Exercises with protrusion of the lumbar

Exercises with protrusion of the lumbar relieve pain, help prevent complications and improve the quality of life in General. Physical activity will help to strengthen the back muscles and keep the spinal discs.

Protrusion – a phenomenon that occurs when running osteoarthritis when the intervertebral disc bulges of 1-5 mm beyond the spine without breaking the fibrous ring.

The pain is intermittent, it occurs from time to time and depends on the position of the body. If you do not take urgent measures, the protrusion can develop into a hernia.

Most often there is protrusion in the lumbar spine, because this part of the back more susceptible to various kinds of loads.

Among the causes of protrusion:

  • low back pain and curvature of the spine;
  • bad posture and weak back muscles;
  • a complete lack or excess of physical activity;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • improper lifting;
  • adulthood and old age.

Protrusion manifested not only by pain in the lumbar region. Among the unpleasant signs of the disease:

  • numbness and lumbago in the lower limbs;
  • limited movement in the lower parts of the back;
  • weakened leg muscles.

The disease is often confused with sciatica, but early diagnosis is important because. If in the loins, occasionally there feeling described above, it is an occasion to address to the doctor-neurologist and an MRI of the spine.

Pain, caused by irritation of the nerve root will help to remove special physical exercises.

Developed a number of health recommendations regarding physical culture, aimed at strengthening back muscles and the preservation of the intervertebral discs.

Experts recommend:

  • walks in the fresh air;
  • easy fitness (Pilates, fitball, stretching);
  • yoga;
  • swimming;
  • run;
  • easy sliding skiing;
  • vis on the bar.
Indications for carrying

Exercises with protrusion indicated for mild or moderate pain, as well as in cases where the limited mobility of this Department. Gymnastics is recommended for implementation as a prevention of hernias and other complications. It is important to understand that physical exercise, along with medication, massage and proper nutrition, are included in the complex of therapeutic measures to combat this disease. By itself, the gym will not give the expected result if you ignore other assignments.

Remember that self-diagnose a protrusion is not possible, which means that no medical examinations and medical appointments can begin to do gymnastics is not necessary.


The main rule – if, during exercise there is pain, should immediately stop!

Among other contraindications:

  • any illness;
  • increased body temperature;
  • high blood pressure;
  • migraine;
  • infectious diseases;
  • mental illness.

With protrusion of the lumbar expressly prohibited the following activities and sports:

  • jumping;
  • bodybuilding;
  • weightlifting;
  • marathon walk;
  • volleyball;
  • basketball;
  • football.
The effectiveness of the exercises

Along with drug therapy, the serious importance of physical therapy exercises that could be performed not only in rehabilitation centres and gyms, but also at home. Therapeutic exercises can not only relieve the patient’s condition, but also helps to stretch the spine and straighten the intervertebral discs. The set of exercises will help to improve the body of the patient, improve blood circulation and nutrition of the internal organs in the lumbar spine, normalizes metabolic processes, as well as strengthen a muscular corset.

You should pay attention to the fact that the immediate effect of such training should not wait. Important here is the regularity. With regular performance of a complex exercise health, and hence quality of life will improve significantly.

Gymnastics center

Exercises with protrusion are part of the necessary complex medical procedures. The main objective of these exercises is stretching of the spine. It is important to carry out exercises daily. Run time charge at the initial stage is not more than 20 minutes, gradually the load can be increased. Usually, the doctor recommends patients one or another set of exercises, given the location of the protrusion and the stage of disease, age and physical fitness of the patient. So before you start training, you need to visit your doctor.

Often a doctor prescribes a gymnastics complex, described below.

  1. Walking on all fours – the most basic exercise that will help the spine to return to proper position on their own. For this you need to walk around the room 3-5 minutes, leaning on his knees and palms.
  2. The obstacle is the complicated variation of the previous exercise. Crawling on all fours from time to time to bend under an imaginary barrier.
  3. Boat – lie on your stomach and simultaneously pulled up stretched arms and legs. Cracking to stand still for 30 seconds, and then relax while lying on her stomach. Repeat 5 times, gradually increasing the depth of the trough.
  4. Lazy press. Lie on your back on a flat surface. Straighten your legs, arms stretched along the body. The maximum strain the muscles of the abdomen on the inhale, hold this position for a few seconds, and then exhale to relax. Repeat 15-50 times.
  5. Scissors – lying on your back, raise your legs up at a right angle. Smooth legs dissolve in hand and cross, imitating the movement of scissors. Repeat 15-20 times.
  6. Arc – lie on your back, hands at his sides. In this position, raise the pelvis up, forming an arc. In this case the heels and shoulders should remain on the floor. The maximum point of ascent to linger for a few seconds and then return to the starting position. Repeat 15-20 times.
  7. Bridge – lie on back, legs bent at the knees. To raise up the pelvis, shoulders and feet remain pressed to the floor. Repeat 15-20 times.
  8. Rejection – lie on your back, bend knee of right leg and pull it as close as possible to the stomach. With his left hand trying to push away the leg, the same leg must be held in place. To change feet. To do 5 sets for each leg.
  9. To stand in the knee-elbow position. Raise right arm and left leg, pulling them parallel to the floor. Count to 5, take the starting position and repeat with the other arm and leg. Execute for 6 times on each side.

