fractures, clubfoot, flat feet. Most often the disease are women.

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