How to perform the exercise “Crocodile” for the spine according to the method of Dr. Antipka?

An effective method for the prevention and treatment of diseases is exercise “Crocodile” for the spine. It is based on twisting of the spine in a spiral, with the control of the breathing process and monitoring the feelings that arise when making movements. To accomplish customary to use the complete yoga breath.

The rotation of the spiral doing on the inhale, holding the body in its final location and performing stretching. On the exhale the body needs to return to the starting position. Age limit for committing no movement. They can perform even the elderly and children.

Healing effect of the complex

A set of exercises for spine combines 9 items with the turns of the spiral, which is required on the floor back down. The movement of the spiral looks like the twist in which the feet are required to turn in one direction, and the head in the opposite direction. It is necessary to involve the pelvis. In the initial position, exhale, and turning the need to take a breath. Exercise should be done under the account – 8 on each, that is 4 turns on both sides. To the extreme left and right position of the body provided the breath for 4 seconds.

While performing strictly in accordance with the sequence:

  1. 1is set to the start position – lying on back, hands bred to the sides palms down, feet are on width of shoulders. Committed helical turns at the expense of (8 times – 4 in each direction).
  2. 2To perform take the same starting position. In this case the heel of one leg needs to be moved to the toe of the other. Made similar turns.
  3. 3the basis of the same position, but changing the location of the feet.
  4. 4Taken important initial position. You then need to bend one leg at the knee, her ankle should lie above the level of the knee of the other. Thereafter, the twisting.
  5. 5same thing, but it is necessary to change the position of the feet.
  6. 6is Adopted the starting position. Legs must be bent at the knee and hip joints. The heel is located on the floor, and the distance between them should be equal to the length of the tibia. Next are the turns.
  7. 7In the original position. The legs bend at the knee and hip joints, but one ankle should be above the knee of the other, standing with the heel on the floor. Are produced by helical twisting.
  8. 8drill is similar to No. 7 but need to change the position of the feet.
  9. 9is set to the start position. Legs bend at the knee and hip joints at a right angle. In this case the legs should be together, and the heel is not in contact with the floor. The subsequent turns.

Benefits and contraindications to the appointment

A set of exercises “Crocodile” focused on massage internal organs. The advantages of exercise:

  • compression and stretching strengthens muscles, increases elasticity of tendons and ligaments;
  • one is improving the circulation;
  • corrected congenital or acquired problems of the back;
  • decreasing the level of tension between the vertebrae and the intervertebral discs, they are restored;
  • reduces the possibility of intervertebral hernias;
  • it turns out a good effect on nerve cells that is similar to the effect of acupuncture.

Motion for the back was created by specialists from Australia.

After analyzing the actions of crocodiles, the professionals examined their spines. Their condition was excellent.

After performing a set of exercises “Crocodile” is recommended to enter the pose “Fish”. For adoption needed to take a breath and at the same time to bend feet in knees, the foot should be placed on the floor and my arms to be bent at the elbows, also lying on the floor with loosely hanging tassels. Then stay in this position for 15 seconds. During the exhale, slowly straighten the legs and lower arms without muscles.

In the presence of bronchial asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis and pulmonary fibrosis cannot be complex. Movement should be light, without weight training, with the observance of the amplitude and without causing pain. The person making the spiral twisting must monitor the level of their capabilities.

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