Five myths about the common cold. Truth and lies about infectious diseases

With the arrival of autumn, and then with the onset of winter, the number of colds in the middle lane increases, sometimes reaching values of the epidemic. Direct correlation of disease cases with a cold time of year causes a lot of erroneous judgments about the common cold.

However, the enemy must know in person, in order to effectively confront him. Consider the most common myths and facts about colds.

Myth 1. The cause of the common cold – cold weather.

It’s safe to say that the situation is exactly the opposite. The causative agents of any infectious respiratory disease – different viruses more than two hundred varieties. Like any other living organisms they multiply rapidly in warm humid environment and are passed from person to person by airborne droplets. For this reason, it is extremely difficult to pick up the pathogen cold in extreme cold, but in a warm crowded room – please!

If the cause of the common cold was cold, we wouldn’t be sick in the summer or while in hot countries. The time of epidemics of infectious disease really falls in the autumn and winter. But it happens, in particular, because in the cold season, the majority of people spends most of their time in areas where and gets infected. While hypothermia can cause the body stress, against which diseases develop faster.

Myth 2. To cold leads being in the cold without a hat and with a wet head

We have found that a cold is a common name viral infectious diseases, so the appearance of this problem for human health has nothing to do with being in the cold without a hat or with a wet head. Of course, it will not add points to your total health and well-being, but will not lead to infectious disease. Yes, General hypothermia, which can weaken the strength of the body and even affect the development of pneumonia, but not cold.

Myth 3. In the season of diseases it is possible to make a vaccine for colds

Vaccine against the flu does not happen. Any vaccine aimed at suppressing a particular virus, and we have found that colds are caused by over 200 different pathogens. For this reason, you can do a flu shot, but it will not guarantee that autumn and winter will have no infectious diseases.

In any case, before vaccination, consult a doctor. This procedure is indicated for people who are on duty communicate with others: doctors, teachers, representatives of public utilities, etc. it is Highly recommended that the vaccination of elderly people and those who have chronic diseases will escalate due to the possible exposure to influenza. It should be remembered that a few days after taking the vaccine, a person can feel fatigue, mild symptoms of a cold.

Myth 4. The flu is treated with antibiotics

A very dangerous delusion. The fact is that antibiotic-treated diseases, which cause disease causing bacteria and pathogens colds and flu are viruses. For this reason, uncontrolled reception of the medicines did not help you cope with the disease, but the immune system, liver, and gastrointestinal tract may be affected.

Any medication has to be prescribed by a doctor after diagnosis. Self-treatment can lead to more severe health consequences than the disease itself. Treatment for colds is appointed by the specialist depending on the type of virus, severity of symptoms and the individual patient.

Myth 5. With a cold you should drink hot tea and eat a lot

It is believed that for colds need to drink hot drinks and to eat. This is not so. Hot tea or any herbal infusion of even more hurt a sore throat, and then dry it, causing congestion, pain and cough. Drink, indeed, need a lot to remove viruses and their waste products from the body, but it is better to drink warm drinks. You can add in tea with honey and lemon. By the way, the beverage in the average temperature of any honey or lemon will not lose its medicinal properties. You can also use regular warm water, drinking at least two liters of fluid.

As for the food, here, too, everything is simple: during a cold need not place undue burden on the stomach, intestines, liver. This means that you need to refrain from fried, fatty, salty, sweet etc. Food should be as simple as possible, then you will help your own immune system. Eat a cold raw vegetables and fruits in small quantities, drink chicken soup, eat some bread. And don’t forget – from how you act during a cold depends on how quickly you will be able to get rid of it!

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