How to relax if you do not have a vacation

Take a hot bath, slowly stretch, take a walk in the fresh air in the park. At the weekend, go to an open yoga class, perhaps even in the fresh air, and instead of hard training in the gym, ride a bike.

Relax your head

Usually it is more complicated than the first point, but it is also possible even in a noisy city: at lunchtime, have a snack on the street in the shade of trees, without thinking about working issues. On the way home, enjoy the sun and summer warmth. If you’re very stressed, turn on the meditation app on your headphones: Insight Timer, Stop or Breathe & Think will help restore balance. Brew herbal tea at home, have a snack with berries and read your favorite book.

Turn on Do Not Disturb

We all know the benefits of this mode on a smartphone, but we use it infrequently. A summer weekend is the best time to enjoy offline. There are so many interesting events happening around, do not waste time on the Internet – take a walk, chat with friends, play in the parks on the grass and be closer to nature.

Understand everyday tasks

It happens that in our diary accumulate things that are already irrelevant or that we just changed our minds to do. Cross them out and do only what pleases you.

Shorten to-do list

If your to-do list is unnerving, it’s time to redefine your priorities and become more flexible. Ask yourself, “Do I really need to do this?”

Make a pleasure list

In summer it is especially pleasant to do this: try all the berries, get enough sleep, arrange a corner of silence at home, walk all night, hug your beloved people, read new books. When, if not in the summer?

Meditate while walking

The best way to meditate is to turn on any of hundreds of meditation tracks in the Insight Timer app and immerse yourself in calmness while walking around the city.

Get creative

For this, everything related to art is suitable – whether it is painting the walls on the balcony, a lesson in oil painting or meditative zen art drawing (drawing technique; graphic drawing consisting of drawn lines) from video tutorials. Studies have shown that creativity and painting are some of the most effective stress relievers.


About a new project, about travel, about how to spend the next weekend. Think of children’s dreams: perhaps it is time to put them into practice?

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