How to verify that the correct posture?

Position in space is smooth, the head and torso are kept in a straight position without any effort, the easy gait, the abdomen somewhat in tension, the shoulders flat, chest, lower limbs direct.

Human posture is the ability to hold the torso in different positions.

Improper posture, the man looks a little hunched with his head down, hanging belly, with the shuffling gait and heavy.

In case of violation of the provisions of the housing is formed by a disorder of the functioning of all organs and systems due to the presence of obstacles in the promotion of energy.

Methods of testing posture

To check the correctness of your posture in several ways, independently or with the help of a second person that is able to assess the real situation.

  1. Inspection. In the case of correct position of the muscle groups evenly and help a person to occupy space aligned without any effort.

Looking forward human humerus are parallel to the vertebral line, scapular bones are arranged on the same line, angles at the waist zaimoren, dorsal plane smooth, abdominal also involved. Inspection recommended fully stripped of the patient. The latter arises directly and testing diagnose the situation with the back and side positions.

Rear view of man has full symmetry, scapula pressed against the dorsal surface and are arranged on a single line, allowed the use of improvised means (a device with a measuring division), in the case of inspection of many patients look instantly notice the inconsistency.

The symmetry must be preserved in all parts of the body: the gluteal folds, twisting them are not allowed. In the case of asymmetrie, there is a scoliosis. There is a direct correlation – the higher expression of the asymmetry of the higher degree of disorder.

With the aim of increasing the accuracy of posture in terms of home use needle and thread. It is necessary to press the thread to VII of the cervical vertebrae, and the needle release. The last normal follows the line of the spine, any deviation indicates the curvature.

  1. Visualization from the side. Chest normal is peaking-elevated position, the abdomen is tightened, the abdominal muscles tense, all spinal curves are smooth, lack of protruding points and transitions. The older man wiped a few curves, however, in marked curvature of the vertebral line formed of senile hump with a special deviation in the thoracic part.
  2. Visualization in the slope. With normal rates proportionally folded the patient can easily reach the surface of the floor with the tips of the phalanges with straight lower limbs. Even the slightest deviation from normal values indicate the presence of pathological processes.

Also does not apply to normal excessive flexibility (when a patient with unusual ease has a planar surface on the floor, while maintaining the evenness of the legs and back), and the lack of flexibility (the patient is unable to reach the surface of the floor).

The evaluation of correct posture in the home

At home you can check your posture in the following way:

  1. To get lumbar plane to the wall surface and be pressed to the last blade and the calcaneus. A normal result is when the occipital tuberosity, gluteal and calf muscles pressed close to the wall. In the presence of impaired posture regular performance of this test can improve the situation.

Run multiple times during the day with a short retention of this position will be a training exercise with incorrect posture. Early for patients with abnormally folded posture this action would be extremely difficult, but gradually they will get used to it in the future days will start without power control to keep the back in proper position.

  1. Stand up straight, lower limb put on shoulder width. The upper limb start from the bottom, another on top and clamp them to the castle. Then change the upper extremity places to repeat the exercise. In the presence of normal indicators of the patient easily connects your arm in two positions.
  2. Position standing. The lower limb exactly to put. Connect the Palmar plane, and raise your hands in the air. In the case of the presence of transformation of the spine to carry out this action, the patient is hard enough in case of strong curvature it is absolutely impossible for the patient. Normal hands pressed to their palms, the patient may bring to the level of the scapular bone.
The consequences of wrong posture

Violation of posture can lead to the formation and worsening of many postprocesses.

Because it is so important to diagnose and eliminate the pathological transformation of the spine and supporting muscle corset:

  • Curvature in the thoracic part leads to the breakdown of ventilation of lungs on the inhalation the lungs are not victimized in full the reason for restraint, in strong defects of stagnation in the pulmonary system.
  • The operation of the cardiologic difficult. First, if the inclusion of compensatory mechanisms is visualized, however, in the case of increasing cardio the body is not able to cope, and therefore develop certain diseases.
  • Weakness of muscle fibers of the abdominals and sagging can cause the disorder of peristalsis, there are stagnant processes, enhanced fermentative conditions in the intestine. All this leads to constipation, resulting in a variety of pathological processes, from hemorrhoids, to disorders of bile outflow and development of dyspepsia in chronic type.
  • All the described processes reduce the functioning of the immune system, which in turn leads to a decrease in stamina and develop chronic fatigue and depression. The patient is a lack of physical strength to maintain an active life, he increasingly immersed in passive way of life, and the latter leads to the aggravation of the situation.

To avoid such condition it is necessary to pay attention to maintaining your own posture and if necessary, to make timely adjustment.

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