How to prevent neck pain?

Other causes of pain include cervical nerves, general weakening of the muscular skeleton, muscle clamps, and even obesity.

Neck pain can occur for various reasons. This can be a curvature of the spine, osteochondrosis, compression of the disc, when the gaps between the vertebrae are reduced. The cause of pain in the neck can be vascular problems, in this case the correct blood flow, brain nutrition are disturbed and insufficient oxygen supply may occur.

How to beat neck pain

The specifics of office work is often one of the causes of neck pain. Why this happens and how to avoid it, an orthopedic trauma specialist, doctor of the highest category, doctor of medical sciences Daher Ziad Rashid knows

Moreover, all of the above problems can be manifested not only by pain in the neck, but also by headache, dizziness, increased fatigue, hearing impairment, and pain in the hands. Due to the clamping of one of the muscles of the cervical-shoulder girdle, even shortness of breath and coughing may occur.

What to do?

You should not think that neck pain is a commonplace consequence of sitting in one place. It is advisable to visit a doctor, since for treatment it is important to consider not only the reasons, but also the patient’s age and gender. At the same time, any person who spends a lot of time at the computer needs to get up every two hours and do soft warm-up movements of 5-10 repetitions for each.

Spread your shoulders, raise your arms up and to the sides. Make circular movements with your neck. You need to twist as follows: to bend the chin to the chest, then smoothly turn the neck left and right. Then you need to straighten your neck a little up and straighten your shoulders. The main thing is to do the exercise very smoothly and without rushing. Such exercises must be performed regularly, then you will feel the effect.

If the room and furnishings permit, it is highly recommended that you lie down for ten minutes every two to three hours and simply lie down. It relaxes muscles and is very beneficial, even if you do not feel tired and think that you do not need rest.

In addition to such exercises, you need to exercise regularly. Physical activity strengthens the entire muscle frame, including the cervical spine. And since the head on average has a weight of 11–13% of body weight, accordingly, the neck and shoulder muscles must be healthy.

With a number of diseases of the cervical spine, including osteochondrosis, one of the effective means is an orthopedic collar. It allows you to temporarily relieve the cervical spine. Despite the rough appearance, with proper selection, it relieves pain symptoms well. You need to wear it for two to three hours and only as directed by a doctor.

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