The curvature of the coccyx

The curvature of the coccyx is a serious disease in which sticks out coccygeal part of the spine, causing the unpleasant sensation of pain in humans. When you see these symptoms should immediately contact the doctor.

The natural anatomical structure of the coccyx suggests that this part of the human spine should be placed thus: the direction of the top rear part to the front at an acute angle, the upper surface should look down. About seventy percent of the people possess such structure or part.

But there are times when the radiograph demonstrates a completely opposite direction of the top coccygeal type or modified oblique angle (angled, curved or extended coccyx).

Is it possible to reduce the coccyx in case of warping? What to do if tailbone is bulging out? How is the operation to remove the cyst and also how to get rid of build-up?

Causes of defects in the coccyx

In most cases, such problems arise due to injury in the sacral-coccygeal Department, which endured to the man earlier:

  • open and closed fractures;
  • ordinary dislocations or subluxations;
  • torn ligaments in the sacrum and coccyx.

As the causes of defects are also innate characteristics of individuals. According to foreign authors, about thirty percent of the world’s population possess these types anatomical structure coccygeal parts:

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  1. How is diagnosisApproximately fifteen percent of people strongly bent forward coccyx. In this structure the upper part is not directed downward, but rather moves forward.
  2. Approximately five percent of the planet’s inhabitants may be the direct angle of the coccyx, is directed into the inner part of the pelvic cavity, between the first and second divisions of the tailbone or between the second and third.
  3. Approximately ten percent of people have the kind of coccygeal subluxation.

If the patient occurs coccygeal bend, which is directed into the inner region of the cavity of the small pelvis, it can lead to the manifestation of symptoms of this nature:

  1. As the main symptoms are pain in the coccyx pain can be shooting or aching. In the event of a prolonged stay in a sitting position, standing position or tilt decreases the intensity of pain. When traveling or being in the supine position pathological syndrome is capable of an almost alarming. Possible manifestation of irradiation attributable to perinaldo part, groin or hip (most often the effect of the exposed internal surface).
  2. Problem with a bowel movement. This can be the occurrence of constipation, muscle tension in the pelvic floor.
  3. Mood swings, the person has anxiety or depression.

There are people who have the coccygeal curvature or change its inclined angle is no problem, that is apparently possible to observe a completely normal appearance in clinical terms.

Auxiliary diagnosis of the location of the coccyx is a very simple program:

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  • WITH;
  • radiography in the field of small pelvic area or in the area of conjugation of the sacrum and coccyx. Implementation of functional tests of nature with the use of x-ray procedure in two positions: sitting and standing.
  • the imaging computer in case if the bones of the pelvic small parts will not be rendered.

Read more to see the structure of the coccyx can be pictured in different positions and watch the video of the operation.

The sacral region and the coccyx

How is the treatment of coccyx

Treatment coccygeal bend is connected fully with the condition of a man who went to the doctor and the severity of the pain syndrome that he has.

A new injury at the junction of the sacrum and coccyx may require active treatment tactics. If the coccyx began to bulge, doctors carry out its reduction. After this procedure the patient requires bed rest, ingestion of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), as candles and various injections and physical therapy/physiotherapy. Therapy accompanied by the use of laxatives and suppositories rectal type. The period of disability usually takes from 2 weeks to 2 months. The period depends on the type of injury the patient has.

Old injuries that have caused coccygeal bend, diagnosed conservative ways on the basis of a moderate decrease in quality of life aspects of the patient. Medical therapy similar to that used during coccygodynia. As basic medicines are anti-inflammatory type drugs, analgesics, muscle relaxants Central action, anesteziologie candles and Presanella blockade.

As the location of the coccyx can affect childbirth

Not the most pleasant consequence of incorrect location of the coccygeal part for females may be a violation of the natural course of childbirth (after childbirth problems can continue). Due to the fact that the tip of the coccyx is considered the point of emergence of the outlet from the pelvic cavity and its orientation in the forward region reduces the size of the bone. For this reason, the birth canal may impede the passage thereon of the child.

In this regard, have at a rapid pace to conduct a cesarean section. For this reason, every woman who has an injury in the coccyx and sacral areas, it is necessary, preparing for pregnancy, undergo radiography in two projections or computed tomography in order to locate the top coccygeal sample. Such procedures can save a woman from unnecessary difficulties, both before birth and after.

During pregnancy methods of x-ray type, it is recommended to replace the procedure of magnetic resonance imaging. However, nowadays radiography produces the minimum load of the radial nature of the human body. In case of detection of symptoms associated with coccygeal curvature part, it is recommended to carry out a caesarean section.

The appearance of tumor on the surface of the coccyx

At the moment there are several varieties of tumors on the tailbone. To show a growth on the tailbone or like in age of Mature and newborn children.

Neoplasms congenital type is usually divided into:

  • splitting of the vertebral portion;
  • the appearance of teratomas in the area of the sacrum and coccyx;
  • a cyst of the coccyx.

In adults, the appearance of the tumor is usually associated with chordomas or bone cancer. The most common type of tumor of the coccyx is a cyst.

As symptoms of cysts of the coccyx are usually:

  • the appearance of openings in mezhyagodichnoy the folds;
  • itching, extending along the vertebral region;
  • the appearance of pain in the coccyx while in the supine or sitting position.

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