As with osteochondrosis of the right to sleep? Bed, pillow, posture

Osteochondrosis – one of the most common diseases of the back. They suffers every third inhabitant of our planet. Of course, with this disease you should strictly follow all recommendations of the doctor to take appropriate medications, and not to self-medicate.

But more importantly, to find the answer to another question – how to sleep with osteochondrosis.

If the bed is very soft, under its own weight, the body will bend it badly. In this case, be called a dream not useful. The same goes for hard bed. The spine in this case not be able to receive the same, the only right position that you want to sleep in any back trouble. So the answer to the question whether it is possible to sleep on the floor for this pathology will be negative.

How to choose a bed

The best is considered a semi-hard mattress, and, of course, it needs to be orthopedic. It is able to adapt to the human body and it is good to support it during sleep. And back during rest will be in the most advantageous position – relax, straighten, and maintain the correct posture.

So if you have a question on what mattress to sleep better, the answer should be the only way – to orthopedic. Moreover, this mattress can be used not only during treatment but also for prevention of osteoarthritis. To buy this addition to the bed is better in specialized shops.

Among the variety of these products to choose springless options, as they are the safest to use. As for the material, the ideal is latex, in second place – coconut coir, however these mattresses are much tougher than latex. The average thickness of the mattress should be 11 to 18 see the Life of such products does not exceed 7 years – this time it should be replaced.

Correct posture

How to sleep in osteochondrosis? It all depends on what part of the back suffer from this disease. For example, if it is lower back, then lie down, preferably just on the back in a horizontal position. And under the knees should enclose either a cushion or a small pillow. So you can completely relax and relieve accumulated tension. But for those who snores at night or has trouble breathing, this posture is not suitable.

In what position to sleep in cervical osteochondrosis? Only on your side, shoulder to the bed. In this case, the body will have a natural state, and the joints of the spine will not be perejimati or squeezed.

With the defeat of the thoracic lie on the back and on the side, but it does not forget about the rules of the mattress.

Before bed, preferably some time to lay in the fetal position. This will completely relax the whole body and restore blood flow to the back. You can also lie down and some time in the morning.

But from sleeping on stomach it is advisable to opt out. In this case, the compressed vessels of the neck and cervical back suffers greatly from this situation. It is often in this position, the person suffers a stroke and other disorders of the circulation.


How else do you need to sleep in the presence of this disease? It is important to purchase an orthopedic pillow, which is ideal for those who have problems with the neck. Along with LFK, massage, swimming and other physiotherapeutic procedures that will help rather quickly get rid of the existing symptoms, and the pain and discomfort does not appear suddenly and will not be able to ruin the day. Only this kind of pillow will allow you to make the best body for him and correct the situation.

Simple pillow often cause pressure on the nerve and blood vessels, which causes headaches and pain in the neck. Orthopedic as much as possible relaxes the muscles, allowing them to relax throughout the sleep period.

Therefore, having the answer to the question, in what position to sleep with this pathology, don’t forget to purchase the correct pillow. It should not be too soft or very hard, but should be comfortable. It is desirable that a special recess for the shoulder, as the cushion is just the head.

But before buying a particular product, be sure to consult with a specialist. There is another view that in all pathologies of the spine it is useful to rest on the floor. Is it good to sleep on the floor in this case? No, it is not helpful, as on the hard floor, the back muscles will not be able to fully relax, and therefore, pain can become much stronger, and the symptoms that may have to calm down, after such a holiday come back again.

Since low back pain is very common, but fairly slow progress, people are hesitant to seek an answer to the question what mattress should rest in this disease. But the choice depends on the speed of disease progression, and, of course, the ability to get rid of the pain, which are the main symptoms of this disease.

Therefore, to this disease has not shown itself in middle and old age, should be engaged in its prevention today, and to choose not only the correct position for sleep, but bed. These simple ways can prevent the development of not only this disease and some other degenerative pathologies of the back.

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