S-shaped scoliosis

S-shaped scoliosis is one of the varieties of diseases of the spine. If we consider the curvature in the lateral projection, it will be in the form of English letter S. it is Important to start treatment because this abnormality can lead to several other disorders in the body. But the path to full recovery will be difficult, better from childhood to carry out preventive actions.

Description and classification

The word “scoliosis” is of Greek origin and translates as “the curve”. Most often, it begins to develop in children from ten to fifteen years, and is especially dangerous in the pre-school age (4-7 years). Then there is the probability of the rapid development of this disease.

Scoliosis disrupts the musculoskeletal system, in addition to the curvatures of the entire post, even found a reversal of the vertebrae. The main reason for the occurrence of scoliosis is the presence of spins in the wrong position. Such deformation may cause malfunction of the internal organs, and it becomes visible.

In this disease are observed asymmetric changes that affect not only the spine but also the shoulder blade or ribs that protrude from one side more than the other.

There are different classifications of scoliosis, which can be affected by different factors.

The duration of development

Depending on when I started to develop scoliosis, it is divided into:

  • congenital, associated with improper formation of the spine before birth, this pathology is often combined with dislocations of the hip, clumsy feet, and also by disturbances of the organs of the pelvis;
  • for children, the development period from 0 to 10 years, the curvature at this age is a danger, because the spine is not complete, which can lead to irreversible pathological processes;
  • teenage is the most common form, the period of its development falls on the age range of 10-15 years, which is not the correct position of posture;
  • adult, appear very rarely, most likely, is a consequence of the lack of treatment, which was provided at an early age.
Depending on the origin

Scoliosis also klassificeret for reasons of its occurrence:

  • Muscle origin, appears in poorly developed muscles and ligaments that are unable to provide the correct shape of the spine. The reason for this change can be rickets.
  • Neurogenic origin, the scoliosis occurs when diseases such as polio and spastic paralysis.
  • A congenital form, the occurrence of improper bone development.
  • Due to disease of the chest that can develop after plastic surgery and burns.
  • Scoliosis, which occurred for unknown reasons.
Classification of the form

Depending on the forms of such diseases share five types:

  1. C-shaped scoliosis is most often in the thoracic spine.
  2. Z-shaped scoliosis, it can lead to cardiovascular disease, due to the rapid development and serious pathologies, the treatment is done through surgery.
  3. S-shaped scoliosis.

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Also scoliosis is divided into right and left.

Localization of the occurrence

The disease can affect different sections of the spinal cord:

  • simultaneous curvature in the neck and thoracic;
  • scoliosis interscapular area (thoracic);
  • change the shape of the lumbar spine;
  • thoracolumbar scoliosis.

Scoliosis is divided according to different criteria, but most often used classification of the degree of development of such disease.

The degree of development

For proper diagnosis and appointment of complex treatment, taking into account the degree of development of such disease of the spine:

  1. S-shaped scoliosis of 1 degree, the degree of curvature is equal to ten. This is the initial stage of development, the spine has only one scoliotic arc, and the second yet or it is not expressed. There is a small stoop. To detect the disease at this stage is very difficult, if it succeeds, it will be possible to avoid pathological changes, as well as entirely to cure him.
  2. S-shaped scoliosis of 2 degrees, the major arc is changed in the range from ten to twenty-five degrees. This stage is characterized by mild asymmetric changes in the area of the blades, one of them maybe a little to speak, especially in time of inclination. The curvature of the second arc is not evident clearly in the eye, because it’s still evolving.
  3. 3 degrees of scoliosis S-shaped form has two pronounced arcs. The first angle varies in the range of 25-50 degrees, and the second, after under active development, can reach twenty-five degrees. During the examination, the patient show a clear asymmetry of the thoracic. Very slouch, he develops rib hump.
    Deformation data changes will not go unnoticed for the body. The most affected organs the chest like the heart and lungs. Pulmonary blood flow is impaired, leading to failure of the cardiovascular system.
  4. If the first arc has an angle of over fifty degrees, S-shaped scoliosis moved to the 4th degree, and the second arc can be curved within a second or third stage. This form is most severe, because when the pathological changes, they can lead to disability, and multiorgan failure. It is very important to prevent further progression of the disease.
  5. Not rarely attending the doctor may prescribe surgery if the scoliosis has already entered into a serious stage. Then traditional methods (such as massage and physical therapy) are ineffective.


