Causes and treatment of backache in the leg

The cross foot is a symptom that appears when pinching or inflammation of the sciatic nerve. It is the largest nerve in the human body, which runs along the entire leg, so the symptoms can appear in the thigh and the Shin.

The main symptom – carved sudden pain of strong intensity, which can appear at any time.

Why do I get

The main reason for the sciatica. It is not a disease but a set of symptoms, in which the main pain is along the nerve. Moreover, the compression of the nerve can be near the spine that is caused by osteochondrosis or leg on its course. Since sciatica can have different causes, and manifestations of it can vary significantly.

The second reason is sciatica. Again, it manifests itself by severe pain, and is the result of inflammatory processes in the lumbar region. They may appear after exposure to cold, heavy physical work, the presence of osteoarthritis or osteoporosis.

The third reason is trauma. It’s not just bruises, and fractures in which the bone injure the nerve.

Also, the risk factors should include tumors, both malignant and benign. They can squeeze the nerve fiber anywhere its passage, and that will cause the symptoms, which will be outlined below.


The main manifestation is pain. And it can be felt throughout the leg. The main complaints of the patient on the inability to move normally or move his leg. It is maintained as long as the pain does not go away fully.

Sometimes pain syndrome with numbness, symptoms of neuralgia, which manifests as acute pain radiating along the nerve fibers, as well as violation of the sensitivity, it is difficult not to notice. With these complaints most of the patients comes to the doctor.

Often the cause of shot in the foot becomes pregnant. This occurs due to heavy and constant load on the back. This occurs most often in the last two or three months before the birth of the child.

But suffer this problem, not only adults and pregnant women. Sometimes this pathology is diagnosed in children, although very rarely. The main complaints should take the pain in the leg or in the foot, which appears even at minimum load.

There is usually on one side. It is very important to consult a doctor as early as possible. Only with proper and timely treatment can avoid many unpleasant consequences. At an advanced stage to commit any foot traffic will be difficult. This will begin the atrophy of muscle tissue, and this leads to disability as the function of the sciatic nerve will be completely broken and fix it at a later stage is impossible.


It is very important to find out the cause of the disease. This can be done only after conducting some diagnostic procedures. It should be remembered that x-ray is absolutely powerless, as it can only show the integrity of bone tissue.

The nerves are best seen on MRI scan. Namely they are encouraged to do in the first place. Also on this picture you can understand why, especially if it’s osteoarthritis or some other diseases of the spine.

The direction of the study can be obtained by a neurologist. Also, this specialist will conduct and treatment.

How to get rid of

The causes of lumbago and leg symptoms require treatment. And the sooner it start the better for the patient. First is the physical therapy and massage, but only if there is an inflammatory process. Applied acupuncture and visiting a chiropractor.

If there is inflammation, then it is recommended to take the drug from the group of NSAIDs. To choose the best drug to help the doctor, but self-medication can be harmful, because these drugs have many contraindications and side effects.

However, these drugs can not eliminate the root cause of the disease, which often is low back pain. They only help to relieve the symptoms.

The doctor prescribes b vitamins, which play an important role in the proper passage of nerve impulse along the nerve tissue, medications that help improve blood circulation, and vitamin-mineral complexes.

In the acute phase it is recommended to stay in bed. When removing the aggravation of need to do physical therapy, swimming, and control the physical load on the legs.

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