Right-sided scoliosis

Any distortion of the human spine in the frontal axis have different direction, whether to the left or right. There is also a left lumbar and right lumbar scoliosis. But this article will describe the right-sided scoliosis.

Right-sided thoracic scoliosis and its types

The disease is often in the chest. Mostly right-sided scoliosis exposed children and adolescents, especially girls. Often S-shaped scoliosis. These reasons are:

  • The wrong landing at a Desk during the execution of school lessons.
  • Very fast growth with weak formation of the muscular corset.
  • Disorder of the hormonal system when maturation occurs.
The symptoms of right-sided scoliosis of various stages
  1. Right-sided scoliosis of the thoracic spine 1 degree – not heavy stage. It has an angle not less than 10⁰. Localization of the primary arc of distortion with th1 t. Scoliosis of 1 degree is not very noticeable and its presence is justified by the small elevation of the right shoulder and scapula.
  2. Right-sided scoliosis of 2 degrees – phase medium, with an angle of from 10 to 25⁰. Specifically expressed right-sided asymmetry in the human spine, shoulder line, shoulder blades and pelvis. Thoracic scoliosis of 2 degrees is not very evident, if the person is wearing. And relatives of the child could not notice any deviation. The deformation occurs in the form of the letter S.
  3. The third heavy phase, the angle of which can be up to 50⁰. This stage can be seen by the naked eye. Scapula and the ribs really stick out if you lean forward, the chest is backwards, there are various respiratory problems, quite often cold. Also at this stage of the scoliosis begins shortness of breath and is a violation of the heart rhythm.
  4. Fourth – quite serious (critical) angle is 50⁰ more. It is characterized by the formation of large shoulder rib humps in the right part of the back, the appearance of cavities in the breast, appearance of the apparent distortion of the pelvis and a noticeable asymmetry of the hands and feet. Also, this stage causes various dysfunctions of organs, such as problems with the digestive system, kidney, genital organs, urinary bladder.

Patients with 4 degree of disease there is a rapid weight loss. And they suffer constant pain and tired rather quickly. Any degree of disease should not be ignored as it involves a threat to your body provided progression. It can contribute to quite significant disorders and diseases. The main thing to remember, the sooner you start the treatment of this disease, so it will be more likely to cope with the disease, which can affect the organs.

Thoracolumbar scoliosis and its origin

Doctors there are two varieties of scoliosis is acquired and inborn. Born to scoliosis include congenital spine education and neoprobirovannye lumbosacral, it manifests itself already in the first years of a child’s life. If we talk about idiopathic (acquired), doctors still can’t come to the same assumption. Spinal diagnostics helped to identify the presence of chemical and morphological transformations. But the reason to install and failed.

Why develop thoracolumbar scoliosis

Still doctors don’t understand the reason for the formation of this disease in children and adolescents. There is an assumption that at their age, vertebral changes, have a connection with a weakened musculoskeletal structure during fast growth.

In infrequent cases, right-sided thoracolumbar scoliosis can be caused by inborn abnormalities of the bones and ligaments of the division of the vertebra.

Possible violations:

  • there may be fusion of the adjacent vertebrae;
  • the presence of the child has extra vertebrae;
  • the accretion of the rib;
  • the wrong development of some of the vertebrae;
  • improper formation of the lumbosacral.

There is often thoracic scoliosis of 1 degree (th1) which is formed in the thoracic spine, but can also be located at other points. With 2 degrees of thoracic scoliosis, a deviation from the norm is considered to be identified in advance, but to understand the cause quite difficult. Only in this situation, the scoliosis can be called acquired. The course of treatment, the doctor will choose personally by the patient, and it will be based on the stage of the disease and its development.

Thoracic scoliosis on the right side of the back can be found more frequently than in other departments. You need to remember that if not be subjected to curing scoliosis, the symptoms will quickly increase.

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How to heal a right-hand scoliosis

Is just one quite effective way to cure this disease is physiotherapy. This is some exercise in right hand scoliosis, which aims to straighten posture, decrease progressive scoliosis. But in addition to the direct effect, exercise therapy and has a strengthening effect on the entire human body. During the exercise with right-thoracic scoliosis is to strengthen immunity, improve circulation, and exercise all the muscles.

Keep in mind that a set of exercises with right-hand scoliosis can be extremely specialists who have the education and experience. Otherwise, no result from exercise and can only exacerbate the situation. Therefore, you cannot do these exercises without a specialist.

These exercises are based on individual studies, depending on the degree of scoliosis.

Right-sided scoliosis of 1 degree implies some methods of elimination:

  • Gymnastics with right-hand scoliosis.
  • Massage and manual therapy.
  • Treatment with physical therapy.
  • Passive correction.

Right-sided scoliosis of the lumbar and thoracic 1 and 2 stage – indication for manual therapy and massage. At other stages of the result of the massage will be. It helps to promote blood circulation of the back and strengthen the soft tissue. The massage contributes to relaxation of muscles.

Treatment physical therapy

The treatment of the disease physiotherapy is characterized as auxiliary. It will help to improve the condition of the tissues around the spine, it will contribute to a favorable effect on the biomechanics of the skeleton. Normalization of muscle tone, aktiviziruyutsya circulation. Before assigning a course of treatment with physical therapy, the doctor must take into account the patient’s condition, not to risk his health.

What is diffuse protrusion

It ottopyrivanie nucleus pulposus without collapse of the annulus fibrosus (the peripheral part of the disk) on the length of certain segments of the vertebra. This disease is often compared with osteochondrosis of the spine. Is actually the dysfunction of nutrition and a rich reduction of blood circulation.

Joint types of right-sided scoliosis

Scoliosis in the right side rarely engages exclusively the spine, often found mixed types:

  • cervical-thoracic;
  • thoracic-lumbar;
  • lumbar-sacral.

The first type of scoliosis is considered as the most dangerous, because it can appear cervical scoliosis. To do this, use a straightening of the lordosis. The second type of scoliosis becomes evident only if the patient has stage 3 and has the form of the letter S. the Latter species is considered to be quite infrequent, as is shown only at 4 stages of scoliosis.

Thus, we can conclude that the disease is very common among children and adolescents. It is located mostly in the thoracic spine. Of course it is not necessary to treat scoliosis of the house, you should always consult your doctor, as you can only aggravate the situation. Carefully monitor the child’s body, even if scoliosis is present, the stage 1 cure much easier.

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