When there is a suspicion of scoliosis in the first place, should seek advice from the podiatrist. It will help to determine the presence of the disease, its degree, the localization and the direction of curvature (left or right handed scoliosis).

The doctor will be asked to undress to the waist, then align the back. In the absence of curvature, the spine will go on a flat line, not having any changes.

In the second method, the patient makes the tilt and tries to get his fingertips to the floor. The blades have a symmetrical position to each other.

Scoliosis of 2 degrees, and especially the third stage, during the examination, the following changes are visible:

  • one shoulder is lower than the other;
  • the presence of a spinal hump in one of the sections of the spinal column;
  • partial ceasing of edges, the appearance of gaps between them;
  • the displacement of a costal arch in the direction of the back;
  • the weakness of the muscle of the belt, especially in the abdominal area;
  • the location of blades at different levels and they become twisted;
  • asymmetrical vertebral fractures can lead to shortening of arms and legs.

This diagnosis does not always will be able to see minor changes. Therefore they are x-rays, the more effective will be the pictures from different angles. If necessary, the doctor prescribes a CT scan, or MRI are more effective. This examination will show whether the spine has changed its shape.

Comprehensive treatment

How to fix S-shaped scoliosis? A conservative method suitable only for the initial stages (first and second) of this disease. If diagnostics have identified a 3rd or 4th degree, no surgical intervention is necessary. Then standard approaches to treatment, there may be in the form of a Supplement.

The basis of conservative treatment is physiotherapy (physical therapy), with S-shaped scoliosis, she will give the best results. There is no standard set of exercises, but it is adjusted depending on the characteristics of the disease. Especially attention is drawn, in what direction has occurred curvature, i.e. scoliosis right or left hand.

To achieve a good result, prescribe the wearing of a special corset that has an orthopedic appointment. It is selected based on the individual parameters of the patient.

To strengthen the muscles, massage in a few courses, which has a special purpose for correction of the spine. Good results shows manual therapy.

In a comprehensive approach, not the least is swimming. Because the water is simultaneously relaxing and strengthening the muscular corset.

Today, medicine offers many methods of surgical correction of severe curvature of the spine. One of them is the insertion of metal plates. After this procedure, the patient should undergo a long rehabilitation period, which also will include physical therapy, massage, swimming.

Exercises for S-shaped scoliosis

Exercises for correction of such diseases will have a positive therapeutic effect, in the early stages of development.

You must perform simple physical complex:

  • The first type of exercises done lying on the stomach, arms and legs are straight. The priority should be to raise your right hand and left leg, and then change in a symmetrical manner. After picking, carried out fixation of the position for 10-20 seconds.
  • The position of the body as in first exercise, simultaneously raise their hands and feet, delayed this situation for five to ten seconds.
  • The third type of training is a slow pushups, to ease the burden, legs bent at the knees.
  • Lying on your back, bend your knees (better for something to catch), hands behind head. Trying to catch up to the knees in rotting the back arc.
  • Tilts the torso forward, to each leg and then bending back.

At the beginning of the course of study, is one approach 15 to 30 times, and then for best results, exercises for S-shaped scoliosis is repeated in two or three stages. There are video tutorials that will help you to understand the exercises.

It is understood that massage and physical therapy with left-sided scoliosis is different from the curvature in another direction. The therapist pays more attention to one side of the back and holds the stretching of tight muscles and relaxation of strained. For example, when you are assigned a physical-health complex at the right side of scoliosis, you can’t do tilts to the left, in left-hand and Vice versa.

Exercises on the wall bars

The treatment of this disease involves lessons on the Swedish side. With this exercise, the spine begins to extend, and also avoids the dislocations that occur in the curvature. Worth trying to spread his legs in different directions, bend them at the knees, and lift at right angles.

Also effective is pulling up. Men find it easier to cope with this task, and women need to try to make at least a few times. For children should be insurance to avoid injuries.

Need regular exercise, because if this is not done, then treatment will have more severe forms of spinal curvature.

So, there are four degrees of S-shaped curvature of the spine. At the initial stages of treatment scoliosis exercises, massage and swimming. In more advanced forms, it is rarely possible to do without surgery. The absence of any actions that may lead to malfunction of internal organs and blood flow.

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