The causes and characteristic symptoms of pain in the chest osteochondrosis

Unfortunately, such diseases as osteochondrosis, are not uncommon. It is worth noting that the signs can be very diverse and is able to regularly progress, passing into the chronic stage.

It is easy to confuse the disease with hypertension, migraine, diseases of the nervous system.

I would like to say that the suffering and heart. When there is a symptom like pain in the sternum, it is necessary to conduct a differential diagnosis to identify the disease.

What is the danger of pain in the sternum?

In osteochondrosis, the pain in the sternum may indicate the occurrence and development of rheumatism, myocarditis, angina, infective endocarditis, infarction of the myocardium.

All these diseases lead to extremely negative consequences for the person. For example, myocardial infarction is often the result of angina. Cardiomyopathy increases the risk of sudden death.
As the pain in osteochondrosis and heart similar and can occur in one chest, it is necessary to determine its cause, to properly treat you.

I want to mention that this disease is heavier in the chest Department than in the sacral, lumbar or cervical.

Happens because the spine has a complex structure: the vertebrae are large, their bodies are wide but small in height. In addition, on a frequent manifestation of such diseases as osteochondrosis, small effect mobility in the thoracic spine.

Why is there chest pain?

Osteochondrosis leads to growths of bone tissue of the spine and decrease the height of intervertebral discs. The soreness occurs because of infringement of the nerve endings that are associated with the spinal cord.

The result is innervated by the organs of the thoracic, as well as the muscles located between the ribs. Often patients complain of stabbing, shooting, cutting pain of the thoracic, the nature of which depends on the degree of pinched nerves. Often, discomfort in Breasts occur during sneezing, coughing, and sudden movements.

The difference of the symptoms in cardiac diseases and osteochondrosis.

As mentioned above, to determine the osteochondrosis can only doctor. However, it is necessary to know some of the differences in pain of the breast, which can identify a specific disease. An example is angina. Her symptoms manifested in the following:

  1. When degenerative disc disease causes pain in the heart, constricting, oppressive and aching. It is impossible to press to a breast a fist.
  2. The pain mostly occurs simultaneously with shortness of breath. The place of its localization is the chest from which it can move into the shoulder, neck, arm, shoulder.
  3. During rest pain of thoracic lasts less than twenty minutes.
  4. The manifestation of the symptom is observed when osteochondrose in the process psycho-emotional or physical stress. In addition, its appearance has nothing to do with body position.
Characteristic symptoms

The main causes of osteochondrosis are hypothermia, monotonic load, which is prolonged sedentary work. Painful sensations are manifested specifically in the sternum and heart.

In addition, they are able to progress with pressure on the chest, and also decrease after a workout or changing the position of the body.

Symptoms may manifest as coughing, sudden movements, laughter and calm. They usually spread along the intercostal muscles.

Validol and nitroglycerin will not be able to reduce the intensity of symptoms. Mostly they are combined with other signs:

  1. The occurrence of tingling in the hand and numbness.
  2. Pain in the heart, back, discomfort, thoracic and also at the elbow. In the latter case it is similar to the feeling during the injury, when you compare it with the shock.
  3. Osteochondrosis appear frequent migraines, increased blood pressure.

To cope with these symptoms by using painkillers and anti-inflammatories.

Features of the development of the disease

This pathology is the most insidious, although rare. Due to the anatomical structure of the thoracic spine rarely undergoes degeneration. It is protected by muscles, which is kind of a corset.

The twelve vertebrae are firmly connected to each other, limiting the excessive movement. Additionally, the stiffness of the rib. The main cause of pain of the thoracic in otsekohene is scoliosis.

As you know, it often develops in school age. This is due to the long, and most importantly, wrong seat at the Desk. The result is a curvature of the spine and scoliosis.

It is therefore very important to ensure that the workplace of the child in school and the house meets all the requirements. Also, the reason for which may be a disease are:

  1. Heredity. The probability that the degenerative disc disease occurs in those people that have a genetic predisposition to this disease.
  2. Poor diet and excess body weight. According to statistics, more prone to illness people.
  3. Excessive physical activity.
  4. A sedentary way of life. Often manifested low back pain in people whose work is associated with restriction of movement.
  5. Bad habits and psihoemotsyonalnoe. Have a negative impact on the body Smoking, and nervous overstrain that lead to pathology.
  6. Hypothermia and the age factor.
  7. Various injuries of the spine, including fractures and injuries of the thoracic. This is one of the most common causes of the disease.
  8. The volatility of the segments of the disks of the spine.
Laboratory and instrumental diagnostics

In order to distinguish breast osteochondrosis pain in the heart, you need to conduct some medicinskih research that will help to ensure the correct and effective treatment.

Apply the following techniques:

  1. ECG of the chest.
  2. Radiography of the spine, the chest, which is implemented in the respective departments.
  3. Functional tests.
  4. Holter monitoring of ECG and HELL.

As a rule, these methods of diagnosis when osteohondroze enough to make the correct diagnosis. Timely treatment with effective drugs action and helps stop the disease and return to the previous joint mobility.

However, don’t expect instant results. Treatment and recovery can take months, or even years. Osteochondrosis will have to perform certain exercises for the chest. They usually don’t take much time. Most importantly, the heart is not overloaded.

Osteochondrosis is sufficient to give exercise for the spine for about twenty minutes a day. But after a certain period of time will become immediately clear who did themselves and fought the disease, and who just gave up and resigned to it.

After all, without appropriate action from disease to get rid of impossible. By itself it will not disappear.

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