Distortion of the pelvis what exercises are used

Exercises with the misalignment of the pelvis is recommended to perform from the first day of diagnosis. Very often this condition occurs in adolescents against the background of existing scoliosis of the lumbar region.

Before to start, you need to consult a doctor since this diagnosis is to perform some movements are prohibited.

Allowed exercises should be performed gently and with great care. And if during the lessons there was pain, from school for the time you need to give up. Also we must remember that the distortion of the pelvis may be in different directions, and this figure, it is desirable to take into account when doing therapy.

Complex physical therapy

You should start with fairly simple exercises – put your feet shoulder-width apart, feet pressed to the floor. Continue to be up on his toes and to lift the thigh. Then lower the leg and return to starting position. Repeat up to 10 times for each leg.

The second is a simple exercise – swing hips to the right and to the left side and in a circle. Hands should be kept either on a belt, or pressed against the hips.

Next, the legs should be spread shoulder-width apart and put your foot to the floor. Bend your upper body and try to touch fingers to the floor. For, you need to rock the case slowly until it until your fingers fail to touch the floor. At this time you need to follow the pelvis – it should not deviate ago.

Once the fingers touches the floor, take the original position and do a back bend. Repeat 10 times.

Treatment of misalignment of the pelvis with the help of exercises can be performed in the following way. Stand up straight, feet, pelvis, and chest should be on one plane. Imagine you are between two high walls that limit your movement.

Move your hips from side to side, and bend to be not only the pelvis but also the body. Lean to the right, and the hands placed on the hips, try to push in the opposite direction. Just each side have to do 10 repetitions.

The fourth exercise is performed is just as easy as the other three. Stand up straight, hands interlock behind his head. Elbows should be disclosed to the side. Buttocks dip down as with squat, but the knees must withstand a 90-degree angle, no more. To look only forward. Repeat 5 times.

Other options

Of course, one only exercises pelvic imbalance cannot be corrected. To get rid of this disease, you need to pinpoint the cause of the disease and eliminate it. But some exercises will be very useful, even with the best possible form of the defect.

Here are two of them. Lie on the floor preferably on a Mat. To put under foot cushion small size. After that you should start to roll right and left on the stomach. Necessarily ‘ s rolling hips. Tear off pelvis from the floor impossible. Only the run duration from 5 to 10 minutes. The day to execute up to 3 retries.

In the next exercise you also need to lie on the floor and under your knees enclose a small pillow. You then need to stretch my legs and shake them from side to side, the amplitude of movements should be not more than 1 cm lead Time – 10 minutes.

Then, without getting up, place arms at sides, palms face down. To strain the muscles of the buttocks and heels on the floor to make sliding moves that will resemble steps. The pelvis is slightly lifted.

The consequences

Distortion of the pelvis is one of the dangerous conditions which require treatment. If nothing is done, it may lead to dysfunction of the spine and its deformation. At the same time begin to appear radiculitis, osteochondrosis, hernia, that is, all those diseases which are the most common.

In the long course of the disease leads to dysfunction of upper and lower extremities. You may also receive pain, which practically can not be removed analgesics. Many patients diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome that can not be cured and may haunt a person throughout life.

If the disease is not treated, then after a while you can get disability and inability to care for self.

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