Easy way to a healthy spine simulators Bubnovsky

The basis of free movement is your healthy spine. The modern rhythm of life leads to the fact that patients with back problems becoming younger and younger. Everyone who values his independence and self-sufficiency, is simply obliged to monitor the condition of the joints. And even if there is disease, nepozdno to act. After all, a healthy spine 2 weeks is not a myth but a reality.

That destroys the spine?

Virtually the entire body weight falls on the spine. It provides a upright posture and have to pay for it. The job of the spine is based not only on the vertebrae. The system includes ligaments, muscles and intervertebral discs.

Any deviation in the normal operation of these structures affects the spine.

Abnormalities in the muscles

The most banal and frequent disorder in the body starts from a sedentary lifestyle. Or when a day is necessary to maintain an uncomfortable position. For example, surgeons bow my head over the patient for hours, seamstresses do the work with one hand, drivers etc.

In the result, the muscles start to become inflamed.

  1. First, there is an accumulation in the muscle nicotinic acid. It is released during stress, and its accumulation causes pain.
  2. Constant tension does not allow the muscle to relax and blood cannot access it to do.
  3. Muscle does not receive proper nutrition and starts to atrophy.
  4. As a result, the load, which took a muscle moves on the spine. It turns out that more pressure on the intervertebral discs, and begin to develop pathological processes.
Diseases of the intervertebral discs

Most often provokes vertebral disk hernia. Bulging into the lumen of the spinal canal, disc, compressing the structures passing there (nerves, vessels). This is reflected not only on the condition of the spine and the possibility to move freely.

Compression of the nerve can lead to complete loss of sensitivity. A lack of blood supply to tissue necrosis. It is therefore essential to maintain the health of the spine.

The secret to flexibility and joint health

The only cure for pain is movement. All the secrets of healthy joints and spine are exercises. If you have already suffered the disease and try to heal my body, then rehabilitation needs to be picked up by a doctor. This is done in order to prevent excessive workload and new challenges.Otherwise, it is possible to choose the exercises yourself.

The spine provides the person’s ability of movement and should be remembered for his role in life. To keep this ability forever, it is necessary to unsophisticated prevention.

The most popular and effective course was developed by the Dr. Bubnovsky, rehabilitation of the spine and joints for it’s entire life.

Method Bubnovsky

The secrets of health of the joints and spine has been solved Bubnovsky.

He developed a program of exercises, which everyone can return to a healthy spine 2 weeks. All you need is the simulator Bubnovsky, properly configured it and load the course.

Using a simulator for the spine, a healthy back will become a reality.

It helps to rehabilitate after:

  • operations on the spine;
  • operations on replacement of joints;
  • injuries of the spine.

Accelerates the treatment of diseases such as:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • hernia of the spine;
  • curvature of the spine;
  • inflammation of the shoulder joints.

In General, rehabilitation of the spine and joints Bubnovsky considered from all sides and with the simulator it is possible to get rid of any ailment.

In addition, the classes metabolism, improve blood circulation, which positively affects the General condition.

The types of simulators

A healthy spine 2 weeks in any case, in addition to the difficult recovery after surgery. Performing exercises 30 minutes a day, you’ll be able to restore the center of the whole body. You can choose a machine with a single prop (MTB-1) or two supports (MBT-2), which is also in the set is a bench.

One stand will allow you to perform exercises like dragging a load with two hands. Two supports allow to perform the exercises with each hand, like with dumbbells. This small complex of houses will replace a sports centre.

The rules of the classroom

To actually a healthy spine 2 weeks could make you happy, you should follow a few rules. First, do not rush to a whirlpool with a head. Be persistent in your cause, but calm. Load should grow evenly.

Secondly, start training with warm-up. That is, stretch your legs, let the muscles to warm up. Otherwise, you risk them pulling out. And in the end, you must perform stretching exercises. Multifunctional simulator allows to stretch with it.

Thirdly, add to your diet more fresh fruits, because the health of the spine depends on the receipt of vitamins.

Fourth, the classes will be much more effective if you visit a center specializing in data problems. And the reward for effort will be your healthy spine.

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