What should be the therapeutic exercises in coxarthrosis of the hip joint?

The joints themselves are quite fragile structure. In my youth we did not even care, considering them to be reliable work-something taken for granted. But time passes, joints wear out, and the man remembers about their existence.

Painful joints cause severe pain and severely limited mobility of the person, and only then he thinks about normal treatment. Fortunately, in most cases, treatment is provided without surgical intervention, conservative methods, in which one of the most important is physiotherapy in coxarthrosis of the hip joint.

Why develop a disease?

Why is this happening? A healthy hip joint the structure is very similar to the joint is covered with cartilage. Due to this cartilage and a certain “lubrication” in the joint, ensures the necessary freedom of movement. With age, the composition of the “lubricant” is changed, it becomes smaller, resulting in enhanced friction and begins to thin the cartilage. The result is a deformation of the cartilage.

As a result of all the events a person begins to feel pain in the joint and begins to redistribute the load, protecting the injured leg. But this leads to sore leg gradually begin to weaken and muscles to atrophy, and the pain only intensified.

Human joints over time, “wear out”..

Considering the habit of our people to self-medicate and pull “to the last” with a trip to the doctor, we have a very unpleasant situation, when to treat people has been on the later stages of the disease. The process of deformation and destruction of cartilage at this stage it is very difficult to stop, so you have to assign a lot of drugs that have analgesic, relieve muscle spasm and inflammation of the joint, and help to restore injured cartilage. But that’s not enough, the joint should be developed muscles to keep in good condition, otherwise the leg and after treatment will not be able to function normally. A key role at this stage and the course of treatment, physiotherapy plays.

The specificity of therapeutic exercise

Treatment of coxarthrosis in General is quite difficult and time-consuming process. But a very important place in this process is therapeutic gymnastics in diseases of the hip joint. It prevents the accretion of the diseased joint and to maintain mobility in it.

Of course, you need to consider that the exercises will be performed with the participation of the affected joint, and they should help patients, not harm them. That is why the exercises in coxarthrosis of the hip with some differences.

Especially the performance of therapeutic exercises

Such exercises cannot be performed too vigorously and sharply. The goal of the exercises is to develop the affected joint, not to complicate the situation, causing additional trauma to the already affected joint. That is why exercises are more static and not dynamic in nature.

It is very desirable to perform the massage of the muscles in the hip area and the hip joint before and after exercise therapy. The same massage you need to perform and the appearance of unpleasant sensations during exercise.

Consider also the fact that physical therapy exercises performed in this disease, eliminate the axial load on the hip joint. Serious physical exertion, sharp and deep squats, excessive range of motion – all these factors can lead to serious deterioration of the situation.

A good helper in the treatment of coxarthrosis is water. For example, very useful in this disease will be swimming, regardless of whether you swim in the sea, river or pool. Though swimming can be enjoyed only if such a possibility to the physical condition of the patient. But a warm bath will give the opportunity to remove unwanted tension in the muscles and soothe the pain. Lying in it you can perform slow and smooth movements of slight amplitude, so that the pain will decrease.

The most important rule that must be strictly adhere to during execution of the therapeutic exercises: do not perform exercises that cause sharp pain. Pain says that the joint cannot perform such a task, and this exercise will, therefore, cause harm.

A set of exercises in coxarthrosis of the hip joint

This complex is one of the most common, but it is necessary to consider that the treatment exercise should select only the attending physician, the complex is adjusted for each individual case of illness. So:

Exercises performed lying on back

The first “series” of exercises performed lying on your back.

1. Hands lie along the body, legs extended. On the inhale hands up, exhale – drop down. The exercise is repeated at a slow pace 6-8 times.

2. Original position as in the previous exercise. You need to gradually bend and straighten your elbows at a slow pace. Repeated the exercise 6-8 times.

3. From the same starting position in turn bend and straighten your knees, making sure that your heels do not lift off of the Mat. Exercise repeat 8-10 times.

4. Same initial position. Straightened his legs turn inwards and then return them to their original position. The exercise is done 8 times.

5. When performing the exercise, keep the hands at the waist. Making sure that your heels do not lift off the floor, spreading our legs apart, then bring them back. The exercise is performed smoothly and at a slow pace 8 times.

6. Keep your hands on the belt. Feet perform the exercise “Bicycle” for 10-15 seconds in a calm and slow pace.

7. Hands return to the position along the body. Inhale straight arms lift up, exhale – drop smoothly. The exercise is repeated 6 times.

Exercises performed lying on stomach

In the further implementation of the complex source situation is changing, which is necessary to lie on her stomach.

8. The hands lie on the thighs. You need to raise the shoulders and head, hold this position for a few seconds, then return to the starting position. Exercise should be performed every two seconds smoothly 6 times.

9. The hands lie on the thighs. Smoothly raise in turn straight legs. Is performed 6 times.

10. In the initial position hold hands in front of chest. Raise the shoulder girdle and performed 3 hand movements similar to the movements in swimming style “brass”. The exercise is performed 6 times.

11. Keep your hands in front of chest. In the pelvic zone reducing the muscles and holding them in this position for a few seconds, then relax. With sufficient training, such a position can hold 10-12 seconds.

12. Change position and lie on the healthy side, his head lay on his arm bent at the elbow. Then the affected leg raise and attach, then carefully returned it to its former position and relax muscles. This exercise is done 8 times.

Exercises performed standing

13. Be on a healthy leg, arm rely on any support (e.g. a chair) by the healthy leg. After such provisions are made smooth (but not sharp) swings forward and back leg with a small amplitude. The size of the amplitude is determined by pain.

14. In the same initial position performed by a sore foot a circular motion. This exercise is performed smoothly 8 time.

15. Be on both feet, based on the emphasis with both hands. Now execute polarised, then return to the starting position. Runs slowly 10 times.

16. From the same starting position raised on the toes, then slowly lowered. The exercise is performed 10 times.

Such exercises is quite effective provided it is performed correctly. What physical therapy have become the basis of a method of kinesitherapy. All know the old truth: “Movement is life”. Therefore, people should not completely limit his mobility, it has never led to positive results. Much more sense to move, but with an eye on your health. That way people can quickly recover.

But it is a very important time to begin treatment and to comply strictly with the recommendations of her doctorbecause only a specialist can fully imagine the problem and determine the best treatment options.

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