What is angiolipoma spine?

Angiolipoma of the spine is a benign tumor that consists of smooth muscle fibers of blood vessels and fatty tissue. Most often the disease affects the kidneys, spine and liver. What it is, consider the following.

These lesions are mostly unilateral in nature and only in case of simultaneous development of tuberculosis and angiolipoma defeat will be the two sides of paired organs, in this case it will be the kidneys.

The exact cause of the development of this benign tumor is not installed. It is believed that it may be a congenital vascular malformation, in which the mutation occurred tissues. But, again, what was the reason for the development of disease has not been elucidated.

The reasons for the formation

There is a second opinion, according to which education is acquired, that is, formed already during his lifetime. But, again, the reason for this remains unknown, although many experts believe that the culprit may be a genetic predisposition as well as peculiarities of vascular tissue at the genetic level.

Such a tumor is growing only in one place, the surrounding tissue remains intact. This is a big plus for its removal. However, even after the full course of treatment education may reappear in the same place or in another area.


The symptoms will depend on what organ is the pathological process. For example, if it’s buds, that the first thing will be the complaints of patient is pain in the lower back and lower abdomen.

Often, the urine of blood appears, and this can only be determined in the study, but if the bleeding is severe, it will be evident to the naked eye. If the tumor grows very quickly and reaches a large size, there are complaints of persistently elevated blood pressure. And the doctor can easily test a hotbed of hands during palpation. Particularly affected the General condition for two-sided formations that can have different sizes and asymmetric location. The disease is relatively favorable.

Much more aggressive angiolipoma will take place at the location in the center of the spine. And destroyed not only the vessel, but the bone tissue of the vertebral column. A particularly strong pain during movement, such as walking, sitting, physical exertion. A serious complication of this location vascular neoplasms should be considered fractures, which can happen repeatedly and lead to paresis, paralysis and other serious consequences.

The third common location is the liver. Here the disease is almost asymptomatic, and only in the most severe cases may be complaints of nausea, vomiting, indigestion, pain on the right side.


If you suspect this pathology should undergo the following studies:

  1. X-ray, it will help to quickly establish the location of the lesion and its growth.
  2. Ultrasound helps to study the tissue structure that is part of tumor.
  3. CT can greatly facilitate the diagnosis.
  4. The MRI will help, when there isn’t any accurate symptoms.
  5. Biopsy helps to differentiate malignancy from benign.

Only in this way can be set an accurate diagnosis and treated properly.


The choice of treatment will depend on what the size of the tumor and its histological structure. For example, if the size does not exceed 4 cm, then the main treatment is only monitoring the General condition.

To do this every 6 months x-rayed. This is due to the fact that angiolipoma grows very slowly and never goes malignant and has metastasized.

Surgical treatment is aimed at excision of the tumor, and the body often remains intact. The surgery is performed laparoscopic method with minimal incisions. Emergency indication for surgical intervention is bleeding, which is caused by the increase in size of the pathological focus.

If the tumor is inoperable, is conservative therapy, but to get rid of the tumor itself does not work, so you can only get rid of certain symptoms. Chemotherapy for this form is not used.

Forecast mostly favorable, especially if the tumor had been timely diagnosed and removed. Nearby organs in most cases do not suffer.

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