Prevention as the best method of prevention of diseases of the back

Disease back can be considered one of the most difficult to cure and uncomfortable in everyday life. Arthritis, scoliosis, sciatica, osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia – all these diseases are accompanied by severe pain, affect posture, do not allow you to enjoy a fulfilling and active life.

Unfortunately, in recent decades, diseases of the spine are increasingly common even in young people. The reason is primarily sedentary lifestyle, which is hard all the time to keep your back in correct position.

Treatment of the back is always difficult and expensive dealing with a non-guaranteed result – so it is best from a young age to exercise good prevention.

What is prevention?

If the condition of Your back does not cause You problems, and You want to the health of the spine was preserved as long as possible, you need to take care of several aspects.


  • As you move more and help the spine to remain in an anatomically correct position. Suitable daily walks at least for half an hour morning exercise, especially helpful would be swimming.
  • Pay attention to a balanced diet. Keep all seasons in Your food has enough minerals and vitamins – especially important to control the level of calcium, this element is responsible for strong bones.
  • Take care of a comfortable position back not only in the waking state but during sleep. To the emergence of problems often leads sleep to a poorly-chosen bed – if Your bed is too soft, the mattress was long selling has caved in, muscles and joints aching, back trouble is not long to wait.

What should be the perfect mattress?

Despite the fact that most people takes liking to soft, as if covering the entire body of the mattress, the doctors agree on one thing – to sleep on such surfaces harmful. For optimal night’s rest remain the mattresses of medium hardness – they do not bring discomfort, but support the spine in a smooth condition.

A good selection of mattresses available in the online store 1001matras. After reviewing the catalog, you can easily ensure that the search for a mattress of medium hardness do not represent special problems.

Back support can be performed by spring and springless models of mattresses, you can find both expensive and budget options. You can even replace the surface entirely, and be confined to a thin extra mattress to regulate stiffness.

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