What exercises razresheny herniation of the lumbar spine

Intervertebral hernia of lumbar Department is the diagnosis, which should be very cautious about any physical activity. There are many reasons because of which it can arise, a careless and frivolous attitude towards this disease can aggravate the condition of the intervertebral disc and increase its offset.

Therefore, it is necessary to know what exercises are recommended to improve the condition of the spine, and what must be strictly avoided.

What exercises not to do?

Below is the list of exercises not to do with a herniated lumbar spine:

  1. 1Vis on the crossbar. In contrast to the treatment of hernia in other parts of the spine, the vertical stretching of the lumbar region will only worsen the situation.
  2. 2long Jump or height.
  3. 3Quick turns from side to side. They give strong sudden load on the spinal column, which in this disease is not desirable.
  4. 4Exercise-related shocks and shocks in the lumbar region.
  5. 5Twisting. They are allowed to run only at the last training, but in any case not among the first exercises.
  6. 6Tilts sideways more than 90 degrees.
  7. 7Any exercises that require sudden movements. Even items intended to cure a hernia of the lumbar, it is recommended to run slowly and smoothly, avoiding instantaneous loads.
  8. 8Intense massage and strong rubbing of the muscles near the hernia.

In addition, the patient is involved in sports or visiting the gym, will have to give up:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Light and heavy athletics
  • Bodybuilding

To engage in professional skiing is prohibited, however, relaxed skiing without the heavy load will only strengthen the back muscles and the lumbar.

Also, do not SuperCool and overheating the area of the hernia. You should avoid sitting too long in one place, lifting heavy weights at arm’s length. If you need to lift something heavy, you first need to sit down, and already from a seated position to lift the object, keeping it as close to the torso.

Valid physical activity

After so many bans you may feel that any physical activity is contraindicated. But it is not. Excessive relaxation of the spine, hernia will only weaken the muscles. There are exercises designed to exercise and strengthen the muscles of the lumbar spine, reduce strain on the intervertebral tissue.

Among these:

  1. 1Swimming. This sport is recommended for almost all types of herniated discs, as a favorable effect on the spine.
  2. 2Pilates. The coach should be informed about the condition of the patient. This will help you choose exercises for each specific case.
  3. 3Deflections of the spine. Run from the rack on the elbows and knees.
  4. 4Alternating leg lifts. Are performed lying on your side.

To start training in the early stages of the disease is strictly prohibited. First, doctors prescribe only light exercises, so as not to provoke a further increase in the hernia. Before performing any exercises you should consult with your doctor. It should be remembered that careless actions can be applied to health irreparable harm.

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