Protection for the spine anatomical armchair COBRA

Osteochondrosis, scoliosis, intervertebral hernia, thrombosis, sciatica… Who among us has not heard of such diseases of the back? Almost everyone knows about them firsthand. Unfortunately, these diseases increasingly affect people younger than 45 years.

Who says they are in first place in this age group. How to make so that this attack bypassed? Move more, exercise and, most importantly, you need the right chair! Because when sitting, the spine experiences the maximum load. So, we need to help him, to support, because sometimes we spend at your Desk up to 10 hours!

What should be the correct chair? In the first place – anatomically correct, what would our back was always in the right position and wasn’t tired. And then come to the aid of the anatomical chair. For example, the anatomical seat from COBRA company Hara Chair.

At first glance, the impression that it was sawed in half, and then halves again combined. True, the seat and backrest anatomical seats Cobra consists of two, independent from each other parts. Looks strange. But once you sit on it, just feel that it adapts to the individual structure of your body.

Backrest anatomical seats Cobra wraps around your back sitting like soft semi-corset and holds it in an upright position without additional muscular cost to the user. You can work several hours without getting up, keeping your back perfectly straight, and do not experience muscle discomfort. When you want to relax, you can turn the swing mechanism, adjusting it under his weight. The maximum dynamic load that it can withstand is 120 kg. So that any user can relax while sitting at your Desk, at home and in the office.

The maximum angle of deviation of 35 grams. from the vertical. It is very comfortable. What would the trunk when it is not slid down the edge of the seat is lifted at 8 g. This is enough to keep the body in place, and the feet were off the floor. If necessary, the backrest can be rigidly locked in any position of inclination.

Seat. Each half is mounted on a spring mechanism. And when you sit down, gently bend in the middle. Thus, the double seat Cobra supports the pelvic bone from the bottom and sides, keeping them anatomically correct position. This is an excellent prevention of such unpleasant diseases as hemorrhoids, prostatitis, prolapse of pelvic organs, etc. caused by long sitting. Independent halves adjust to any sitting position: you can put one leg over the other, to lean on one arm – pressure on the pelvis will not increase.

And a little bit of an adjustment to the anatomical Cobra seat: the seat can be adjusted in depth by means of a “slider”, height adjustable from 40 cm to 50 cm Half back can be done closer to or further away-from-each other, depending on the physique of the user. The armrests also can push or move and adjust the height.

In General, if your health and beauty important to you, anatomical seat from Cobra – your choice!

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