Effective lower back exercises with osteochondrosis in house conditions

Exercises at home osteochondrosis is performed with the aim of its treatment, thereby preventing disease progression. The regularity of physical exercises needed to strengthen back muscles and increase their flexibility, will help to avoid illness or reduce pain occurs in the spine.

Prevention of disease

About prevention of osteoarthritis should consider even at a young age. Following the advice of a doctor, who correctly selects a set of physical exercises is possible at home safely begin to strengthen the muscles that support the spine.

For disease prevention should every morning take 5 minutes to charge, which include physical exercises to keep back muscles in good shape. For those people who sits all day at work, the recommended breaks, for the exercises on the workout that the back went numb.

Daily stretching of the spine should be hanging for 1 minute on the crossbar.

Then do some simple exercises for my back from osteoarthritis:

  • inclinations in the parties standing, hands on waist, 10 times;
  • circular tilt backward, right and forward, left from the same position 10 times;
  • circular motion of the pelvis is also standing to do 10 times;
  • stand on the knees, hands resting on the floor, then gather and stand up, repeat 10 times;
  • pushups on the floor to 15 times;
  • exercise “cat”: stand on your knees while holding your back straight, then bend it and return to its original position, repeating 10 times.

Doctors recommend not to ignore the prevention of degenerative disc disease because of the condition of the spine determines the health of internal organs.

The home treatment of such diseases as osteochondrosis, is possible if:

  • to do daily range of therapeutic and preventive exercises;
  • you follow a special diet to restore the disturbed metabolism;
  • use a pillowtop mattress and a pillow to sleep;
  • conduct self-massage, to massage from a specialist;
  • to take medication regularly prescribed by your doctor;
  • the use of traditional medicines;
  • to observe the regime of work, rest and sleep.

The fulfillment of all conditions in full will help you to get well.

The causes of the pathology and its types

Causes that can give rise to degenerative disc disease of the back, are considered to be: injury, excess weight, clubfoot or flat feet, heredity, disturbances in the nutrition and stress, hypothermia, straining the back when lifting heavy, improper execution of sports exercises.

Allocate osteochondrosis:

  • cervical;
  • thoracic;
  • lumbar.

In the treatment of cervical use traditional and non-traditional medicine. Compulsory gymnastics.

To cure the disease in the thoracic spine is difficult: is the destruction of intervertebral disks that affects the entire spine. Treatment anti-inflammatory, hormonal and diuretics basic, which is supplemented by a special exercise.

To treat degenerative disc disease of the lumbar should be comprehensive. These include massage, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, diet.


Physical therapy in osteochondrosis – courses in the complex, which develop and strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and spine, taking pressure off the spine.

Physical exercise is shown only after the reduction of pain or its complete disappearance. Physical education should not reinforce the already present pain. Exercises developing the back muscles, alternating with relaxation. To do gymnastics it is necessary to breath.

Pre-physician examines a patient, determining its pressure, pulse and respiration. Then assigns a number of exercises exercise therapy, which should be done in a well ventilated gym. Allows the organization of physical therapy in the pool.

Before class, you can take a bath, which contributes to the warming up of the muscles and reduce pain.

A physical therapist helps you to perform the exercises against low back pain and monitoring the patient’s condition. These classes require regular execution: the increase of blood circulation, eliminates fatigue, strengthens the ligaments and muscles. This is the main task of remedial gymnastics in osteochondrosis. Addressing weaknesses in atrophied muscles allows you to stop the progression of the disease.

The doctor after some time reviewing a set of exercises with the advance of the disease better or worse.

Physical therapy for osteoarthritis should provide some exercise.

To perform gymnastics you need 3 steps:

  • restorative exercises, breathing and warm-up;
  • special exercises;
  • exercises to relax and restore breathing.

Unacceptable strain muscles and spine. Everything must be calculated carefully taking into account the localization of the disease. Sets of exercises for different parts of the spinal column are significantly different from each other and are selected strictly by a physician.

Home practice

After acquiring certain skills, which will be taught specialist, you can begin to do physical therapy independently at home, without breaking the rules and conditions for their implementation.

Requirements, which you should always adhere to:

  • to avoid sharp movements, all done smoothly, slowly;
  • strictly adhere to a certain number of repetitions, avoiding overloads;
  • exercise only in the absence of pain;
  • regularly do exercises, gradually increasing the load.

The main stage in the structure of employment is a warm-up. The main part of the workouts and exercises against osteochondrosis should not allow the tension of the muscles and ligaments. The third stage involves exercises to restore breathing.

A set of exercises for the neck does not allow sharp turns of the head. Mandatory warm-up muscles: it is permissible to walk in place, roll on the toe, then walk on the heels.

With the advent in the muscles, sensations of heat, you can start to exercise while sitting:

  • alternately press your palms on temples, on forehead, on the back of the head, while providing a counter;
  • slowly lower chin down to run 10 times;
  • very slowly rotate 10 times alternately head to the right, then left;
  • 10 times slowly throw your head back, pulling the chin inward.

Pre workout included in the exercises for the thoracic spine. Then follows the obligatory complex of physical exercises:

  • in the standing position, alternately lift your left and right shoulder, both shoulders, stopping for 10 seconds and gradually lowered them to relax;
  • stick your fists in the middle part of the back, bend all the way, to freeze;
  • smoothly changing position, hugging himself by the shoulders with both hands, to bend down and lean forward.

For the first time, doing physiotherapy for lumbar at home, the patient is better to start from a position lying on the abdomen or back. This reduces stress on the spine.

It includes physical exercises:

  • in lying position put the right hand on the knee of the left leg, bend it, resisting hand, and Vice versa;
  • lying on your back, bend your knees, stretch the abdominal muscles;
  • in the same position, extend hands along the body, turn the maximum torso to the right, then return to the starting position and the same is done to the left.

Repeat the exercise for my back from degenerative disc disease 10 times.

Treatment of an osteochondrosis in house conditions it is necessary to combine with drug treatment and the use of national resources that will definitely contribute to the pain receded.

Yoga classes also have a preventive effect, but the exercise sequence. Yoga contributes to the development of the muscles of the whole body, not just the back. This framework of muscles to protect the skeleton and internal organs.

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