The spondylosis and its symptoms in the lumbosacral spine

The most common cause of low back pain is spondylosis deformans of the lumbar spine, which in many cases is a natural process. This is due to age-related changes in bone structure.

To identify disease need to undergo timely diagnosis and correct treatment. Pathology cannot be left without therapeutic effects.

Spondylosis is a serious disease, accompanied by serious complications.

Why develop a pathology

Diseases of the backbone caused by the disturbances of metabolic processes. This cause is fundamental in the formation of disease in the elderly. What is spondylosis of the lumbosacral, and how dangerous it is? Is a disease that affects the spine and leads to bone deformation systems.

Common causes Features
A fundamental cause of disease is osteoarthritis preceding. Destructive processes in the spine affect the height of the disk, lead to a significant reduction. This entails a pressure increase on the surface of the joints.
In some cases, the pathology associated with the previously obtained minor wounds. They are characterized by a chronic course.
A separate group of causes are excessive overload. In this case, refers to not only a strong physical effect, but also professional responsibilities. What is it, and how to understand this expression? Professional responsibilities do athletes in any sport. In this case, the excessive load put strong pressure on the spine and thus provoke the development of disease.
It is noteworthy that the sacrum is able to suffer under the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Physical inactivity makes a ligamentous and muscular system is weak, which causes disruption of metabolic processes. Any serious load in this position is able to cause serious pathologies.
Negative impacts will also, if a person has incorrect posture. Uneven loading on the vertebrae and fixed in this case.

A significant role in the formation of the pathology plays an asymmetrical arrangement of the joints. The appearance of the disease is fixed and abnormal development of the spine.

How to recognize the disease

Signs of spondylosis lumbar is able to overtake suddenly. It starts with a nagging mild pain that does not affect the quality of human life. As the progression of the disease the pain syndrome begins to increase. It affects not only the affected area, but also the gluteal region. Eventually the pain is able to fall to her knees. If the person is a long time occupies one position, a bad sign is able to disappear.

Pain syndrome is not the only manifestation of the disease, in most cases, are fixed additional symptoms:

  • stiffness;
  • subluxations of the joints;
  • muscle pain;
  • compression of the nerve endings.

Stiffness often observed in the morning. Spontaneously, within an hour, this is due to the presence of osteophytes. These symptoms are ignore is not recommended, they can cause serious injury.

The common sign is the subluxation of the affected joint, is associated with increased muscle tone. This reflex function of the body that trigger the limitation and amplifies the pain. The spondylosis of the lumbosacral spine is accompanied by compression of the nerve endings. In this case, the fixed acute pain syndrome with nerve damage. Possible occurrence of weakness and numbness. Perhaps the emergence of joint pain, with high intensity. Often pain syndrome is accompanied with stiffness.

2 the degree of disease does not exclude the appearance of pain in muscles and ligaments. The symptom that appeared for this reason has a high intensity. Eliminate it helps being in a vertical position or using painkillers.

Medical methods of treating disease

The treatment of spondylosis of the lumbosacral spine is performed after diagnosis. If the patient recorded signs of pathology, the doctor appoints inspection. After the medical history is taken the decision to conduct diagnostic procedures.

In most cases, to identify 2 the extent of the disease is carried out radioisotope scan. Additionally, a patient’s guide to computed and magnetic resonance tomography. Thanks to modern diagnostic work fails to make a correct diagnosis and prescribe the optimal treatment plan.

To restore the lumbar-sacral spine treatment involves the use of drug therapy. Standard therapy based on relief of pain, addressing the root causes of disease and the restoration of motor activity of the spine. How to treat spondylosis lumbosacral to achieve a given effect?

With this purpose, apply local analgesics and steroid hormones. Their action is directed on restoration of the vertebrae and mild inflammation.

With the development of deformation applied epidural injections. They reduce the severity of the inflammatory process. Widely used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, particularly naproxen, Ketoprofen, and nimesulide. In rare instances it is used meloxicam is a tool with a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. To cope with the disease 2 degree will help analgesics and antispasmodics. The most popular tools are the reverse and trental.

To enhance the action used by injection. She introduced epidural, which allows to achieve a rapid effect. As abatement of the clinical manifestations standard treatment supplemented with massage and physical therapy.

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