Exercise will help you relax and sleep

Relaxation is involuntary or arbitrary state, which is associated with partial or complete muscle relaxation.

Relaxation can be directed after strenuous exercise or experiences, and may be involuntary, for example, bedtime.

There are many different techniques, methods, and relaxation techniques.

A simple exercise that will help you relax

There is a group of muscles that have an impact on the brain, these include chewing and facial muscles. Therefore, don’t relax these muscles, it is impossible to achieve complete relaxation.

To learn to relax these muscle groups you can use this exercise.

Exercise “the Mask of relaxation”

1. It is necessary to close eyes, to relax the masticatory muscles, while silently pronounce the sound “s”.

2. Relax your tongue with the silent syllable “te”. You need to stay in this state for several minutes, feeling throughout the body is relaxation.

3. If the exercise lasted less than 10 minutes to do a few deep breaths, stretch whole body and open your eyes.

A restful sleep!

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