Headache, causes and solutions

But a headache in the back of the head  is a symptom of cervical osteochondrosis. It has become widespread. The disease is diagnosed in most representatives of sedentary professions: secretaries, office managers, designers, accountants, programmers. Also, such a symptom can be observed with hypertension.

Headache  in the forehead  – a sign of pinching of the occipital nerve, sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, can be observed in patients with pneumonia. Disturbing pain in the orbit. This is probably a migraine, or beginning glaucoma. Begin the diagnosis by checking the fundus at the optometrist.

If you are worried headache pain in the temples, it is usually the root of evil in intoxication or infection. The reason may lie in the fact that you are working in a hazardous industry, or you have the flu, but you don’t even know about it yet.

Less common causes of headache:

  • Stress.
  • Allergy.
  • Meningitis.
  • Encephalitis.
  • Parasitic diseases.
  • Tumors

Hypertensive crisis, stroke can begin with a sudden attack of headache. Migraine is characterized by symptoms such as nausea, reaction to bright light, and pungent odors. In women 30 years old, this disease is most common. Usually a migraine attack is long – from 3 hours. Harbingers of the attack: the appearance before the eyes of bright flashes, rings and stripes. This is called an aura, and not everyone has it.

As such, there is no cure, it is best to simply identify the provocateurs and avoid them. For example, migraine can be caused by cigarette smoke or any other pungent odor. The exact cause of migraine has not been identified, but it has been noticed that during seizures, brain activity and the functioning of brain centers change, impulses cease to be transmitted normally.

Headache occurs in people who are in the same position for a long time. For example, drivers and office workers can suffer such a pressing headache.

With meningitis, you can not hesitate with hospitalization. Its additional signs: nausea, vomiting, temperature +38 C. A number of laboratory tests and special tests are performed to determine the disease.

Sinus headache accompanies sinusitis and frontal sinusitis. With these diseases, typical symptoms of a runny nose can disturb: abundant discharge from the nose, or nasal congestion, impaired smell.

Pain in the face, combined with headache, gives the doctor reason to suspect trigeminal lesions. It intensifies when talking and eating, very painful, abrupt. The cause of this phenomenon is usually hypothermia, stomatitis, or malocclusion caused by caries. Far from always suffering from headaches, the help of a neurologist is needed, you need to solve the problem with your teeth, and the trigeminal nerve will no longer bother you.

Diagnosis of the causes of headache

A neurologist, dentist and ENT can help with headaches.

The main diagnostic methods:

  • X-ray – most often prescribed for injuries.
  • MRI is a highly accurate method without radiation exposure.
  • CT – radiation exposure is present, the method is well suited for the analysis of bone structures.
  • Ultrasound is good for assessing blood flow.
  • PCR, ELISA – are prescribed for suspected infections and autoimmune brain damage.
What happens if a headache is not treated on time?

If the cause is not identified, then lymphostasis and hypoxia, increased headache attacks, disability, loss of intellectual abilities and self-care skills are possible. Please note that the consequences of head and neck injuries may not occur immediately, but only after some time. Therefore, seek help after a blow or a fall, undergo a quality diagnosis, do not ignore the appointment of doctors.

Many fear that the cause of headaches is a tumor. But this is a rather rare occurrence. Typically, tumors manifest themselves somehow else – incessant vomiting or even personality changes, mental disorders and cognitive impairment.

In case of visual, speech, coordination disorders, a stroke is suspected. The sooner a diagnosis is established, the greater the likelihood that in the future a person will not remain disabled. Damage and injury, viral infections, exposure to the sun and hypothermia can cause autoimmune vascular damage – arteritis. His treatment is carried out by a neurologist and rheumatologist. To determine autoimmune diseases, special tests for antibodies against the body’s own cells are prescribed.

It is completely impossible to cure arteritis, but it can and should be controlled. Usually, for headaches, people over 40 years old are recommended to undergo arteritis screening. The disease requires the supervision of an ophthalmologist, control of visual acuity.

Headache treatment

You will be prescribed pills that stop pain, manual therapy, if there are problems with the spine, massage, exercise therapy, osteopathy. Pay attention to the availability of appropriate certificates for osteopaths and chiropractors. Such specialists should have at least a secondary medical education, be well aware of the human anatomy and physiology.

Otherwise, a grief specialist can do much harm. Especially capricious to any physical impact is the neck area. For many, it is damaged during childbirth. Illiterate, rude exposure injures the cervical vertebrae. Exercise also requires accuracy. Now yoga is very popular. But with headaches, some asanas may be contraindicated. It is necessary to consult with a neurologist before starting classes. Hiking, Nordic walking and swimming will benefit.

There are special centers where neurologists, orthopedists, vertebrologists, physical therapy instructors provide comprehensive assistance. You can go there for a comprehensive program for you personally. Such centers are equipped with simulators, which you can hardly use at home, they are quite bulky. In addition, self-study is usually less effective than with an instructor. Exercise is very soft and suitable for entry-level fitness. They perfectly strengthen muscles, solve most problems with the spine without surgery. The key to success is having enough reps and the right technique.

The treatment regimen is prescribed individually. After treatment, so that there is no recurrence of a headache, try to overwork and worry as little as possible. It is very useful to be in the fresh air at any time of the year. A lack of oxygen can cause headache, lethargy and apathy. In autumn and winter, the lack of sunlight causes additional damage. If you spend most of the time indoors, you may encounter not only headaches, but also depression.

Folk remedies for headache

You can try aroma and herbal medicine, various compresses and lotions. But we recommend using such methods only in addition to the main treatment. Fresh juice of potatoes, common viburnum and honey is drunk half a glass three times a day with severe headaches regularly. The back of the head and forehead can be wiped off from headache with a clove of garlic or radish.

With migraines, hot foot baths are quite effective. Add decoctions and infusions of oregano, thyme, sage, mint, plantain to the water. The same infusions can be taken orally 2 tablespoons before meals. The infusion is prepared very simply: just grind the plants, and 2 tablespoons of the mixture brew in a glass of boiling water.

Proven remedy for migraine: break a fresh egg in a glass, pour boiling milk to the top, quickly stir and drink. It is enough to drink such a cocktail for several days in a row to stop the painful attacks.

Headache is afraid of optimists

As you can see, in the treatment of headaches, the most important thing is to correctly determine their cause. The secret to success in overcoming this symptom is good physical condition, lack of stress, enough fresh air and sunlight. Most headaches can be cured by following the tips on work and rest. Perhaps you need to change the place or schedule.

It is also noted that people engaged in creativity, having pets, optimists – headaches do not happen even with a very busy life. Autotraining, meditation – this is what you should try to overcome stress. Personally, the author of this article helps to monitor aquarium fish and snails. This is soothing soothing. Tourism, field trips can be practiced at any age. We have many interesting places and routes. What does it give? Saturation with oxygen, good mood and fitness. And there, and until the complete disposal of headaches is not far away.

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