How to cure a hernia at home: a set of methods

Disc herniation is a complication of such diseases as osteochondrosis, which is accompanied by destruction of the fibrous ring of the intervertebral disc. During this process, there is a shift of nucleus pulposus to the outside. Hernia of the spine often occurs when the back of a man is in the wrong position, with a deficit of fluid intake and excessive exercise.

Treatment of a herniated disc is based on conservative methods of treatment, however, operative intervention is necessary when there are significant neurologic complications such as loss of sensation and motor activity.

Before you start to treat a hernia of the spine, is necessary for a complete and comprehensive survey which will identify all the nuances of the disease. It is important to say that to treat a hernia at home is also possible.

The methods of traditional treatment and therapy, based on methods Bubnovsky, in conjunction with medication can greatly speed up the healing process and elimination of the disease. I must say that consultation with experts before starting treatment of hernia in the home, as needed.

At home treatment herniated disc can be in two forms:

  1. The use of a complex of procedures and exercises in the process of exacerbation, which are aimed at addressing pain and inflammation.
  2. Preventive measures of recurrence. Such methods include gymnastic exercises, and therapeutic exercises that strengthen muscle corset of the spine.
The methods of traditional treatment

To cure a hernia of the spine at home using folk remedies. Basic recipes:

  1. Treatment of vertebral hernia Kalanchoe. You must remove plants film, with adhesive to secure the sheet in place of concentration of the hernia overnight.
  2. Take peeled garlic, grind it, fill it with alcohol 40% and insist 10 days in a dark place. The resulting mass is used for compresses. To be applied under the tape to the lesion of the spine, and then cover a warm scarf for an hour. Note that the treatment compresses at home will be more effective if you alternate them with turpentine baths. Therapy – 30 days.
  3. Treatment pork fat. Mix 200 g of fat and 4 tbsp of beeswax. The mixture should boil for half an hour. The end result is a salve that is rubbed into the affected area. It allows you to eliminate inflammation and pain. In addition, pork fat is very often replaced the horse, however, get much more complicated.
  4. Repair of hernia of the spine, you can use honey and Shilajit. It is necessary to take 5 g mumie and make it into 1 tablespoon of water. Then, mix the mixture with 4 tbsp of honey. The resulting mass is rubbed need in the affected areas.
Gymnastics Bubnovsky

During the pain of the spine each person is individually selected complex of exercises, which are aimed at their removal. Such systems include a variety of exercises and movements that fit each individual case of disease progression.

It is important to remember about the correctness of the tasks, because the efficiency depends on it.

A set of exercises Bubnovsky aimed at the normalization of biochemical processes in the intervertebral discs muscles and ligaments of the person. Exercises Bubnovsky’s method:

  1. Relaxation of the back. The job is that you need to relax the back, taking position on all fours.
  2. Bowing back. The essence of the job is that you need to get on all fours, exhale slowly and gently arch your back and while inhaling bend in it. This exercise should be repeated 10-20 times.
  3. The stretching step. Original position again on all fours. Next, you need to sit on the right leg and the left stretching back. While the right hand stretches forward. Alternately it is necessary to change the position of the hands and feet. Remember, the job runs smoothly and gently so as not to damage the discs of the spine. To do 20 repetitions.
  4. Pumping. Focusing on her hands and knees to pull the body forward to the maximum extension. Don’t forget to focus on the knees and palms. Note that the bend in the lumbar sector during task performance is not recommended.
  5. Stretching the back. Starting position all the same – emphasis on the hands and knees. Next, you should bend your arms at the elbow, exhale to lower the body on the floor, to breathe. Then again on the exhale, straighten your arms at the elbow joint, while the lower pelvis to heel. Thus, there is a stretching of the lumbar muscles and vertebrae. You need to do 5-7 reps.
  6. The stretching of the abdomen. Initial position – lying on back, legs bent at the knees, hands in the castle behind head. Now you need to put your chin to your chest as you exhale, make the body twisting so to tear off shoulder blades off the floor and elbows touch the knees. This exercise sounds like a job for press, You should feel the abdominal muscles burning.
  7. The rise of the pelvis. Starting position – lying on your back, arms along the body. Breathing out, you should raise the pelvis off the floor, linger in the air for a few seconds and return to start position on inhale. You should repeat 10-20 times.

Auxiliary methods of treatment of hernias of a backbone of the theory Bubnovsky include:

  • gymnastics for joints, which helps restore coordination;
  • massage;
  • cryoprocedure that contribute to the higher level of temperature control, to eliminate the pain.

To cure the hernia is at home. Just to approach this process responsibly and wisely.

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