How to calm your nerves

Drink or eat something sweet

Drink some sweet liquid or eat chocolate. In a glass of water, dilute sugar or honey and drink in one gulp. The body will begin to produce hormones of pleasure – endorphins, you will begin to concentrate on delicious food or drink.

Do yourself a massage

Do yourself a finger massage. Rub the nail phalanges of the limbs alternately – here are the nerve endings and certain points, the effect on which will help you calm down. And do not forget that life is not what happened yesterday or will happen tomorrow, only what is happening right now matters. Therefore, live every moment in harmony and happiness. You deserve it!

Use Lavender Water Spray

Studies have shown that this flowering plant can be used both for muscle relaxation and as an inhalation to provide a calming effect. Lavender is an effective remedy for anxiety, depression, irritability, panic, stress, and sleep problems. Just spray the lavender water in the room to feel more relaxed and relaxed.

Open a new perspective

Change your view of the situation – ask why you feel depressed. Does this problem really deserve such attention? Can you solve it? Do you have a roof over your head and food on the table? Then maybe everything is not as bad as you think? Start thinking positively, or at least try to smile at first.

Go for a walk

To feel the calming effect of walking, you do not need to knock on the asphalt for hours. A short walk can be as effective as a long walk. Five minutes in the fresh air may be enough to reunite with nature and focus on the present.

Listen to soothing music

Choose music that calms you with its slow pace and pleasant tunes. Music is an anchor of peace. Every time you feel anxiety come on, turn on your favorite song and just close your eyes for a minute.


Meditate at short intervals throughout the day. Relaxation, relaxation and relaxation again!


When you smile, a feeling of peace and well-being appears inside. Simply put, you just feel happier. Try to smile, even when you are stuck in traffic and do not have time for an important meeting.

Breathe deeply

When you feel nervous tension, you begin to breathe quickly and superficially. Concentrate on your breathing and you will feel quick and instant relaxation. Slow your breathing and, in particular, exhale.

Water the plants

Working in the garden and spending time outdoors will help restore your strength and relax your body and mind. If you don’t have time to get dirty in the garden, simply watering indoor plants can be an equally effective way to calm down.

Record everything

Keeping a diary will allow you to clarify thoughts and feelings, and will also help to gain valuable knowledge and self-confidence. It can also be a great problem-solving tool, as it is sometimes easier to find a solution when the problem is written on paper. You can also release strong emotions, gain clarity, and let go of the situation. Let go of what you don’t need and stop worrying about what you cannot change.


We all know the benefits of yoga to relieve stress, but if you don’t have time to attend daily yoga classes, you can still feel the benefits by including a short stretch in your daily routine.

Visualize a peaceful scenario

The mind is very strong! When you visualize peaceful, serene scenes, a feeling of calm and harmony appears inside you, as if you were really experiencing them. Despite the fact that this is just a visualization, the body really begins to relax, and stress disappears. Close your eyes and imagine the rhythmic waves on the endless white sandy beach.

Call a friend or girlfriend

If you regularly experience stress, it means that you could not change your habits and outlook on life. Friends or loved ones who make you happy will help you quickly recover and find peace of mind.

Use mobile apps

This may sound silly, but it’s actually an effective way to get yourself back in the moment. We are talking about mindfulness applications. Set an alarm as a reminder: an alarm will make you quickly return to the moment. You will have to drop everything for a minute and just breathe.

Do not turn on the TV

Do not watch the evening news while eating and occasionally take a break from stressful, fear-based media.

Keep your phone away

Take a break from the outside world and connect with your inner self (after talking with a friend, of course!).

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