Physical therapy for degenerative disc disease

When there is a degenerative disc disease of the spine, is to do physical therapy, which will have a positive impact on the entire spinal column of a person. In addition to a noticeable improvement in the condition of the patient can completely disappear disease, and medical intervention is not required.

The fact that during the occupation of physical therapy in humans, normalizes blood circulation in the spine, and the processes of destruction are suspended.

The main goal of exercise therapy in osteochondrosis

Is the elimination of pain, reduction of mobility of the spine back to normal and prevent the development of disease. According to statistics most people get rid of osteoarthritis during the occupation of physical therapy. Remember, at the time of physical education should not be to overload your spine and other parts of the body, all traumatic exercises are excluded from training programs.

Depending on the location of the degenerative disc disease, exercises are chosen that will affect the entire spine, but the main emphasis will be placed on the area where there is pain. To practice physical therapy in the home, need to take a course, which will be announced all the basic aspects of technique and safety when performing exercises. After the taken and mastered a course, you need to hear approval for exercise at home.

It is not recommended to do physical therapy when:
  • Acute pain related aggravation of degenerative disc disease.
  • During the lessons of physical therapy, the spinal column should not be severe pain and discomfort. As well as all sudden movements and bad posture needs to be replaced by a smooth and gradual movement and control your posture.

Every month should be seen by a specialist and to document changes in disease. This is done for proper restoration of the spine, sometimes several tasks require modifications for more effective treatment.

Recovery cervical need to perform the following exercises:
  • To perform the first exercise you need to stand up, controlling posture. Then gently lower your head to the right to hold her for a while and then slowly move your head. In the muscles of the neck should be a small voltage. To get the desired effect it is recommended to create additional tension with my hand. Important: the additional load should be only when moving the head. The number of repetitions is 10 times.
  • Returning to the original position, tilt the head forward trying to reach the chest, holding it for 10 seconds. Then put your head back and also hold it for some time. It is important to strain your neck muscles, to push their fingers or pressure on the forehead with the hands.
  • Again standing in the initial position, begin to rotate your head to the side, touching chin to shoulder.
  • In order to reduce fatigue of the muscles, in between your work do the following exercises: Chin need to write each number from zero to nine.
  • For the treatment and prevention of lumbar degenerative disc disease are recommended the following exercises
  • Stand in the basic stance (feet shoulder width apart, hands on waist, aged posture) to prevent any rounding in the back, do a forward bend, then return to the starting position next bend the torso back. When tilted forward, knees slightly bend, it is important to fix the sight in front of him.
  • To stand in the main stand and to do the bending, but in hand. Do 10 repetitions in both the first and second exercise.
  • Lower the torso down uprites palms into the floor, rotten back, leaving the feet in place, walk on his hands. Then go back, repeat the exercise 15 times.

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