Electronic posture corrector “Posture Master” your personal trainer

Incorrect posture, a common problem, especially among women who spend a lot of time at the computer. It can cause curvature of the spine, and it is not only extremely unattractive, but also dangerous. But today to correct posture just. And will this electronic corrector “Master of posture”.

What is this device?

“Master of posture” is an innovative and modern device for posture correction. The kit includes directly to the proofreader, a spare battery, ejector, used for replacing batteries, the clip for attaching to underwear, 42 stickers for fixing on the skin and detailed instructions. Presents two models of the corrector: for women and children.

The operation of the electronic corrector “Master of posture” is quite simple. This device will maintain the correct position of your back and fire in that case, if the posture has changed. It is built-in accelerometer determines the angle of your back. And if the posture is incorrect, it triggered the sensor that vibrates and reminds you that it is time to straighten his back.

How to use “Master of posture”?

To use the “Master posture” is very simple:

  1. First you need to fix corrector on the body. You need to mount it about level with the clavicle, either directly to the skin or underwear. Women preferred to fix the Adjuster on the strap of your bra. If you did everything correctly, the arrow on the device will be directed upwards, and you will hear a short vibration.
  2. Now adopt the correct seated position, back straight, and set your device to correct posture, pressing the button. It will remember the position and will fire if you slouch for more than 60 seconds. But the pose must be not only correct, but also comfortable, so if you’re used to slouch, but don’t try to just straighten the back to the max, go to the goal gradually.
  3. Next, start to lead a normal lifestyle. The device will work, and if you change the position back, you will feel the vibration.
  4. To turn off the corrector, you can hold the button down for 5 seconds, or simply put your device flat side on a flat horizontal surface (in this case, it will turn off automatically).
  5. If you want to pause, then press the button for five seconds. To resume operation, simply re-secure the position and click once.
  6. If you have changed the location of the gadget on the underwear or on the body, then program it again.

To correct posture it is possible for a month of regular exercise, is proven!


  1. In the first two days use concealer for 3 hours a day.
  2. In the next 3 days wearing “Master of posture” for 4 hours.
  3. Each following day increase the application time to the hour and bring him up to eight hours.
  4. Continue the application until the 21st day of the course correction, and on the 22nd discard the device, but don’t forget to follow the bearing. It will be much easier, you’ll see!
  5. On the 23rd day once again put on concealer and wear it 8 hours.
  6. In the next two days about the device forget.
  7. On the 26th day of training again fix concealer and use it 8 hours.
  8. Spend two days without a “Master of posture”.
  9. The last two days use concealer for 8 hours.
  10. Evaluate your posture. For sure your back is perfectly straight, and you will become more attractive and confident!
Are there any contraindications?

Contraindications to the use of a corrector not. “Master of posture” is completely safe, because made from quality materials. It is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and existing illnesses, including chronic. The device has passed numerous tests, and no side effects have been identified. Allergic reactions also do not occur.

Possible problems

During use you may experience the following difficulties:

  • The device starts vibrating, even if the back is almost straight. This may indicate that enshrined as the exemplary situation uncomfortable for you, try to change it. Also vibration can be a consequence of incorrect fixing of the housing on the underwear or skin (it needs to fit the body tightly).
  • The device does not work. Most likely, the battery. Produce its replacement.
  • By clicking on the button concealer vibrates, not once, but twice. Perhaps you long press the button, or it’ll detect a device (for example, your body is horizontal or under a strong inclination).
  • Too frequent vibration. Try changing the reference position more comfortable for you.
Where to buy?

Buy buy electronic posture corrector will not work. But it can easily be purchased on the official website.

Enough to issue the order, leaving their contact details, and in the near future the device will be delivered by courier to the specified address. Payment is due upon receipt, and it is very convenient. Delivery across Russia – free of charge!

No matter where you live in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Perm and Tyumen. Delivery to all regions of the Russian Federation – for free!


Price of the device is 3000 rubles.


The lucky ones had time to try the effect of “Master of posture” on himself, noticed obvious positive results and was completely satisfied. To use device is convenient and simple, it’s subtle, so you can adjust your posture on weekdays during work and weekend pleasure.

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“Master of posture” in the media

Electronic corrector for a short period of time has become so popular that the media is not left behind. Mention of this simple and ingenious gadget can be found in popular TV shows, coming on the known channels and printed sources:


“Master of posture” has a lot of advantages:

  • The convenience and ease of use. The case is so small that it will remain invisible to you and all others, and for women it is important.
  • Efficiency. Now you will always remember good posture!
  • Guarantee. If the corrector fails within a year after purchase, the manufacturer will give you a new one.
  • No side effects and contraindications.
  • Efficiency. In just 1 month you to fix your posture.

Order now and start your correction posture!

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