If the patient visits the pool, swims or goes to aerobics, then in these days the usual gymnastics center can not perform. Swimming is useful for protrusions, as the water load on the lower back is minimal, the intervertebral discs are not strained. Stretching of the spine in the water is easier. If possible, it is advisable to swim at least once a week.

Other examples of physical exercises

Hyperextension (hyperextension) is one of the most useful of all exercises for the back. It not only strengthens the back muscles but also tightens the abdominal muscles. However, this is a challenging exercise, it is very important to comply with all the conditions of its implementation. And to learn how to do the hyperextension is best under the guidance of coach in the sports hall.

With protrusion of the spine is especially important to avoid errors in performing this exercise.

Common errors are:

  • too deep lower back, the slope should not exceed 60%;
  • too strong deflection during the return to initial position: in this case, the main burden falls on the shoulder girdle, and therefore do not produce the desired effect;
  • “pendulum motion” of the case is invalid because they can worsen the condition of the spine, it is important to raise and lower it in a vertical position;
  • the deflections at the knees, the legs should be straight;
  • incorrect fixation of hand, better to just cross them on the chest;
  • when the protrusions do not need to use weights.

With protrusion of lumbar it is important to choose the right gymnastics equipment. In gyms and physical therapy centers at the clinics always have a special training and boards. They can be purchased for home use, if you have the financial situation and the area.

Instead of this simulator it is possible to use a fitball. It’s a big gym ball to lean on the hips during the execution of hyperextension. In order to fix the legs, you can use the means at hand: furniture, radiator. Or ask for help to the household.

From this position, you need to make neat bends down, and then return back up so that she was parallel to the floor. With fitball, you can perform many other useful exercises. It can lie down like on the belly or on the back, put his foot on it or sit down.

Yoga is one of the most safe and therefore popular types of gymnastics for the treatment of the protrusion. Yoga strengthens the muscles, restores mobility of the spine and safely stretch it, stimulates metabolism and, of course, eliminates the pain and discomfort in the lower back.

Examples of yoga exercises and shown with the protrusion.

  • Snake is lying on his stomach tear shoulders and chest from the floor with a support on hands, slowly bending at the waist. Pain should not occur.
  • Cat – to get up on all fours round the back, while pulling your chin to your chest and then bend at the waist, pressing her head to the back.
Basic principles of execution

The load should be localized to the problem area. Classes will be effective only with the regular full training. The best result can be achieved if you do the main principles:

  1. The first trial classes for purity of experiment it is important to do without taking pain medications.
  2. Any pain from exercise shouldn’t be. Discomfort, severe fatigue is also eliminated.
  3. To do not earlier than two hours after a meal.
  4. Before class it is advisable to take a warm bath.
  5. A gradual increase in load.
  6. During charging to monitor the breath: it should stay calm.
  7. To drink during exercise is not recommended.
  8. Invalid or sudden movements.
  9. Exercise is better in a ventilated area.
  10. Immediate effect can be expected. Also no need to set goals along with the restoration of the spine and still lose weight or pump up the press.


Because these exercises are recommended for people with protrusions, it is important to follow the safety rules of their work:

  1. All the exercises should be easy. Voltage should not be, or may suffer vertebral discs, which are regenerated at this moment.
  2. In the early stages need a motion to do smoothly and accurately. Starting from the second week, you can gradually increase the amount of exercise.
  3. If the movement causes pain, it should stop and then tell the doctor about this. Perhaps the disease moved to another stage and needs to be treated differently. Maybe need more tests.
  4. During exacerbations of gymnastics do not, and the treatment is carried out. Then start with exercises from a prone position. Well, if in this period, for performing the set of exercises will be watching the coach.
  5. For classes to pick up a spacious, moisture-wicking clothes. The loins should be covered.
  6. Exercises can be divided into several parts. Do not just try to do the whole thing with the maximum number of repetitions.
  7. After gymnastics does not need to rise sharply. It is better to lie in a relaxed state for a few minutes.

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