What is the slouch

Saying that such a stoop, that this term physicians mean deformation of spine in growing certain reasons, most often because of weak or underdeveloped back muscles or incorrectly set posture. Most often diagnosed slouch in children, rarely in adults.

But it is understood that the stoop is not a death sentence! With timely treatment to the doctor to correct the pathology! Go with straight posture and a straight back is always beautiful.

What is the danger of stooping.

As noted earlier, is often found slouching of the child and because children’s bodies are more susceptible to the negative influence of spinal curvature. Hunched back nobody brings beauty, but also brings more health problems, disrupting the function of internal organs and systems, causing many cosmetic and aesthetic problems of appearance, the development of many systems.

What is stooped over the child and the adult? This is the problem with the spine, the health of the entire body, internal organs and systems. If stooped over the child and the adult to ignore – the consequences can be dire.

The effects of stooped posture:

Asymmetry of the shoulder girdle

  • scoliosis and a pinched nerve root;
  • the apparent asymmetry of the shoulder girdle;
  • attacks of pain in the lumbar and thoracic spine, hypertension;
  • more frequent bouts of palpitations and disturbance of sensation of the limbs;
  • the failure of many internal organs and systems.
The causes of pathology in children and adults

Slouch the child or adult may be triggered by such reasons:

  • Sedentary lifestyle, wrong chair at home and school, the constant presence at the computer. Accordingly, the back muscles get weaker and developed a slouch from a baby.
  • Abnormally rapid growth and development of the spine, when the muscles simply do not have time for him in his growth, respectively, are not able to keep a straight posture.
  • Slouching can be triggered by excessive physical exertion. The spine and muscles not yet formed as a pillar, because excessive sports, big loads on the back is not the best way affect the posture.
  • Any pathological changes and diseases affecting the back muscles. For example, polio, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy.
  • Fractures and injuries of the spine and degenerative and dystrophic changes in the spine, intervertebral discs and muscles.

Psychosomatic causes – in this case, the psychosomatics of inner complexes stoop kid and teenager when developing an unconscious type of curvature of the back. She often hides his chest that is rapidly growing and teenagers because of their high growth can slouch. Slouch, there probably is a defense mechanism and treats it is no longer orthopedist, a psychiatrist and psychologist.

The stoop is the first and most early sign of the curvature of the back, that is scoliosis.

For more rare reasons that can cause slouching, doctors attribute the lack of vitamin D or anomalies in the bone structure, development and growth of muscles.

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Symptoms of pathology

If we talk about how the doctor treats stooped over the child and the adult, then this specialist is a podiatrist, to go to which you should at the first symptoms of the disease.

The first symptom that indicates the stoop, the development of back problems and muscles, in the presence of heaviness and fatigue in the back. If the child complains of this symptom, do not ignore it, seeing as a whim. After a short rest the pain will pass.

The outward signs of the development of stooped posture show such symptoms:

  • uncontrolled protrusion of the peritoneum – stomach increases by itself without apparent reason;
  • the head is intuitive and leans forward as if drawn into the shoulders;
  • my knees are constantly in a bent state, and the thorax is narrowed visually;
  • the back becomes more rounded in the power of focused, shifted forward of the shoulders.
Diagnosis pathology

CT scan of the spine

Before considering the question of how to get rid of the stoop is necessary to know the root cause, which provoked the development of pathology. Diagnosis Yes have adult and child will help to distinguish it from the true form of kyphosis. In this case, the doctor puts a person near a smooth wall, and placing the back of the head and buttocks, shoulders and heels. If in this position the curvature is, then fix it.

Additional methods of hardware diagnostics is the use of MRI and CT, and, of course, interviewing the patient about his lifestyle, nutrition, malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract and the extremities.

Treatment stoop

How to quickly get rid of slouching? It is worth remembering that the process of correcting posture and eliminating disease – is long and laborious.

Quickly get rid of slouching will not work – this is a lengthy process which in some cases may include surgery.

To get rid of slouching will help the following methods of treatment and correction of posture:

  1. Therapeutic exercises and yoga. A complex of special exercises and program practices Shanti will help to correct curvature of spine and align your posture. As noted by the doctors, that gymnastics is the basic method of treatment of problems with posture. Run them home or to attend special sessions of physical therapy in the hospital. A set of exercises selects only the doctor, and all positions and asanas of yoga practice should also coordinate with the attending physician. Improper exercises, yoga techniques and their implementation will only hurt.
  2. Massage is a helper method of eliminating curvature of bearing, which is prescribed in combination with exercise therapy. All of the action during a massage – an extremely soothing, light, and the session helps to improve the General condition of the patient, the blood flow and lymph flow.
  3. Access to the pool. Completely remove the bending posture swimming is not capable, but to stop the subsequent development of pathological degenerative changes in the spine and muscles is possible. Optimally, you can stop the choice on the swimming style breaststroke or front crawl. They help to relax the muscles of the thoracic spine and abdomen, to relieve stress.
  4. Manual therapy sessions. Most often, this method is designated in the diagnosis of displacement of the vertebrae, strong pain syndrome. They are administered in combination with physical therapy, as it will strengthen the effect of each method, allowing you to improve the General condition of the patient and to make the back smooth and beautiful.
  5. Wearing a corset varying degrees of stiffness. It helps to fix the position of the spine in the particular region. Corset is considered to be an additional method to eliminate stooping. It is shown worn between therapy sessions, with a maximum of 6-7 hours a day, definitely taking off at night.
  6. The course of medical treatment. In the process of correcting posture medications prescribed rarely and only in case if the patient is in pain in the back, inflammation of the muscles. Most commonly prescribed painkillers, and muscle relaxants, which help to lower the tonus of the muscles of the skeleton and anti-inflammatory compounds and vitamins with a high content of calcium.

If all the above methods do not provide positive dynamics of treatment, to get rid of slouching will help surgical intervention. The pronounced curvature can cause disturbances in the internal organs and systems. The practice of surgery is extremely rare. Most common indication is the lack of effectiveness of conservative treatment, and if the pathology progresses rapidly. Shown surgeon and if compression of the spinal nerve root or the spinal cord, the development of pain syndrome, pronounced restriction in the normal movement of the body and muscular atrophy.

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