Causes of pinched sciatic nerve

The sciatic nerve is one of the longest nerves in the human body. One of the main causes of pain in the lumbar region this is a pinched nerve (sciatica).

Treatment sciatica (sciatic nerve inflammation) associated with the elimination of the reasons causing such a complication, and it can be performed both independently and under the supervision of specialists at the hospital.

Not many people know, the consequence of which may be pinching the sciatic nerve.


This pathology, in most cases, suffer aged 30 years and older, in recent years, however, this phenomenon is observed in the younger generation and it is connected directly with the change of the degenerative nature of the tissue.

Doctors distinguish the main causes of pain in the lumbar and the sciatic nerve, namely:

  1. Osteochondrosis of the lumbar, resulting in the emergence of herniated discs, which, in turn, has a crippling pressure on near her roots nerve endings. However, in this situation osteochondrosis pressure occurs not at the expense of the spine and the intervertebral disc output beyond it.
  2. Injuries to the spinal division, often with displacement and fractures or bruises. Often injuries occur in athletes and the elderly.
  3. Abscesses near the rectum. This, in turn, inflammation around the rectum, often with purulent formations. If time does not diagnose the disease, the abscess begins to increase, thereby having a crippling effect on the sciatic nerve.
  4. Malignant or benign tumors of the spinal Department.

The causes of sciatica in women during pregnancy:

  • Starting from the 25th week of pregnancy, the enlarged uterus can put pressure on nearby adjacent organs, thereby to cause a pinched nerve. This often occurs when a large weight of the fetus or its low position (in the pelvic area).
  • One of the reasons in this period of time in women, is the increased weight, which can have an adverse effect on the sciatic nerve. To avoid this, women during pregnancy should carefully consider the choice of their food. Don’t listen to the advice of grandmothers that during pregnancy a woman should eat for two. In this period of time you need to eat more vegetables, fruits and animal protein. If it respected the woman’s weight will remain normal and thus will not affect the pinching of the sciatic nerve.

In addition to the reasons, there are also risk factors, namely:

  • Hypothermia (it is necessary to dress warmly in the cold season and keep feet warm).
  • Tuberculosis (should be regular inspection ofthe spectra of the doctor and an annual chest x-rays and this can be avoided).
  • Herpes (often genital).
  • Diabetes mellitus (in this case, both the first and second type).
  • The effect of heavy metals on the human body (faces to people whose work is related to laboratory research and manufacture of products based on heavy metals).
  • High dose of radiation.
  • The abuse of exercise with the load on the lumbar region (it happens in athletes, so before any physical exercise, you should warm up, you can poprisedat or run in one place).
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Unwanted weight.
  • Inflammation of the organs located in the pelvis.

By entrapment of the sciatic nerve symptoms and causes can be quite varied and it depends on the extent of the disease. It often happens that the pinching occurs on only one side, so the pain will be felt only in one leg.

In some cases of the disease the symptoms are not pronounced, pain in the early stages of the disease is not strong, but every day it is gaining more intense. In another case, the pain from the first day pronounced, it happens that a person finds it difficult to even move a foot.

The nature of pain when pinched: start in the lower back, after that went down to the buttock and lower leg, severe pain, loss of consciousness, often in the night time, despite the fact that most of the day the patient spent in the cold or overloaded up with a damaged nerve, enhanced by the long stay in a uniform position of the body, may increase the long sitting (on hard surface).

Accompanying symptoms are:

  1. Visible to others, violations of the change in gait (the patient often without even realizing it, begins to pull the affected leg to reduce pain).
  2. Excessive sweating diseased feet.
  3. Due to pain, you may experience difficulty in bending legs at the knee.
  4. Difficulty bending and movement of the toes and foot.
  5. With a long presence in a monotonous situation arises tingling pain the lower leg area sore feet.

In addition, the inflammation of the sciatic nerve in a patient observed changes in motor and sensory functions:

Deteriorating the sensitivity of the skin. In the early stages of the disease it arises in the buttocks, but may eventually go to all the damaged leg.

Disturbed functionality of the pelvic region. In this situation, there are disorders of urination, possible urinary incontinence, and periodic constipation. This is manifested in the advanced stage of sciatica, with a fairly strong pinching the sciatic nerve.

Deterioration of motor function of the legs. It is characterized by the fact that the patient is difficult to move my leg in the knee region (bend-bend), and region of the foot. In addition, in this case, there are still pain when walking, bending the legs at the knee.


For appropriate treatment of pinching or inflammation of the sciatic nerve should identify the cause of this disease, this may help, only a doctor specialist in this field.


Therefore, when the first symptoms should seek the advice of your doctor, the therapist, who in turn can prescribe treatment alone or to redirect the patient to a specialist narrow profile.

