What specialist deals with the treatment of the disease osteochondrosis?

Disease that affects the intervertebral discs, it is widely, but not every patient knows, what doctor treats low back pain. This question interests a huge number of people without age limit. The disease can overtake you as a young man and woman at the age of.

Causes and symptoms of pathology

Before you decide what kind of doctor treats low back pain, it is necessary to verify the correctness of the diagnosis.

Osteochondrosis – a disease that most often affects people leading a sedentary lifestyle. Prolonged exposure of the spine in the wrong position increases the load on the disks, which increases the likelihood of disease. Osteochondrosis often affects people with excess weight who are strangers to physical activity. In addition, the disease can develop as a result of the injury or genetic factors. Sleep on an uncomfortable bed can also be the impetus for the emergence of degenerative disc disease.

Depending on the type of disease can manifest different symptoms.

For degenerative disc disease of the cervical characterized by the following signs:

  • a feeling of heaviness in the head;
  • tingling and numbness in neck, arms;
  • pain in the neck;
  • headaches;
  • dizziness;
  • noise in the ears;
  • pain in the heart and abnormal heart rhythm;
  • blurred vision.

Symptoms of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar depend on the site of the damage. As a rule, the disease is accompanied by pain in various parts of the leg (thigh, foot, shank) and unpleasant sensations in the lumbar region.

In rare cases low back pain develops in the thoracic spine without typical symptoms. People may not know of the existence of the disease, to continue to lead a normal lifestyle.

Appeal to the therapist

If you have symptoms of osteoarthritis the first step is to contact the therapist. A competent specialist will tell you, who treats low back pain, will help you choose a qualified physician. One of the possible options is a neurologist. After the necessary research, the doctor prescribes a treatment aimed at the complete elimination of symptoms. The second option is the spine. This specialist deals specifically with diseases of the spine. The advantage to it is narrow specialization of doctors.

The spine has a vast knowledge and necessary experience that is the Foundation of effective treatment.

Additionally, professionals will help with the illness chiropractor. He has knowledge in the structure of the spine using the hands to accurately determine impairment.

An osteopath helps to find the sore spot and determine the nature of the violation. The actions of the expert are soft and delicate, without the use of drugs and devices. The effect is achieved by contact with certain points and the displacement of tissues.

In the later stages of degenerative disc disease should consult a surgeon. He appoints a full medical examination, the results of which determines the possibility of surgery. Surgery is necessary in case of violation of the normal functioning of internal organs. Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine often causes malfunctions in the heart, and the disease in the region of the lumbar affects the pelvic organs.

Good performance brings a special set of exercises designed by experienced physiotherapists. In the early stages help of properly designed movement. To remove tension from the muscles by using acupuncture and leech therapy.

The principle of treatment of disease and prevention

If the disease is accompanied by unpleasant pain, the first step is fixing them. For this purpose, a non-steroidal medicine to relieve inflammation. Depending on the nature of the disease, the doctor may prescribe painkillers or medicine that eliminates muscle spasm.

After a successful struggle with the pain comes the stage of carrying out recovery actions. Therapeutic exercise and massage take leading positions. With spine procedures faster and easier adjusting to the proper position, the muscles become more flexible and elastic.

Actions to prevent osteoarthritis:

  1. 1back Massage is not only a good therapeutic method, but also actively used as a preventive measure. Massaging the muscle speeds up the metabolism, helps increase blood flow.
  2. 2When you perform exercise should not lift objects at arm’s length. Action increases the load on the spine.
  3. 3need to Move smoothly, avoid sudden movements.
  4. 4Cleaning the room, you need to stay in the position with straight back. Prolonged exposure in the folded state is unnatural for the spine and contributes to the emergence of back pain.
  5. 5Intervertebral discs needs to obtain a large amount of moisture to maintain normal functionality. Before physical activity to replenish the water supply of the body.
  6. 6Before weight lifting should take care of securing the waist with a special belt.
  7. 7to take the pressure off the spine and stretch it, you should regularly hang on a horizontal bar.
  8. 8While carrying heavy things need to evenly distribute the load on both hands or the use of a cart.
  9. 9you should Always keep the back straight, clipping the correct position.

If you experience symptoms of degenerative disc disease should immediately consult a doctor. In the initial stages to cure the disease is possible by means of simple methods, without the use of medication. Full diagnostics, proper exercise, a professional massage is able to completely remove the disease. Self-treatment can make the condition worse, result in not only large financial embezzlement and moral oppression.

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