Globalizacija vertebra

The spine suffers the majority of the population. Work involving heavy physical exertion, bad posture or an unhealthy lifestyle will sooner or later make themselves felt. But such a thing as globalizacija of the spine, as a rule, remains a mystery, which is opened by accident, after the diagnosis.

Globalizacija what it is

This pathology of the spine of congenital origin. The upper sacral region sticks out from all the bones, thus forming 6 lumbar. Globalizacija refers to rare forms of the disease, but brings pain and discomfort in the development of the body.

The etiology of the disease remains unknown. Many experts converge on the opinion that the reason lies in a weakened immune system or the intoxication of the fetus during its gestation.

At risk are people with a genetic predisposition, future mothers aged 30 years and more, women who abuse alcohol during pregnancy and having a number of gynecological diseases and venereal character. Face, a long time taking birth control medications.

For the prevention and treatment of diseases of the JOINTS our constant reader uses the increasingly popular NON-surgical method of treatment is recommended by leading German and Israeli orthopedists. Thoroughly acquainted with him, we decided to offer it to your attention.

The difficulty of diagnosing the disease contributes to the appearance of complications in the area of the spine, which reduces the patient’s quality of life. The sooner will be revealed globalizacija s1 vertebra, the easier the treatment will be. Therefore, when the first pain in the spine is recommended to seek assistance from a podiatrist or spine.

Causes of globalizatsii

Initially, it is clear that the disease is congenital. Therefore, the reasons should look for in the prenatal process. Laying the skeletal framework occurs in the 1st trimester of pregnancy. This period is particularly dangerous to the fetus. At this time, the mother is attentive to their health, not to SuperCool, as the most simple of SARS could have a negative impact on the health of the future baby.

Other causes of globalizatsii:

  • unhealthy lifestyle;
  • the abuse of alcohol and tobacco during pregnancy;
  • toxemia;
  • the hereditary factor.

To prove themselves to globalizacija at any age. It applies to the development. The sixth vertebra can be separated completely or partially. In any case, it will bring sharp pain to the patient.

Symptoms of globalizatsii

In most cases, the disease goes unnoticed for the patient. The most frequent complaints of patients are pain in the lumbar area. They usually make themselves known before the age of 30 during a bad fall or jump.

Experts are divided lumbalization into 2 types:

  • lumbar;
  • sciatic.

For lumbar characterized by the following symptoms:

  • pain aching character in the lumbar region and along the line of the spine;
  • the disappearance of pain after consumption of anti-inflammatory drugs like Nise and Diclofenac;
  • the resumption of pain after injury or increased load on the spine;
  • the poor sensitivity in the gluteal area, and feet.

Symptoms of sciatic lumbar globalizatsii the same, only pain occurs in the sacrum. Cause pain associated with the compression of the sciatic nerve.

Diagnosis of the disease

The complaint of the patient to painful sensations in the spine include.

  • External examination of the patient for the presence of an increase or flattening of the lordosis.
  • The detection of the absence of or limited mobility in the lateral or anteroposterior direction.
  • Confirmation of pain by jump, knees bent on your toes, lying down, or when down the stairs.
  • Radiography in 2 projections, the proof of which is the presence of shadows from unnecessary lumbar bone.
  • The change of the lower lumbar vertebra downward or the presence of cracks in the area of the upper section of the sacrum.
  • MRI and CT scan is recommended in case of doubt in the diagnosis.
Principles of treatment of spine globalizatsii

Because the etiology of the disease lies in the innate factor treatment in most cases is aimed at reducing pain and discomfort. Globalizacija s1 incurable. Surgical intervention is recommended only in very serious stages of the disease. The patient is recommended to carry out physical treatment, which improves the quality of life and minimize pain in the spine.

Basic methods of treatment of lumbalization of the spine:

  • therapeutic exercises;
  • acupuncture;
  • massage in the lumbar region or sacrum;
  • medication, possessing anti-inflammatory action.

Almost proven of great benefit in the treatment of disease brings the voyage. It allows you to relieve spasm, to relax the spine by relieving tension and minimize pain.

Self globalizatsii spine is not recommended because only a podiatrist can develop an individualized regimen of medications.

In the treatment of globalizatsii spine the role of lifestyle. For a patient required to wear a special retainer sets which allow to reduce sharpness of pain when moving in public transport or other loads.

Why suffer if you can do the surgery and the patient’s life easier? To this question the doctors unanimously respond that surgical intervention is recommended only in severe cases that carry the risk for the patient’s life. During the operation deletes extra lumbar processes, and the 6th vertebra is fixed in the sacrum, the special plates of a special metal. After surgery pain does not bother me, but the patient was recommended making group on disability. This is due to the fact that any weight lifting or other physical work is fraught with consequences for the patient.

When to wear orthopedic corsets

To resort to the use of corsets follows in the following cases:

  • at the onset of scoliosis in children, which was the consequence of globalizatsii;
  • correction of posture;
  • if possible, the natural adhesions in childhood;
  • in the preventive purposes at heavy physical work;
  • as a result of displacement of the s1 vertebra;
  • when the diagnosis of scoliosis of the 3rd degree;
  • sciatica or lumbago.

Forecast and consequences of globalizatsii spine

With timely diagnosis of the disease and provide proper treatment expect only a favorable prognosis. The above-stated pathology does not mean to feel all life as an invalid. However, if you ignore the treatment recommendations of the doctor, the patient should not rely on the recovery. He was waiting for complications that will lead to full disability.

The effects of globalizatsii spine
  • Stage of osteoarthritis, leading to partial loss of function and problems with the musculoskeletal functions. In other words, the patient may be bedridden.
  • The appearance of trophic changes in the soft tissues and the deterioration of metabolic processes in the body.
  • The emergence of progressive scoliosis in children.
  • Diagnosis of spondylosis is characterized by the transformation of the natural bending of the spinal column, entailing a direct threat to the life of the patient.

As you can see globalizacija spine refers to the insidious disease, which if you ignore the symptoms manifested at later stages when the patient fully feel the pain and discomfort.

Globalizacija spine is a rare congenital disease. Not fully treated. But this does not mean that the patient should not take any measures. The patient is assigned a medical treatment which promotes the pain relief spine and improve quality of life.

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