Causes and symptoms of pain in the coccyx

The coccyx is called the lower underdeveloped vertebrae number 4-5 pieces, fused together. In the process of evolution it became unnecessary on the person. Only here the extra body may bring its owner a lot of problems with injury or any other injury.

Pain in the coccyx can be protracted, leading to discomfort. The patient has a dull pain in the coccyx when standing up or while walking.

Often, discomfort in the lower region of the patient suffers with the disease of internal organs, e.g., intestines or genitourinary system.

Therefore, if you have the appropriate discomfort you should immediately consult a doctor who will prescribe the right treatment.

Pain in the tailbone: causes and accompanying symptoms

There are many reasons due to which experiencing these troubles. These include:

After injury

Pain in the coccyx area and lower back acute and associated with an injury or fracture that occurred after hitting the buttocks or in the fall. It can be constant and aching, and may be accompanied by sudden and unexpected attacks when standing up. Sometimes it happens that the fall of man felt a strong pain in the coccyx, which subsided after a short period of time. Several years passed, and the sensations resumed again, only to the previous discomfort was added the unpleasant burning sensation.

Pain in the lower back or sacrum that radiates to the leg

This is caused by a cyst in the spine or sacrum. This brings pain and low back pain. Often the cause is a pinched nerve in the lower back or sacrum. If a person experiences burning pain above or below the coccyx, radiating into the leg, this indicates the pinching of the sciatic nerve. The patient may complain of pain in the sacrum during bowel disease or at the onset of hemorrhoids.

Pain when standing lower back or sacrum

Such discomfort may occur after an injury or from complications of the postoperative period. After surgery, there are certain complications, which are accompanied by appearance of scarring in the perineal region in women, and adhesions of the pelvic organs.

Pain when bending

Here it occurs only when the inflammatory process of the internal organs, such as cystitis, colitis, inflammation of the appendages in women, etc.

Pain in the coccyx, radiating into the leg

The patient may experience sharp pain when standing up. Experiencing these pain in osteochondrosis, in the formation of cysts of the spine or in the sacrum, inflammation of the hip joints during hemorrhoids and other rectal diseases.

Pain in tailbone when sitting

When a person often sits on the padded seat, his tailbone always taking the wrong position. Vessels that supply blood to the entire lower spine, you get stagnation. After the person begins to experience a dull ache while sitting. Athletes, for example cyclists or riders of equestrian sports, there is a typical occupational disease. They are in the training injure your tailbone while you ride, which leads to microtrauma. Pain when sitting complaining just given birth woman. Them during childbirth often occurs deformity of the lower vertebrae. The most dangerous cause of pain while sitting is a dermoid cyst. The disease is congenital abnormality, which initially concerned person.

Pain in prostatitis

Long and aching pain in the coccyx appears in men with prostatitis, and inflammation of the ovaries in women. Another cause could be degenerative disc disease in the lower back or sacrum that radiates to the leg. It occurs in a patient with constipation when he is forced to sit on the toilet.

During and after pregnancy

Pain in the coccyx or sacrum during pregnancy undertreated provoked by injury, lack of calcium, disease of the internal organs and other physiological changes associated with fetal growth. Pain in the coccyx after birth may indicate the most severe consequences when there is hemorrhage into the soft tissues to the coccyx.

Pain in men

Today men are more likely to have specific diseases, as everyday sitting behind the wheel does not go unnoticed. During the long seat tailbone suffers a large load, so often concerned about pain in the lower back and sacrum. Those men who served in the army, could happen microtrauma when driving in tanks or armored personnel carriers. Sometimes a cyst or inflammation of the pilonidal sinus. Inflammation may fester, followed by a breakthrough pus out. This will only surgical treatment.

The treatment of identified diseases

If you experience discomfort in the lower pane, you should immediately contact the experts. They will determine the cause and prescribe a treatment that depends entirely on the diagnosis. Men test prostate disease.

Common treatments

Specialists try to treat with rest and pain medicine. Also appoint a special massage to promote blood flow to the lower area. Good assistance is provided by manual therapy or therapeutic exercise. Hard to have pregnant women, because their position to take any final decision exhibited the diagnosis is very difficult. It is impossible for them to undergo screening. Often pregnant women suffer the pain until the birth. Doctors can only tell you about ways to reduce the load.

The receiving analgesics

If the pain is severe, you may appoint experts, the introduction of novocaine. He contributes to novocaine blockade.

Massage and acupuncture

If the patient goes into spasms, the treatment is finger massage of the rectum and pelvic floor muscles. Acupuncture also helps treat. The method normalizes blood circulation and eliminates stasis formed, thereby the pain greatly subsides.

Physical therapy

This includes the treatment method of UHF, ultrasound therapy, electrotherapy, etc.

Unconventional ways

Treatment folk methods can help pregnant women and those who do not trust traditional medicine.


Fractures or dislocations sometimes not possible to restore the coccyx to its original condition. Then apply surgical treatment with subsequent removal of the lower vertebrae.

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