The formation of correct posture in children of preschool age

Even back, comprehensive shoulders, nice gait – not only the features of attraction of a man, but also evidence of a healthy musculoskeletal system. It is regrettable that today, many of the students already have a different kind of violation of posture.

To help your child avoid problems with the spine, start to worry about it should be before school, from early childhood, the most fertile period for the strengthening and preservation of health. The formation of correct posture in children of preschool age is carried out not once and not any particular influence, and through the use of a complex of events.

A little anatomy

The correct posture, slightly laid back and the slumped shoulders, a straight body, tight stomach, exactly facing his feet, begins to form from birth. The infant in the first year of life formed the curves of the spine: cervical and lumbar lordosis, thoracic kyphosis, which provides a natural, without excessive muscle tension, body position in space. How attentive the adults are to support children correct posture, depends on the healthy state of the body, the full development of the internal organs, physical fitness and beauty of the figure.

Impaired posture is considered to be:

  • stoop (falling forward shoulders, rounded back);
  • scoliosis (curvature of the spine to one side);
  • round back (unnaturally increased kyphotic curve less pronounced lordosis of the lumbar, walking with slightly bent legs);
  • krugovorota spin (curves of the spine increased in all areas, stomach bulges, feet when walking bent);
  • flat back (not enough pronounced curves, is virtually absent lumbar lordosis, which violates the cushioning);
  • PLANO-concave back (increased thoracic kyphosis, flatter neck bending, pelvis moves backwards).

The causes and the consequences of incorrect posture

Genetic predisposition to unnatural curvatures of the spine, his injuries and congenital abnormalities is only a small part of the causes of poor posture. Often problems arise when violations of the diet, lack of physical activity, indifferent attitude of adults to develop a child’s habit of standing, sitting and walking, controlling the correct position of the body, the right selection of clothes, when wearing a Shoe that is too small or large, as well as the choice of furniture is not.

The consequences of incorrect posture can be very serious pathology in the body. Because of the displacement of the natural position of the spine when the weakened muscle corset of the internal organs located in the thoracic and abdominal cavities, can cease to function properly:

  • decreases vital capacity of lungs;
  • disrupted the heart, gastrointestinal tract, motility of the joints;
  • appears fatigue, frequent headaches.

In addition, because of the wrongly placed the folded shape in children at older ages, develops low self-esteem, and problems with mental health.

To grow healthy children – the main task is caring and wise adults, parents and teachers, therefore, the formation of correct posture in children of preschool age is so important. How can I achieve this?

Diet and regimen

The preschool period is the intensive development of all organs and systems of the child’s body, including musculoskeletal. To support this process in the first place, it helps the presence in the diet varied and healthy meals. The calcium contained in milk and dairy products, cereals, meat, strengthen bones, and vegetables and fruits saturate the body with vitamins.

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The formation of the child good posture contributes to a thoughtful mode. Sun, air and water are still best friends health, so ignore the walks, especially in Sunny weather, not. The sun is the best source of vitamin D, which prevents the development of rickets in infants. The older children have to walk every day for at least two hours, and to do while walking is preferable to outdoor games, Jogging and walking – it ensures normal development of the musculoskeletal system, increases vitality, and provides positive emotions.

Bathing and swimming is a great way to lift the mood of a preschooler and simultaneously to strengthen the back muscles.

It is important to limit the residence time of the preschool child in the same pose: sit behind a computer screen and in front of the TV for more than 20-30 minutes is impossible, because it relaxes the spine and reduces muscle tone.

Simultaneously, adults must control the position of the limbs and back during the games at the table.

Well-built mode of the day implies sufficient time allotted for day and night sleeping. It helps to relax the muscles, relax the entire body, build strength and have fun during wakefulness.

Motor activity

The need for movement in children under 7 years old is quite high: preschoolers will prefer a peaceful walk with rapid running, quiet games – tag, tag, and sporting events. Adults should give kids the opportunity to move as much as possible. Posture in children of preschool age this will only get better, joints will lose their mobility and muscles will be toned.

In kindergarten physical activity provided in different ways. In the morning the body will Wake for a 10-minute morning exercises. Before lunch the students will have the opportunity to develop physical skills in physical education classes and when swimming in the pool. After class required a favorite with all the kids walking, intense games with traffic and all sorts of exercises on speed, agility, flexibility, coordination and balance. Wake up after NAP time help charge of awakening and tempering procedures, and in the evening again for a walk, for a charge of vivacity and good mood.

Parents should keep about the same amount of physical activity for preschoolers on weekends, holidays and during vacation. Then, it is unlikely adults will have to deal with the problem of postural disorders in their babies.

