Regular use of coffee causes chronic fatigue, but eliminates cholesterol

Sitting in a coffee house with a laptop, a working notebook and a cup of a fragrant drink – such a picture is very attractive for women of a big city. Drinking coffee in the interior is fashionable, and this is not contested.

But the second motive of the popularity of coffee – as the only chance to wake up – is much more tenacious and affects a large audience outside of fashion and career aspirations. How many copies are broken on this battlefield, one god knows.

The correspondent of SE tried to figure out what is hidden behind the coffee foam.

Strong dependence

The chemical composition of coffee is so complex that even omniscient scientists have not fully studied it. And this is the main reason that there are so many disputes around the beverage from ground flavored grains, and its estimates are different even to the opposite. The main value of coffee is, of course, the ability to wrest us from the arms of Morpheus, when our plans for rest do not coincide with him.

Caffeine is the gold core of the chemical composition of coffee, it is to him that he is indebted for activating the nervous system, increasing cardiac contractions, speeding up breathing and metabolism in the body, and improving blood supply in the body.

For the effect that the drink has on the sleepy body, true lovers are ready to sing to him odes as the main savior from morning drowsiness. Or from the one that did not catch up in time during the day. Most people will say something like “I drink coffee only in the morning.”

They, however, most likely, will note that without a cup of coffee do not feel like a person. Stanislav Grakhovsky, Ph.D., a psychiatrist-psychotherapist of the highest category, director of the medical center Orient-lux, warns of the danger of coffee habits:

“When we start drinking coffee, we can not like it and have no pleasure. But if a person drinks coffee at a certain time, then soon at the same time he has a reflex, a memory, a chain “stimulus-reaction” is launched, aimed at the implementation of this action.

In addition, it should be noted that any product that has got into the body and has passed the identification of acceptance, splitting and assimilation becomes more preferable than any other product, simply because the body is more clear on the physiological level. ” In other words, it’s not you who fall in love with coffee, but it makes you fall in love with yourself. About dependence as such, doctors say very carefully, but note that all psychoactive substances have such a “reverse side”.

Calmly, drink coffee

Very important moment in the matter of gaining clarity of mind is the psychological mood of a person. Neurophysiologist of the clinic of the Institute of Physiology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Sergei Yarosh notes that people who are confident in the life-giving effect of a cup of coffee tonic effect is more pronounced.

“As a coffee stimulant lasts up to an hour, and then the reverse reaction starts, or the cancellation effect lasts up to four hours: the pressure drops, the state of health worsens, and the person, remembering the effect immediately after taking the drink, drinks another cup – and this creates a vicious circle“

Continues Stanislav Grahovsky. Adding that the more coffee a person drinks, the faster it is absorbed by the body and, accordingly, is quickly excreted. As a result, over time the effect of the usual amount of drink becomes weakly expressed.

Some consumers, however, will be proudly noted in the conversation about coffee: they say, I am sleepy from it. And they will be right too. Sergei Yarosh explains that here individual characteristics of the receptors work and their susceptibility to individual substances come into play. But for those who after experiencing excessive anxiety and the invasion of cardiac anguish, one should think about their psychological state: after all, when the stimulation of the nervous system passes against a background of a stressful situation, hidden or obvious, you will get a bad mood, anxiety and headaches instead of vigor.

By the way, about the painful: if you belong to the legion of having problems with the cervical department, also be cautious:

“After using coffee, intracranial pressure temporarily increases, and if a person has problems with venous outflow, which is often observed with cervical osteochondrosis, headaches may arise,” explains Lyudmila Bolshakova, a neurologist at the Katarsis Clinic.

You can and you can not

Everyone knows that coffee is very undesirable to use cores. But some are afraid that the very love of coffee can bring them to the doctor. Partly they are right: the neurologist specifies that the use of coffee can strengthen the manifestation of the disease – if, for example, the patient did not know about it yet, but it is unlikely that coffee can lead to a heart attack – unless, of course, to drink it with buckets.

And what is uniquely harmful is when coffee contributes to the disruption of the daily routine: if you like to work at night and are struggling to sleep with a couple of coffee.

What else is hidden in the coffee cup:

  • The use of coffee helps to increase the secretion of gastric juice, which is first to be found by those prone to gastritis and drinkers drinking coffee on an empty stomach and without anything. In addition, a hot drink is not very friendly with the pancreas – due to specific coffee enzymes. So if your digestion fails, do not irritate it once more. But coffee is full of paradoxes – so, Ludmila Bolshakova notes that coffee interferes with the crystallization of cholesterol in the gallbladder and thereby reduces the formation of stones.
  • Hidden calories – almost no one drinks coffee bitter, and if you count the total number of spoons of sugar, which falls during the day with coffee, it goes pretty well. It should be considered losing weight and having metabolic disorders.
  • Coffee promotes the washing out of the body of calcium – it is useful to know the ladies who care for themselves and future offspring: studies show that the children of moms – coffee lovers are born small compared to other children. Therefore, coffee with milk is more preferable than black coffee.

Of course, everyone wants to know the magic number: how many cups can be drunk without harm to health? The information is: about 4 cups a day – small and without fanaticism. However, for those who drink coffee rarely, this figure is irrelevant, and for fans it is likely too small. The choice is to make you.

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