Various ways to treat sciatic nerve

The occurrence of acute or chronic pain in the lumbar-sacral plexus means damage or a pinched sciatic nerve – sciatica the sciatic division.

Acute pain can spread to the legs, to affect organs and tissues of the Central nervous system.

It causes the patient discomfort can lead to temporary disability and requires proper treatment under the supervision of a qualified neurologist.

What non-surgical treatments may appoint a doctor with the pinching of the sciatic nerve?

The operational activities that may be prescribed by a doctor are:

  • therapeutic drug blockade of the damaged portion of the nerve;
  • a course of anti-inflammatory therapy with oral medication and injections;
  • physiotherapy;
  • therapeutic massage, gymnastics, manual exposure, acupuncture;
  • use a warming ointment, gel and various chondroprotectors;
  • the use of heat and cold.

Therapeutic drug blockade of the damaged portion of the nerve. It is very effective if the pinched nerve.

The procedure relieves pain with the use of drugs, is highly efficient, runs quickly and has minimal side effects.

Therapeutic effects of the blockade in addition to pain relief reduces muscle tension, removes vascular spasms, reduces inflammation and removes edematous tumors arising in the pathological focus the damaged nerve.

A course of anti-inflammatory therapy involves the use of pills and injections with inflammation of the sciatic nerve can restore metabolic processes in the intervertebral discs, to eliminate muscle pain, help with the pinching of the nerve endings, improve blood circulation.

An efficient course allows the neurologist to prevent the development of osteoarthritis. Therapy allows you to completely get rid of the pain, and in most cases forever.

Physiotherapy treatments, including electrophoresis, paraffin heat therapy, UHF, phonophoresis with the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.

The use of therapeutic massage, exercises, manual manipulation, acupuncture. Treatments relax the muscles that surround the sciatic nerve and improve blood circulation.

Use a warming ointment, gel and various chondroprotectors. Principal amount of drugs in its composition contains chondroitinase acid, which is involved in the formation of the basic substances of connective tissue.

Drugs are applied topically, have regenerative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which are of great help in the pinched nerve.

The use of heat and cold. Acute pain in the back area neurologists often prescribe alternate application of heat and packs filled with ice. The use of cold and heat helps relieve pain in feet, especially at the initial stage.

Therapy may be used for about 20 minutes and repeated every 2 hours, until significant pain relief. The majority of patients initially prefer to use ice and then heat, constantly alternating procedure.

Treatment, used by patient access to medical care

If the patient was in the mountains, the woods or backpacking and it is not available timely medical advice and assistance, treatment of the sciatic nerve when it is pinched will have to conduct yourself.

In this situation it is advisable to use:

  1. Cupping or manual warming massage. The beneficial effects of massage can be enhanced with a warming ointment, anti-inflammatory gels.
  2. Active rubbing the affected areas with tincture of spruce and pine buds, blossoms, dandelions, twigs and needles. To make a tincture can be prepared from raw alcohol. Alcohol can be replaced by any alcohol-containing drink a homemade infusion it is necessary to insist in a dark place for 5-7 days.
  3. Application using heated wax. Painful patch of skin should be lubricated with grease, using a brush to apply the heated beeswax and wrap a blanket. When the affected area of the lower back will get warm enough the wax can be removed.
  4. Gymnastics. The most effective exercises to ease sciatic pain are: walking on the buttocks, the bike from the prone position, rotational movement of the hips in a standing pose various stretching exercises.
The use of surgical method in the treatment of sciatic nerve

If the sciatic pain persists through conventional treatment methods for 6 to 12 weeks, neurologists appropriate therapy consider:

  • microdiscectomy;
  • a lumbar laminectomy.

Microdiscectomy for inflammation of the sciatic nerve is assigned in cases when the pain caused due to lumbar hernia and to treat it is conservatively impossible.

Small open surgery allows to remove a herniated disc that was pinching a nerve and causing acute pain and more pain.

The application of the operation, usually seen with a strong passing pain lasting from 4 to 6 weeks in cases where the pain cannot be remedied with non-surgical means. Operative treatment allows 90% of patients get rid of pain and start a healthy life.

Lumbar laminectomy with the pinching of the sciatic nerve

The procedure is given in cases where there is sciatic pain due to spinal stenosis of the lumbar spine.

The operation is performed on a small portion of the bone or spinal disc that pinches the nerve root or ending.

After conducting a lumbar laminectomy approximately 70-80% of patients experience substantial relief and stop feeling the pain of a pinched sciatic nerve.

Popular treatment as it can be?

Modern medicine does not exclude in the treatment of sciatic pain the use of traditional methods of healing. Even if the injections are made with the sciatica, traditional treatments will not prevent to achieve a positive effect.

Need method of treatment is chosen in each case individually and depends on the patient’s condition.

The Arsenal of folk remedies is quite rich and diverse. It consists of various ointment, grinding drugs, magnetic therapy and metal, the use of different tinctures and decoctions.

The major part of national resources allows you to effectively relieve pain, reduce swelling and inflammation.

To treat this disease used folk remedies. The most common of these are herbal baths with the use of sage, chamomile, knotweed and other herbs.

What preventive measures can prevent the damage of the sciatic nerve?

Damage to the sciatic nerve is impossible with proper posture and safety precautions.

If you want to be always in form, it is not necessary to lift and carry heavy objects without special tools: corset, tightening and support straps.

It is recommended to sleep on hard beds, for seats use a hard chair or the couch. When excess weight is required for effective reduction and conversion to normal levels.

It is recommended to perform daily physical exercises, doing gymnastic exercises, aimed at strengthening the musculoskeletal system and the release of the sciatic nerve.

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