The first thing the doctor conducts a verbal survey and determines the presence of characteristic symptoms after assigns comprehensive examination: x-ray pelvis, magnetic resonance or CT scan of the lower back, as well as ultrasound of the spine and sacrum.

In the course of laboratory data the doctor with full confidence I can deliver or deny a pinched nerve in the lower back.

Treatment of pinched and inflamed nerve

The treatment of this disease depends on the causes of sciatica in women or in men. In this case, can be used: medication, physical therapy, physiotherapy activities, Spa treatment, traditional treatment.

However, you should know that to choose the method of treatment is not recommended, and should be entrusted to a specialist who correctly diagnosed and as a consequence appropriate treatment for a given situation.


Inflammation of the sciatic nerve or a pinched in medical practice is treated by medicines having anti-inflammatory effect and does not contain steroids. The most commonly used drugs in this group are: Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Nimesulide and analogs of these drugs. They are available in the form of tablets, intramuscular injection, or topical solutions or ointments. The choice of a particular method of application is assigned exclusively by the doctor.


The patient is also assigned a mineral-vitamin complexes and painkillers (in the form of tablets, ointments or injections).
For acute pain the patient may be administered intravenous or intramuscular blockade. It is a comprehensive introduction several drugs at the same time, this group often consists of corticosteroids and anesthetics.

Surgical impact for the solution of this problem can be held only in case of elimination of reasons that caused the pinched nerve in the lower back. This can be carried out at the spinal column or the detection of spinal herniation that puts pressure on the nerve.


Starting from 2-3 day of treatment, the medical drugs the patient is recommended physiotherapy course:

  • the movement of the fingers, damaged legs;
  • fixation of the legs at a right angle, raised up, while the body is horizontal;
  • the exercise called the Bicycle. This must be done lying on back and raising legs up to make a motion like you are Cycling. In addition, this workout can be done by eating on the bike, thus you need to start slowly and then increasing the tempo.

On the last stage of treatment, you can progress to more challenging exercises, namely: squats, jumping on revenge and rotational movements of the hips.

Physical therapy

This treatment is aimed primarily at the elimination of the pain, but this method is only auxiliary to the primary (medical) and eliminate the cause, the causing the disease, he can’t.

Your doctor may prescribe electrophoresis and warm up the sciatic nerve with the use of antispasmodics and vitamins, as well as magnetic or laser therapy and ultraviolet irradiation. These procedures will help to reduce pain and eliminate inflammation.

Spa treatment

This treatment can be performed in the chronic course of the disease, with the exception of exacerbation. This treatment involves mud therapy, special baths, underwater traction, as well as just climate change, which often has though not significant but still a healing effect on inflammation of the sciatic nerve.

For a full recovery, the patient should undergo a medical therapy in conjunction with therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy and acupuncture. Very often, after a few days of medical procedures decreases pain. Full recovery in only three weeks.

Traditional medicine

In recent years, traditional medicine enjoys great popularity among not only the disease pinching and inflammation of the sciatic nerve, but most of the other diseases. However, before applying it you should consult with your doctor to prevent the occurrence of undesired complications and consequences.

The most common methods of folk medicine in this disease are:

  1. All external products (ointment or cream), the main constituent of which is a horse chestnut. This component is able to release tension and to relax the damaged muscle. Chestnut helps to heal a pinched nerve in the lower back, helps with varicose veins, and reduces inflammation and pain.
  2. Cupping massage, which can be performed independently at home. Put a jar must be pre-processed anti-inflammatory external tool pane.
  3. Treatment with beeswax is particularly effective at removal of the inflammatory process, or incarceration. For this procedure, you should heat the wax until smooth, then form with him a cake. After the cake has to be put on the sacrum (area of crushing), then cover it with foil and wrap with a cloth. This procedure should be carried out during the week and if the pain does not subside, and more.
  4. The healers assure me that in this situation help of tincture, prepared from the buds of pine, spruce or any conifer. Need pine buds to mix with the colors of the dandelion, please make sure to use liter capacity with a wide throat, and then pour alcohol tincture (mainly vodka) and leave for a week. After 7 days, ready-made solution to wipe the damaged areas.

Pinching of the sciatic nerve manifested rather unpleasant symptoms, but everyone should know that this problem is completely curable and is not fatal. When the first symptoms of this disease should immediately seek the advice of a doctor, this will enable you to get rid of this problem.

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  1. Abscesses near the rectum. This, in turn, inflammation around the rectum, often with purulent formations. If time does not diagnose the disease, the abscess begins to increase, thereby having a crippling effect on the sciatic nerve.

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