Special exercises

Posture in children of preschool age and is formed by a specially selected complex of various exercises. In their implementation, it is important to follow the correct, natural position of the body and to achieve the quality of performance of each exercise.

A good preventive measure, a warning posture are different types of walking: normal, on toes, on heels, on the inner and outer sides of the foot, walking with a step over through obstacles. The walk can vary, inviting the child to walk on orthopedic massage mats, ribbed Board, on a rope.

Crawling is another form of exercise to prevent development of poor posture. It is recommended to teach the child to not only crawl on all fours with going forward, but also backwards, in a zigzag direction, as well as lying on the abdomen or the back with broken feet or hands.

If at home or in the gymnastic hall of the kindergarten is the Swedish wall, prevention of disorders of posture will become more efficient: climbing strengthens the muscles while developing coordination of movements. To climb not only up and down, but moving sideways. By the insurance and the support of the adult to practice the alternation of movement with the vis on the hands (with insurance and the support of the adult).

Jogging is a favourite pastime for children of preschool age. Types of running are numerous – on the toes, snake, obstacles, they can alternate in different ways.

To secure a permanent skill of maintaining a proper posture of the child can be prompted to complete the static exercise: stand up, vyrovnavacia back to the wall, touch both back of the head, shoulder blades, elbows, buttocks, heels. After fixing the body to move, maintaining a correct posture, then return to test yourself. Also effective are the exercise where starting position – correct posture by the wall to rise on socks and fall, to lift, bending at the knee alternately, right and left leg. To fix the position against the wall, head resting on a sack of sand, then pass him around the room, to return and to check the safety posture.

The kids perform the exercises with orthopedic ball. They are forced to work different muscle groups, and the support, and then trying to escape from under the baby, forcing him to coordinate their efforts to maintain balance.

Ordinary rubber band can also be a helper in the formation of healthy posture. The child takes the harness in his hands and alternately pull it to the side and alternately in different. Forcing actively to tighten the muscles of the arms and back, thus he trains them for strength and endurance.

Preventive measures

The main thing that will help adults to maintain and strengthen the health of the spine and prevent curvature is prevention.

Such policies include:

  • the selection of furniture;
  • lighting control;
  • selection of shoes;
  • selection of clothes;
  • the constraint loads on the spine.

Modern children spend a great amount of time, almost sitting motionless at the table, perform tasks, read, play computer, draw, sculpt, play with puzzles, designer. Parents and teachers, taking care of the healthy posture of the child, should have well-matched furniture. It is important that the Desk and chair fit the child in growth, then during class back will remain straight, foot – to have solid footing, elbows do not hang from the edge of the table. We can not allow children carried away by the game, stooped or sat for a long time, leaning to one side. Ideally, if parents will purchase for kid orthopedic chair, repeating the natural curves of the spine. But if this is not possible, it is desirable to ensure that the back was the backbone, and the head slightly bent forward. At the lumbar it is possible to enclose a dense cushion.

Proper lighting during the classroom drawing on the left and the top, pretty bright, but not blinding to the eye.

During sleep the muscles needs to relax, so useful pillowtop mattress – quite firm but comfortable lying position. The pillow is better to choose small, flat, so that it rested just the head, not the shoulders.

Requirements for the selection of shoes preschooler simple, but no less important. Kids should purchase comfortable shoes from natural materials of suitable size, and with a little heel. Flat sole or high heel can lead to the violation of the arch of the foot, which, in turn, may trigger the development of flatfoot. To provide comfort while driving shoes a small child needs to zachorowania or button up firmly grasping a foot, but without creating any feeling of tightness.

In clothing it is important to match the size. Too loose or tight clothing will cause baby is constantly correct her, lifting his shoulders, causing posture can deteriorate. Adults should ensure that the child had from time to time to fix the straps of dresses and sundresses. If the baby will be afraid to stoop or bend to tucked into a skirt or shorts all shirts, t-shirts did not come out, his back will also be in constant tension that will not lead to health. The main principle of selection of clothes is the ease and freedom of movement.

The formation of children correct posture contributes to the prevention of overexertion of the spine. Parents and teachers should not allow the preschooler endured gravity, excessive for his age. Your personal items a child can carry in a small backpack, optimal for children this age accessory, preserving the health of the spine.

If the baby is going to raise something from the floor, adults should monitor how he does it. You can’t bend over the object and pick it up, abruptly straightening his back. The correct way – bending the legs at the knees, preserving the back straight and lift without tilting forward.

Preschool age is a time of grace for the development of physical qualities, strengthening of health of the child and maintain proper posture, which is mainly formed at the expense of preventive measures and careful attention to this adults surrounding the baby. Love, care and knowledge of the basic rules of care for spine preschooler will allow parents and teachers to raise children happy and successful.

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